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Not sure why we don't have one of these. And it should probably be pinned. So, if you want to list the worlds you commish(and maybe a short blurb about requirements), this could be the place.

I'll redline the smartass comments to keep this clean.

2/24/2009 1:35 PM
Moonlight Graham - Experienced owners who don't have thin-skin. New owners voted in by returning owners. No tanking history accepted.

Cooperstown - Experienced, successful owners. New owners, who meet the qualifications, accepted on first come, first serve basis. No tanking history accepted.


Both worlds have 4 season win minimums of 55/125/195/280. No exceptions or excuses.

8/20/2010 4:42 PM (edited)
Negro League - This league was founded on the the premise that the Negro Leagues survived, integrated, and became the primary baseball league in America. Now in season 9, we share many long-time owners with L.E.G., our sister league. Each team is named after an old Negro League franchise and city combination.

we also lost the WS in braggin' rights in game 7 of season 1, and won the WS in braggin' rights in season 2!
2/24/2009 1:40 PM
Mordecai - Friendly yet competitive world. Averages only 1-2 openings per season, very stable. All openings over the past few seasons have been filled with vets who have proven track records (no one-and-dones, a winning history, etc). Also prefer owners who don't have more than 3 or 4 teams... I prefer owners who will focus on making this team a contender rather than having a dozen teams and hoping one wins. New-to-WIS owners MAY be accepted if they impress me with their desire to play and willingness to stick around long enough to learn the game.
2/24/2009 2:33 PM
Moneyball - World based on the premise that a GM that cannot maintain a .400 winning percentage over a two year period will be fired. Any owner in the league who cannot meet that requirement is removed and replaced. In addition, we have strict requirements about fielding non-fatigued minor league teams, with the potential to be removed from the league if violated. There is a very strict review of owner credentials prior to admittance into the league, which is limited to only top owners with proven track records. The competition is intense, but with a friendly atmosphere. The league's rules are governed and enforced by an elected 7 member committee.
2/24/2009 2:38 PM
Fingers- Experienced owners, a strict "no personal attacks on the chat board" policy. Averaged 2 openings per season over the last 5 rollovers, and have filled them with owners with a minimum of 3 seasons experience and a winning history.
2/24/2009 2:39 PM
HARDBALL CENTRAL-This world was founded by the late Srauch. A few rules, to prevent tanking...

1) 200 loss rule: If you lose 200 games combined in 2 consecutive seasons, you will be reviewed. If it is deemed you are tanking, losing on purpose for draft picks, you're gone. If not, you are given one more season to increase your win total to 70 wins....This rule prevents people losing on purpose for picks and tanking a season.

2) $25 million Rule....You CANNOT under any circumstance go over $25 million in your prospect budget for the season. If you want to budget 20 million to start, then add 5 million later, fine. If you want to start smaller and increase to $25 million that is cool, but NEVER exceed the $25 million total for the season....this is in place so there isnt a monopoly on IFA's, bad budget tanking other categories to get prospect $$, and it also prevents out of control IFA bidding wars.

3) You can move cities, move your franchise, ONCE. If you want/need to relocate your franchise that is cool, but only one time. We dont need one owner moving every season. However, it is understood that you might need to move upon picking up a team, or move to match your franchise to its ballpark needs
2/24/2009 2:46 PM
CONTINENTAL LEAG- this is a world currently in season 7, filled with many original owners, combined with a well screened bunch of newer owners. I have a tough screening process, people with bad attitudes, any tanking histories, etc are not allowed. Is a very friendly world, knowledgable veteran owners willing to help at anytime. Very competitive and balanced world, no 130 win teams, no 30 win teams. Rollovers are very quick as well. Dont need too many and we are proactive in filling the spots before the prior season even ends.
2/24/2009 2:49 PM
Kinsella - Experienced owners, attention to all levels, applicants pre-screened with peer surveys to avoid drama, all teams fixed with MLB theme.
2/24/2009 3:01 PM
Branch Rickey

3 season of completed experience.

20 million maxed prospect payroll (no transfers over 20M for any reason)

200 loss rule over 2 seasons

Permanant Cities and Team names
2/24/2009 3:30 PM

Good league with a great core of owners. Home of the Chief and his drinking and the old men in Chicago along with the legend Adrian Price. Fun league message board. Perfect world for those that got their feet wet and are ready for better competition
2/24/2009 3:34 PM
Major Leagues

Solid MLB-Theme world with very quick turnover (rolled immediately upon being eligible last season). 1/3rd of the league is owners from season 1. League has a "Screening process" for all new owners to the league where each member is allowed input and a vote. Very competitive as their seems to be a lot of talent in this league, and not just concentrated on a handful of teams. Good-natured rivalries in each league. Attention to minors a must.
2/24/2009 3:41 PM

originally was a MLB theme world and got away from that under a different commish in season 2. currently in season 11 and over the past several season our retention rate has gone from several to just 2 in the last couple rollovers. the best world chat i have experianced in any world and some of the funnest owners i've found on WIS. i only accept new owners if they are highly recommended or refered and i reserve the right to refuse anyone new owner or not.

Minor Leagues

Minor League theme world with all teams named after existing minor league franchises. very good retention in this world. i only accept new owners if they are highly recommended or refered and i reserve the right to refuse anyone new owner or not.

2/24/2009 4:02 PM
UPDATED 6/28/10

NABCL (North American Baseball Champions League)
- One of the first private worlds, created by invite only of my close "friends" on the site, which has led to incredibly high retention each season. Player salary cap restriction was initially structured to keep demands from skyrocketing (which worked well), and as we prepare to move to season 17, we have 27 owners that will have 10+ seasons in the league. (LEAGUE THREAD)

CAPB (Continental Association of Professional Baseball) - Spin-off from NABCL with many of those owners joining initially and still there today. Took the player salary cap restriction and added in stadium effects restrictions (nothing more than +/-2) to help level stats and relocation restrictions to promote league stability. Currently in season 11. (LEAGUE THREAD)
6/28/2010 2:07 PM (edited)
Field of Dreams

1) must have made the playoffs twice to be admitted in to the league (no exceptions).

2) all ballparks in the league must not have a ballpark effect above +2 or below -2 in any category (1b, 2b, 3b, hrrf, hrlf).

Happy Jack - Experienced, successful owners. New owners are voted in. High retention league.

WIB - Competetive league with very good level of competition. Some new owners have been accepted in the past , but we are very selective in the new ownership process. The league has a high number of successful owners in it.
2/24/2009 4:47 PM
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