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Posted by sanderbear on 2/25/2009 10:52:00 PM (view original):
Ron Cey

Stable private league. Openings are rare and filled quickly. Commish Sanderbear has no other teams.

The league is highly competitive, with few homer-happy parks, lots of quality pitching and defense, and no tanking teams. In Ron Cey, you won't find .400 hitters, or guys with 75 HRs and 200 RBIs. You also won't find major league teams with 7 ERAs or LFs playing SS.

Owners are strongly encouraged to maintain their minor-league teams, avoid massive pitching fatigue, DHs playing SS, etc.

In addition to a lively and friendly chat board, the league's blog at is one of the best in HBD, with more than 300 minor-leaguers analyzed each season (Top 7s for each club, plus reviews of the first three rounds of the amateur draft and international FA signings).

SanderBear's Ron Cey has been re-named in honor of a great commissioner and HBD player. soxfan121 is the replacement.
11/10/2010 5:58 PM
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What's the problem with left handed infielders?
1/4/2011 1:15 PM
Hey , I used to have a team in the erffdogg memorial League . I guess erffdog died and went to whatever heaven delusional Cincy fans go to , right ?
  Just curious why the league name change....don't wanna offend anyone.  

2/2/2011 12:14 AM

Owners must win a minimum of 55 games every season and 125 every 2 consecutive seasons or they will not be invited back the following year.
If, after sitting out of the world for a full season, the banned owner would like to reapply, they may. If they are readmitted, they may not gain control of their former team. If the commissioner fails to meet the win thresholds, the remaining users will elect a new commissioner by popular vote. The new commissioner may not change any of the world rules.
Owners may not exceed $25M in prospect payroll for any reason during any season.
Team cities and names are permanent for the life of the league. This is done to make all team names sound realistic and professional, and to preserve a consistent league history.
2/16/2011 3:34 PM
Posted by schedule1 on 2/24/2009 1:40:00 PM (view original):
Negro League - This league was founded on the the premise that the Negro Leagues survived, integrated, and became the primary baseball league in America. Now in season 9, we share many long-time owners with L.E.G., our sister league. Each team is named after an old Negro League franchise and city combination.

we also lost the WS in braggin' rights in game 7 of season 1, and won the WS in braggin' rights in season 2!
I'm proud to be the current commissioner of Negro League.  Our tradition of naming teams after old Negro League cities and nicknames continues, and we're now set to start season 17.  Turnover continues to be low, with just one new owner this season.
4/7/2011 12:36 PM
Lets Play Two

Commish: BillPitt

Theme:  Simply put no BS, no whining.  Just mature, fun owners who enjoy the game.  No extra rules beyond what the game has itself.  We just haven't needed them. 
4/18/2011 11:27 AM

Mantle World:

One of the original public worlds, we turned private during season 17.  I am the commissioner. 

We have historically had very low turnover, with a high of seven and a low of zero.  In recent seasons we have been averaging between one and two new owners per season.

We have the following three rules established for our world:

1)  There is a minimum win requirement of 110 wins over any two season period.  Any owner that fails to meet the requirement will be required to leave.  They can apply for reinstatement after one full season away.

2)  Starting in season 21:  After the trade deadline, a team can have no more than 7 players on the waiver wire at any one point in time.  This is to prevent "flooding" the wire in order to sneak players through after the deadline.  First violation gets a warning.  Second violation results the offending owner being required to leave the world at the end of the season.

3)  Also starting in season 21:  Minor league pitching staffs are expected to remain full and healthy.  Violators will be warned and given four days to address the problems.  If the problems still persist beyond that, the violating owners will be required to leave the world at the end of the season unless they can show that they took reasonable steps to attempt to address the situation, or they provide other extenuating circumstances that are deemed reasonable.

Also, in order to encourage competitiveness in the closing days of the season, the team that wins the most games without earning a playoff berth will be awarded a $5 WIS credit by the commish.

5/3/2011 1:04 PM
Glavine 300

Am new commissioner.

League member just voted on and passed a minimum win requirement of 120 games over two consecutive seasons.

Expectations to keep minor league staffs full and healthy.

This year is our highest turnover (7 teams available) but have averaged less than 3 per season.  Part of reason for high turnover was addition of minimum win requirement.  League will be stronger because of it, as a few tankers abandoned the league.
10/18/2011 1:53 PM
The Sandlot

I've been commisioner for the past few seasons, it's a fun, competitive league with a great group of veteran owners that stick around.

55 minimum win rule any 1 season, 120 minimum any two consecutive seasons.

The Sandlot didn't do well in the world rankings, but we've been pretty good the last 7 seasons, as evidenced by our retention rate (only lose an average of 3 owners per season) and the number of teams with either 100 wins or 100 losses:

Season 15: 8
Season 16: 7
Season 17: 4
Season 18: 8
Season 19: 5
Season 20: 7
Season 21: 7

I don't expect much turnover but sitemail me if you're interested...
5/10/2012 12:46 PM (edited)

We have many long time-committed owners in this world. We were public for many seasons before going private to be able to screen  "trouble-making" owners who kept trying to join this world.

In our 24 seasons:
  • 9 owners here since day 1 of season 1
  • 2 more owners over 20 seasons
  • 7 more owners over 15 seasons
  • 7 more owners over 5 seasons

I have been commish since we went private.

We also have a fun blog with world news, articles, stats, facts, etc. 

World Rules:
  • New owners will be screened before being admitted. Items that will be reviewed in their history: commitment to previous worlds (no repeated "one and done" owners), any apparent "tanking" history will reviewed with possible contact with previous world for any owner complaint/issue. 
  • Minimum Win Rule - A team with a one season win total under 50 wins or a 2 consectutive season total under 110 wins will be removed from this world. EXCEPTION - If an owner takes over a team in mid-season, that season will not be a basis of the rule. 
  • Franchise relocation - An owner can only relocate their franchise once every 5 seasons. EXCEPTION - A new owner can locate their team at their choice on their first full season (if an owner takes over in midseason, they can relocate the franchise the following season despite the franchise history). 
  • Owner changing franchises - This will be allowed only with a majority vote BEFORE the end of the previous season is complete. EXCEPTION - If an owner takes over a team in midseason, they will be allowed to takeover another available franchise the following season if wanted.
6/8/2012 10:26 AM (edited)
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Gehrig World

Public for 25 seasons, we have recently converted to private. Gehrig has been an outstanding public world.

There is just one rule:  Win at least 120 games over 2 consecutive seasons.

This is an effort to curtail 'tanking'. There is only this one rule in order to keep things and simple and attractive to new owners. While public, Gehrig World was a welcome and friendly place for those new to HBD and I intend to make sure it remains that way.

New owners are welcome, as well as veterans, please contact me (hypnotoad).
9/5/2012 8:52 PM
Ripken Jr

New Commish here. 11 open spots. We have alot of guys that have been here for a while and are here to stay. We need 11 more!

Here are the rules....


If your a gamer that wants to win and is addicted to this game and have been kicked out or refused from any world due to their rules, COME JOIN RIPKEN JR!

If i were forced to create ONE rule it would sound something like this....

WIN THE WORLD SERIES.....     if you can. 
9/18/2012 12:45 PM
High Fives

2nd Year commish. We currently just filled for Season 18. We have about half our guys as seasoned vets. Another quarter have gotten their feet wet with 5-10 seasons. The final quarter are bright-eyed newbies (not a derogatory term in my book).  We've had 4 different world series winners in the past 6 years. We have some perennial world series contenders that might finally be breaking up their dynasty squads, so Season 18 is wide open. We are currently instituting our first anti-tanking rule, which should also add to the competitiveness. I think it's a great league! Let me know if you are interested and we'll start a wait list.
12/12/2012 8:30 AM
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