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I think he'll have a year much closer to his MVP season than last season, that's for sure.

Frankly, I think the offense could be much better this year, just on the fact that no one (except possibly Werth, and he's hard to gauge because last year was his first as a basically full-time player) had anything resembling a career year, and a couple of major pieces (Rollins and Howard) both had years that history would suggest they can do significantly better than (Howards HR/RBI totals aside).
4/1/2009 9:26 PM
I'll get the first update to this done soon, hopefully later today, but for now...

Replace Myers with Blanton for Ks.

Myers with 46 to date, Blanton with 53 at switch.
6/4/2009 6:43 AM
cool, thanks cheez. I'm not even sure where to start other than getting Ramirez, Gregg, Dempster & Lee, Harden, Theriot and Soriano all switched out.
6/4/2009 7:17 AM

I like this update.
6/4/2009 5:20 PM
bump with an update and a reminder to bret, in case he wants to make any switches in the 1st sidebet in a futile attempt to stop the inevitable...
7/10/2009 10:18 PM
Quote: Originally Posted By AlCheez on 4/01/2009
I think he'll have a year much closer to his MVP season than last season, that's for sure.

7/10/2009 10:21 PM
Bump for the start of the season series between Phillies and Cubs, otherwise known as bret's only hope for salvaging part of this bet.

BTW bret - unless I'm missing something, the series is 6 games this year (it was 7 last year). Do we want to have a tiebreak, or if there's a 3-3 split do we just call that part of the bet a push?
7/20/2009 5:34 PM
we can call it a push, that's fine.
7/20/2009 7:42 PM
Quote: Originally Posted By AlCheez on 1/28/2007
I don't remember adding the part about Eaton being a value signing. Even with the intentionally over the top bias I've been using in this thread, I can't support that statement.
Maybe I meant to add that to Helms and missed.
7/21/2009 11:24 AM

Phils take season series 5-1, 2nd sidebet goes to me! Which is good, because once I get around to updating it, I'm pretty sure the first sidebet is going to be trending in Bret's direction...
8/13/2009 5:02 PM

Talk about your epic routs...
8/30/2009 11:15 PM

I updated these the other day without a bump, but I believe the Phillies' win today clinches the main bet - Phillies have 87 wins, best the Cubs could is 90, and I get 4 games.

Bret, just FYI, assuming my lead in the 1st sidebet holds (I think your best case realistic scenario is me winning 4-3 with 1 tie if Zambrano gets you Ks and then Harden wins his last 3 starts without Moyer getting another win) and I win the full $55, I'd like $30 now, and then I'd just have you pay my share for the auction league when the time comes for the last $25.
9/20/2009 9:33 PM
what a disappointing season. I will forward the $30 to you on Friday if that works for you.
9/20/2009 10:01 PM
No rush, the first sidebet isn't official yet anyhow. But if you send me the full amount and there's some miracle comeback on that one, I'll obviously send it back.
9/21/2009 5:41 PM
10/15/2009 7:33 PM
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Cheez Takes Bret’s Money - 2011 edition Topic

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