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is it bad to blow an 8 point lead with 40 seconds  not 40 minutes but 40 seconds left

we are in plus 5 and guy hits 3 straight 3's  i'm screamin at the playas but nobody listens

thankfully we won in ot

fellas can't read but they can ball a bit
6/29/2012 10:32 AM
Posted by killbatman on 6/28/2012 2:53:00 PM (view original):
It's tough to not like all the 1 seeds, although I think Hamline has a real good shot too.
Thanks, kb, but I'm done tonight or tomorrow.  Never fun playing carlbuzz.

Pretty incredible what you, paul and norm have done in this world (82, 87, 87 NT wins, respectively) and what you guys continue to do.  Especially what you've been able to do as the lone long-term elite man defense team.

6/29/2012 3:38 PM
Can't wait for the Dynasty updates!
7/1/2012 5:33 PM
i'll make it real simple:

1. Beloit
2. RPI

3. Everybody else
7/3/2012 5:23 PM
Hello world. Though I will be fairly busy through late October-ish, after that I am considering a Joe Gibbs-like return to coaching (i.e. a past-my-prime glory/money grab) to Wooden D3.  Since the whole NAC crew is now departed, I believe I would be a free agent.  What conference out there has an offer that is more enticing than rebuilding Lasell, returning to my alma mater (Trinity, CT), or taking a random NYC school just for the hell of it?

ps. There's an off-chance I could bring back my posse (genehsu, adambrag, brewdeitz) as well, but I don't think we'd be in the business of building a conference from scratch.
8/22/2012 7:33 PM
I wasn't around for the NAC's glory days, but I do recognize your name (and your posse) from the original gangbang thread. I can say this with certainty though...Wooden D3 would welcome you veterans of an age gone by with open arms. Though I warn may find that the competition has become a bit more intense than it was in your days. 

As for conferences to join, the Big Four (Minnesota, Upstate, Michigan, Midwest) have been full for the past several seasons. But, we'd love to have you (and any of your posse) in Minnesota if there are any openings. We recently dethroned Upstate as the best conference in Wooden D3. But, they may not concede that fact. 

There are several other up and coming conferences that you could help build up to the level of the Big Four: CCIW, New Jersey, USA South, and Northwest. As you may have noticed, they are trying to organize a fourway tourney in the mold of the Big Four's Shootout. 

Regardless of what conference you join, we look forward to seeing you back in Wooden D3!

8/23/2012 2:56 AM
Absolutely, CCIW is the way to go. Home of the current national champ, Elmhurst :). I think next year we will have 5 legitimate teams in the tourney. Great bunch of guys as well.
8/23/2012 6:52 AM
Bradshaw, just to give you some background on the CCIW:
We have 3 open teams right now (hoping to have a 4th as Illinois Wesleyan is currently coached by an ******* just using the team for recruiting)

N. Central (motion, zone) - pretty solid team as it stands, this upcoming season they will have 6 seniors, so if you would be looking to come in the season after, you would be able to build from the ground up with your own players. PG Herman Dent looks to be a very good player next season as a senior. He averaged 14 ppg and 3.3 apg this past year.

Illinois Wesleyan (FB, press) - again, currently coached by douchebag, so their record the past few years has been atrocious. Next year will have 5 seniors, so again, if you come in the yr after you will be able to get a good recruiting base. Prior to this guy taking over, the team was a powerhouse in the CCIW under coach schefflerk5, so the potential is there.

N. Park (motion, press) - team that appears to be on the rise after a couple of nice seasons, bumping up prestige to a C+. They graduate 10 (yes, ten) seniors this year, so this will definitely be a big project for someone looking to come on board. Nothing too outstanding in terms of players currently, overall a solid team.

Northland (motion, press) - team that up until a few seasons ago was coached with a few pretty good current sophomore guards (Rackley & Frame)
8/23/2012 8:45 AM
Bradshaw!  Come back, come back and join us!!  No current openings in the Midwest, but I suppose there could be after the next season.
8/23/2012 5:00 PM
Upstate has an unprecedented 4 openings at the moment, all in the North with Ren Poly.  But you guys should definitely come back to D3 Wooden, regardless of what conference you join!
8/23/2012 5:41 PM
Bradshaw, if you wanted to look at the USA South as pep mentioned as one of his mini-4 above, the best team available is Oglethorpe which has an NT worthy roster right now. They are only losing a walk on and 2 dead weight sim-recruited graduating seniors.
8/24/2012 1:43 PM
this is like the nWo getting back together.
8/24/2012 1:52 PM
I was looking at the reserve job board and it seems like there's a lot of openings everywhere. The league out in Cali is very open, and I thought I saw a bunch of Upstate jobs too. Was there a mass exodus from D3?
10/26/2012 3:12 PM
A bunch of long-term Wooden D3 coaches left the last season or two (i.e. mbalding, jtrost, krindor, mmd1821). That said, we did have a decent influx of new coaches this season. Three "Big Four" conferences are full, and four others (Upstate, CCIW, New Jersey, USA South) are near capacity. Another four-way non-conference tourney has been started as well between CCIW, New Jersey, USA South, and St. Louis. So, I actually think Wooden D3 is doing as good as ever. 

Are you thinking about coming back, sublight?
10/26/2012 4:57 PM
I like to check how my old schools are doing. Sometimes I think about it, but the one a day worlds are very slow to me. It would take 5 seasons or 5-6 months real time to get a team up to par. Not sure I want to do that, esp if the world emptied out. But sometimes I'm tempted.
10/27/2012 1:24 AM
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