Note, they seemed to tweak the format of the schedule so that your results now show whatever rank your opponent had at the time of the game, instead of at the end of the season. But they didn't put this in until around about May 21, so games before then show the opponent's finishing top 25 rank, if any.
7/8/2010 1:55 PM (edited)
North Standings
Top 25
HartwickSim AI8-811-164-97-60-15-5L3214199
IthacaSim AI7-97-205-92-100-23-7L125860
Rochester Tech.Sim AI5-118-204-93-100-35-5L1288141
AlfredSim AI4-129-185-84-90-13-7L3283212
NazarethSim AI3-139-185-84-90-11-9L7285214
South Standings
Top 25
#9 Vassarpoint_piper15-127-511-111-35-37-3L257
St. John Fishertomcecil12-422-810-210-41-36-4L23238
UticaSim AI7-916-139-55-70-15-5L1129104
UnionSim AI6-1016-1110-46-60-11-9L5127162
5/31/2010 4:21 AM
Player Ratings
Eric KendrickSr.PG617816828195376378258C552
Carlos SantanaJr.PG43821436121507291388531B555
Arthur CarrerasJr.PG5293121991566384387743C-547
Melvin DavisSo.PG317718243426594044448838A-523
Robert CavinsFr.PG4068121991295061607540D+464
John HarrelFr.SG296230171335544837407571A-511
Justin HattenFr.SG47691960147404419417862C500
Kris WilsonJr.PF66207844443132331508178C-549
Marc SimpsonFr.PF27287859601922130337538C470
5/31/2010 4:23 AM
James HolleySo.C602391283541122229417651C509
Manuel BresslerSo.C432393394746142322438630D+509
Steve BakerFr.C5840836586411113578090D-561
5/31/2010 4:25 AM
. . .
5/31/2010 4:25 AM
This post could not be converted. To view the original post's thread, click here.
5/31/2010 4:26 AM
J. HarrelFr.SG34515.9.417.353.8330.
E. KendrickSr.PG322018.1.6551.000.9000.
J. HattenFr.SG341516.1.613.250.7270.
Opp. Averages.431.327.6887.026.912.418.47.93.415.655.3
5/31/2010 4:28 AM

Baker - national and conference rookie of the year

Davis - All-American and conference first team

Santana - Conference second team

Carreras - Conference third team

Holley - Conference third team
5/31/2010 4:31 AM
Unfortunately this season will always be remembered for the great do-over, affecting sweet sixteen and elite eight games in the NT as well as PIT games. I already said my peace on that elsewhere and see no need to rehash it. For the record, in the affected games we originally defeated CMS 64-60 in the sweet sixteen, and lost to Marietta 60-58 in the elite eight.

As a minor side note to that, player stats were never corrected. That's why most of my players show 34 games played despite our record of 27-5.

Getting past that, I never expected to contend with this team, which featured seven underclassmen and one senior. All things being equal, we're going to pretty hard to beat next year. In particular it's hard to see who will be able to out-rebound us.

What's not equal, of course, is that we're going to the new sim engine in Knight next year. I think Vassar is well prepared for the changes I foresaw, but one thing I did not foresee was the increase in fouls. They have somewhat reduced fouls already, but there are still far more than there have been. Since we are not great at foul shooting, this could be a problem.
5/31/2010 4:40 AM

Bump (got a question about an old player who graduated over twenty seasons ago, hopefully we'll see his son on the squad soon).

1/21/2012 4:23 PM (edited)
Recent thoughts below; won NCOY this season, but it feels hollow with another elite eight loss (my eleventh at Vassar, or twelfth if counting the great do-over referenced two posts up).

2:19 PM
Well, I can only wish we had added the more important team award. I have to keep checking the Vassar history page to confirm we actually won in the elite eight before. The (Knight) world was a different place back in '20-'21, as a fresh-faced kid ...
2:19 PM
...named tom_cecil took over at St. John Fisher, eventually to surpass dett1973 as the school's greatest coach, and the D3 axis did not yet tilt so sharply towards the west coast and the mighty SCIAC. Medaille alums could only imagine a coach who ...
2:19 PM
...would stay more than two seasons and win postseason games, and mbalding's long line of Moravian squads were the D3 gold standard. Yes, I remember it well.

2:28 PM
Add: Becker and Howard Payne were recent champions, and more was to come.
7/11/2012 7:08 PM
All-time elite eight record now for Vassar now 3-14.  We made one final four since that post but were routed by cagefan's UChicago team.
3/30/2013 5:59 PM
Overall               Conference Tourney    National Tourney
  School W L W% W W% Champ Bids W W% Champ
1. Upper Iowa 1386 412 .771 138 .841 32 51 65 .565 1
2. Oberlin 1370 377 .784 111 .766 24 35 23 .397 0
3. Chicago 1364 444 .754 128 .815 29 50 87 .640 1
4. Vassar 1360 443 .754 132 .841 33 44 89 .674 1
5. Tufts 1347 417 .764 129 .832 32 39 58 .604 1
6. Becker 1345 458 .746 134 .859 36 46 95 .693 4
7. La Verne 1302 488 .727 79 .637 13 46 101 .721 7
8. St. John Fisher 1288 476 .730 107 .699 12 43 38 .469 0
9. DePauw 1262 515 .710 126 .788 24 43 48 .527 0
10. Howard Payne 1255 522 .706 96 .701 17 44 62 .596 2

Vassar is fourth in wins in Knight D3, but we can't match the national title totals of long-time rivals Becker and Howard Payne.  LaVerne posted seven in an eleven-season span coached by uglyskunk (5) and dukenilnil (2).
3/30/2013 6:06 PM (edited)
Other multiple winners:  Moravian (5, mbalding), UC Santa Cruz (4, kmasonbx), Pomona-Pitzer (3, theeyetest), Lawrence (3, littlegiant0, gbous314, quarterastro), CA Lutheran (2, rusticity), Carthage (2, jetwildcat), Penn State Berks (2, koorr) and VA Wesleyan (2, jcraig1227 and cem6989).
3/30/2013 6:12 PM
Something interesting: quarterastro has only coached two teams in Knight in two seasons and won national championships with both teams (Lawrence and Eastern).
3/31/2013 3:22 PM
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