there's something to it though - look at Steve Nash - given the right system he excels otherwise - meh

but yeah, how do you quantify it and turn it into a simmable asset?
11/17/2009 8:55 PM
I agree, I think we should add more subjectivity to the sim. If they're going to make up ridiculous numbers, then they might as well make this even more of a fiction.

Hey, it could be the first RPSSG (role-playing sports-simulation game)!
11/17/2009 9:33 PM
how about design your own player with salary valuation per stats to keep you capped?

then you can design your dream self and put him amongst Rodman Magic and Wilt et al?
11/17/2009 9:38 PM
Happy New Year everybody!

(I sure hope seble isnt dead - he last posted in mid-September - our last contact from WiS aside from a snarky off topic post by tinmanpb in another thread)
12/31/2009 3:19 PM
I just rejoined HD this month and seble's doing some huge new release for HD...we're testing now actually. The NBA sim is virtually dead, I don't really enjoy it nearly as much as I used to, the season I'm in currently should be the last for a long time...not that I was a regular player by any means in the last 6 months. FWIW, I don't think Paul Bessire works for them any longer....they have a new job posting for a content manager and that's what Paul did, and as you can see in the recent BTB stuff (waste of time) Paul's name is nowhere to be found.
12/31/2009 11:54 PM
this just in from FOXNEWS...

for the past two months, fox affliates from the southwestern parts of ohio and southeastern parts of indiana have been receiving encypted messages from an unknown source requesting assistance from the u.s. military and/or NASA (houston).

the identity of the person sending these messages remains unknown at the time. what is known, the messages for help have been delivered on a frequency band never before used nor seen. this “high-green” light transmission often disrupts the sensitive, optic fiber networking in the fox affiliate mainframe computers.

after unsuccessful attempts at trying to restore some of the programs affected by these high-green transmissions, the Cincinnati fox affiliate called in a graduate student team of computer science majors from neighboring miami university to try and sort through the maze of cables and input data to locate the precise nature of the problem.

after 36 hours of analyzing algorithms and random occurring outliers, they have isolated and decoded one of the high-green transmissions embedded into the system. an unknown “bot” or, what is known as a “virus” has made its way from the RAM (random access memory) area and is infecting the integrity of the fox affiliate’s entire computing system.

one of the students from miami university located the senders name from an unread high-green transmission. the message, after 4.5 hours of decoding, stated: been abducted by aliens! send NASA to sector 12, quadrant 3-b, 2 degrees vertical. this is, ******!

1/1/2010 6:13 AM
1/1/2010 8:01 AM
Quote: Originally posted by monkee on 12/31/2009(I sure hope seble isnt dead - he last posted in mid-September - our last contact from WiS aside from a snarky off topic post by tinmanpb in another thread)

And they wonder why we're upset with their "customer service."
1/1/2010 2:48 PM
if seble's doing HD now, who's in charge of this sinking ship?

whatever happened to changing the duplicate/incorrect names? remember he said the simple changes would be easy enough

and the salary thing, too

the invisible man would have more presence
1/4/2010 7:16 AM
Quote: Originally posted by garyman on 1/04/2010if seble's doing HD now, who's in charge of this sinking ship?

He's been doing both for a while now, I think. It's obvious that he's unable (or just doesn't care) to handle both, but we're stuck with it for what it is.
1/4/2010 3:59 PM
I thought they were grooming this "Casey" guy to take it over, remember?
1/5/2010 6:16 PM
yep - and if you look at what seble said it took him like 8 months to roll out the allstar selection fix (that must have been some seriously arcane logic right? let's see, cross analyze mvp scores by positional efficiency =??? oh yeah not that tough, I was wrong) and add a 6th man category - wait there's a 6th man category? wtf?
1/5/2010 7:52 PM
Quote: Originally posted by vancem on 6/12/2009Will Seble ever give us any feedback from our suggestions? I'd like to hear some responses back even if I don't agree with them.

I thought that in this thread we were supposed to come up with good ideas for improving the NBA SIM and then get some responses back from Seble and company.

Was I wrong?

1/18/2010 7:10 PM
Not that seble is any kind of saint or savior here, but WIS is really making him the fall guy for all this crap. He's the lead guy on HD now, but they still want him running (or more appropriately "babysitting") the NBA sim...that's just unfair to him. I can understand companies cutting back and what have you, but you're owned by can't get 1 programmer per game for this thing? I mean seriously.
1/19/2010 11:34 AM
he may be spread thin but at least he could have posted some f-ing thing since september - no one is spread that thin
1/19/2010 1:19 PM
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