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Quote: Originally Posted By cbaltz_ca on 10/21/2009
Quote: Originally Posted By winnetka1 on 10/20/2009

On the first page of threads in the Sim League Forums there are 30 threads. There are 5 by site staff, one by Biglenr and one by Biffert that are more or less permanent leaving 23 others. 10 of those remaining 23 have been started by NON HOFers...proving the forums are wide open to everyone and used by everyone , not just HOFers as cbaltz_ca asserts.

Chill dude.

I did not assert that the forums are only open to HOF'ers...talk about being taken out of context. I was saying that you should not tell someobdy to shut up for voicing their opinion if they are not as "experienced" as some see fit.
My apologies to Chaltz_ca for interpreting your comments regarding non HOFer's "voices" incorrectly. However, it is my opinion that the use of the words "shut up" by that's_nice were not used in the same way a parent would use them to a child, or a 1922 klansman would use them to a poor black sharecropper. I read his comments more as simple advice to speak less and listen more. That's all.
10/21/2009 9:36 AM
what is it that makes baseball a historically better sport than basketball or football? Its the fact that Big League quality players of any era could play in any other. Some will disagree but if Walter Johnson grew up today he would be a great pitcher; Joe Jackson will hit line drives all over the field as well. Ozzie and others would be just as talked about as historical greats if they had played 100 years ago.

I applaud WIS for trying to balance the fielding between eras... it was a serious flaw that prejudiced older players. If anyone doesnt think Honus would be as good as there is with the glove today then they aren't students of the game.

10/21/2009 10:46 AM
It's the numbers, ( numbers like 56 61 .406 ) and the longevity of them pre steriod era. No other sport can you rattle off the numbers I just did, and most sports fans kniow what they are. Only time it happens for other sports is when the record was recently tied or broken.
10/21/2009 11:39 AM

What makes baseball better than basketball or football is the drama.

In my opinion there is nothing better in sports than a game 7 in baseball.Every pitch, every throw, every manager decision is magnified to the umpteenth degree.And since there’s more time between pitches and innings the drama just escalates throughout the game.A near HR hit that just goes foul can take your breath away.

Which brings me to my point.I would like the “boxscore” of WIS games to be separated in two pages.

First page, the play by play, and the second page the actual boxscore and stats.If somehow you could read the play by play without already knowing the final score would be nice.

Someone mentioned somewhere about covering up the boxscore, but that doesn’t do it because you still have to click on the game with the score to get to it.

10/21/2009 1:42 PM
Hey Skinndog if you go to this link
you can get play by play only without seeing the box score .....
10/21/2009 2:15 PM
Quote: Originally Posted By cameraeye on 10/21/2009
I applaud WIS for trying to balance the fielding between eras... it was a serious flaw that prejudiced older players. If anyone doesnt think Honus would be as good as there is with the glove today then they aren't students of the game
The question ISN'T whether Honus Wagner would be great now, because that wouldn't be demonstrable. The only thing we can determine statistically is whether Honus Wagner was a significantly better fielder than his peers by as much as Ozzie Smith was better than his peers. That's what normalization is supposed to do.
10/21/2009 3:09 PM
I found this site through a buddy and fell in love with SIM about 5 games into my first season. Still looking for that elusive 1st WIS Championship, but I have fielded many good playoff teams without delving too much into the loopholes and cheats. I'm pretty proud of that, although I have got smashed by many cookie teams.

IMHO, I use this game as a release from my work and everyday grind. When you start to look for loopholes to exploit and spend loads of time trying to build cookie teams, you take away from the fun of real strategy and baseball. Obviously, the SIM isn't real baseball, but I have a great time using players I have read stories about my whole life. This is supposed to be FUN. If you aren't having fun doing it, you should spend your money on something you do enjoy.
10/21/2009 3:10 PM
Quote: Originally Posted By llamanunts on 10/20/2009Shut up

Winner of this weeks coveted 'Post-of-the-Week' award. Congrats Llamanunts!
10/21/2009 3:32 PM
10/21/2009 4:58 PM
My post at the end of page two is much funnier. Stupid llama...
10/21/2009 5:30 PM
Cogiito Ergo Spud

Mr. Potatohead
10/21/2009 6:13 PM

Very nice Combalt. Thank you.
10/21/2009 8:04 PM
Quote: Originally Posted By benjihall on 10/21/2009If the 21 Ruth is truly normalized properly for HRs it would blow his stats out of the water and make the whole concept ridiculous
except for his price tag

he is on a team, with a salary cap, and he would have to carry shlubs

besides which, home runs are not the only stat of value
10/21/2009 8:21 PM
My point with Ruth is that if his homers are truly normalized vs the rest of the players that year he would end up hitting almost more homers that hits. He blows normalization out of the water.
10/21/2009 9:03 PM
Quote: Originally Posted By steve9781 on 10/20/2009

[snip ...] if you reference what WIS say.... "Dream matchups from baseball lore come to life. Ruth vs. Clemens. Bonds vs. Koufax. Aaron vs. Johnson (the Big Train or Unit)." [...] To me it means taking players from different era's and having them match up against one another, and since we live in 2009, I would assume that's where this takes place.

Do you doubt that R.Clemens or R.Halladay could pitch 400-500 innings if they lived in 1800's? Modern pitchers shouldn't be penalized for the era they lived in.

[...] I think this is a great game. [...]For me personally, this site is my fantasy baseball fix, until a new season starts. Hope I've been able to articulate were I'm coming from.

I understand that you are offering your opinion to help make the game better. I have spent a good bit o' money on it the past several years, and it's because I have fun doing it. I occassionally offer my own opinions, and I have no problem with 'new' players speaking up and offering their suggestions.

However, in the comment I've bolded above, you do make a big assumption without any basis for it. Nowhere does WIS mention that the SIM games should resemble games from 2009. That's in your head. WIS has created a 'neutral' environment where all these matchups can take place, and over the course of a season it might even be somewhat "realistic." Is it perfect? No. But if you want to alter the game that's been created a bit, you can do that in the theme leagues.

Would Clemens or Halladay pitch 400 innings if they started in a 2-man rotation? Possibly. Would they be as effective? Who can say, since they never did it. Would Walter Johnson have been even more dominant if he only pitched about 200 innings instead of 300+ in 1912 and 1913? Again, possibly, but who knows? What If Ted Williams wasn't flying missions with John Glenn in Korea in '53? These questions stretch the "What If?" quite a bit, and aren't even hinted at in WIS's descriptions. But if that's what you want to test, you can probably come up with a way to do it in the theme leagues...

Again, good luck.

10/21/2009 9:35 PM
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Happy about the update. Topic

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