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We start with the 05-06 season and the 26-27 season. i chose 26-27 because its the first season with all the orginal 6 teams. The 05-06 season regresses while the 26-27 season progresses.

When we are full we will have a 1 rd draft and pick one 05-06 franchise and from that franchise you get to take 6 keepers. The 6 keepers will be the standard 1c,1rw,1lw,2d and 1g. There will be a cap on these keepers at 28 million. Then the draft will start. The order will be reverse of the franchise draft for all 17 rounds.

We will use a salary cap for keepers. We are going to use 45 mil because of the increase player pool. This will be set for the first season. It may need a slight adjustment after we see how it is working
ADDED: Any player that was traded during the 05-06 season will be the property of the team that the player ends the year with. You then will have theoption of either of his stats(his former teams 05-06 stats or his current teams 05-06 stats)

ADDED: You are allowed to put one player on your I.R. The player must have not played 20 games that season. You will also have to use half of his previous salary against your keeper cap

You have to keep atleast one of every postion and 2 defencemen. Im going to cap goalie keepers at 2.
There will be no final cap. Just the keeper one.
Cap - Franchise - 28Mil Next season Keeper - 45Mi
EDIT*** Keeper cap bumped to $50million starting on 32-33/98-99 Draft yearsML - Averag
Max Inj. -
P.I. - of
W.W - Of
Trades - o
Vetos -

ADDED: The previous seasons presidents trophy winner will start the next years league

1/16/2007 1:04 PM
There will be a draft every season as usual. Any team that doesn't make the playoffs gets a chance at first pick overall via a lottery. The worse teams get a higher percentage chance at first pick.
The percentages go like this. Worse to best teams missing the playoffs.
The draft will consist of 12 rounds each year. with an 13th round for guys to fill out roster spots. Anyone needing the 13th round can only take scrubs worth 165,000. The draft position for this round will be the same as the previous ones.
Once you have a full roster you will not be allowed to trade picks and you must post letting everyone know you are done.
Keepers will need to be in before playoffs start. If they are not you will forfit your 5th round pick. If you have traded your 5th rounder then it will be your 4th so and so forth.
1/16/2007 1:05 PM
1. Wectina - HartFord
2. Shaggyno9 - Toronto
3. - Montreal
4. - New Jersey
5. BigBuzz - Vancouver
6. - Minnesota
7. Aginor - Kansas City
8. - Winnipeg
9. - New york
10. jmerch - Dallas
11. bog1984 - Detroit
12. jcarver67 - Pittsburgh
13. - Ottawa
14. - Calgary
15. gooner - Edmonton
16. god_mike - Hamilton
17. - Quebec
18. thebear03 - Brooklyn
19. westview - Clevland
20. - Phoenix
21. cpetsche - San Jose
22. - St. Louis
23. bigbadgreen - Chicago
24. - Colorado

Sitemail list
impaulster99; cpetsche; monza; wectina19; bigbadgreen1; bb_icetime; telegramsam; cocochrane; chicolaroo; westview; bubbakane; noose4; jcarver67; SAKABAKBRG; bog1981; thebear03; jmerch; jdangere; gooner; vegcity; god_mike; shaggyno9; aginor; bigbuzz
1/16/2007 1:05 PM
Available 05-06 Franchises
1. Pittsburgh Penquins - bigbadgreen
2. Tampa bay Lightning - nifi99
3. Montreal Canadiens - vbert
4. Detroit Red wings - Zanatural

5. New York Islanders - Aginor
6. San Jose Sharks - tj
7. St. Louis Blues - god_mike

8. Calgary Flames - westview
9. Vancouver Canucks - duguaydr

10. Phoenix Coyotes -
11. Philadelphia Flyers - Evil Twin
12. Ottawa Senators - Jcarver67
13. Carolina Hurricanes - blog
14. Edmonton Oilers
15. Dallas Stars - taybaijor
16. Toronto Maple Leafs - bigbuzz
17. New Jersey Devils - xpo
18. Boston Bruins - gooner
19. L.A Kings - Wectina19
20. New York Rangers - thebear03
21. Colorado Avolanche - trevor6664
22. Buffalo Sabres
23. Washington Capitals
24. Chicago BlackHawks
25. Atlanta Thrashers - jasonmuscant
26. Minnesota Wild - pitnickd
27. Columbas Blue Jackets
28. Nashville Predators - cpetsche
29. Anaheim Ducks - jmerch
30. Florida Panthers - shaggy
1/16/2007 1:06 PM
Norris - Kansas City, St. louis, Chicago, Colorado
Smythe - Calgary, Edmonton, Winnipeg, Minnesota
Bailey - San jose, Pheonix, Vancouver, Dallas
Adams - Toronto, Montreal, Ottawa, Quebec
Patrick - New York, Brooklyn, New Jersey, Hartford
Bavis - Detroit, Clevland, Pittsburgh, Hamilton
Slight Edit
1/16/2007 1:07 PM
6/3/2007 8:15 PM
8/8/2007 6:59 PM
8/9/2007 10:11 PM
8/26/2007 11:43 AM
Updated Rules:
ADDED: No limit to number of players on your I.R. They must have no eligible seaon for the years we are using. You will also have to use half of their previous salary against your keeper cap.

You are only allowed to keep two goalies, I.R. included.

There will be no final cap. Just the keeper one.

EDIT*** Keeper cap bumped to $50million starting on 32-33/98-99 Draft years
ML - Average
Max Inj. - 4
P.I. - off
W.W - Off
Trades - on
Vetos - 8
5/17/2009 6:56 PM
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