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I think that would be fun. I usually end up playing a couple of top-tier teams in OOC, but it would be fun to get some kind of round robin going or something. Not sure I'll be super competitive again for a couple of years though.
10/23/2009 4:36 PM
Who you callin' a ****?!
10/23/2009 5:40 PM
A Top 25 poll would be very tough to do, because it encompasses so many teams. I do an NAC power poll in the CC every 2 games, but it's not that hard to keep track of 12 teams. If we had a committee of coaches we could spread out a bigger net, but we'd still be short in the conferences that weren't represented...
10/23/2009 10:15 PM
As I took the survey, I stopped to think about what was really being asked and then I thought about why I was answering it the way that I was. For anyone that might be interested, I will expand on what I was thinking. This was the first world that I joined and my first team back in season 17. I was terrible, going 0-14 to start the year. Got some help from some coaches, especially VD, and managed to go .500 the rest of the year, which got me much more excited. We had a pretty nice conference, mostly full every year with a core of about 6 or 7 coaches, you get better, etc and it is both fun and challenging. But somewhere along the way, coaches leave for one reason or another, new ones join but not as many so it gets emptier in the conference. Not as much fun from the perspective of the banter and the rivalries but still good friends and the part of leaving that will bother me is leaving them there with one less in the conference. However, the game really bothers me at the D3 level and the more I learn, and I submit that I am still learning more each season, the more I realize that there is less skill and more luck in coaching these teams than any of us would like to admit. In fact, most of the game appears to be recruiting (nothing wrong with that) but even there, there is more luck involved than one might think. How good a recruit do you need? How many players do you need on a team? Why can't walkons tie their own shoes most days? I have had some fun working out these answers, recruiting top classes that should dominate and usually do but lose important games, and I have recruited some of the worst classes ever and still manage to win some games. As an example, last year, I took 6 walkons and still finished only 1 game below .500 and just missed a playoff spot, albeit the PIT. This year, I have a team that is basically all 1st year players and while not setting the world on fire, they are 2-5, not half bad for what is basically a team full of freshmen. In fact, I think someone could take a team completly composed of walkons and actually have a shot of winning 5 or 6 games as freshmen and probably be capable of a winning record by the time they were Jr or Sr. So call it what you will, tired of the game, jaded, annoyed with the excuses for why things work as they do, or whatever, I jsut plain do not enjoy D3 much anymore and I find that it has the largest amount of luck in it, are there recruits nearby, do you have to fight for them, which teams on your schedule go SIM, and the list goes on.

I do think that you are on the right idea of having fuller conferences and of figuring out some way to keep people more involved but at this point I am jsut not planning on staying here much longer. Sorry if this post got a bit long and rambley but, Mr. P did ask ;)
10/24/2009 12:24 AM
I completed the survey and love Wooden - this is my first conference and joined when Stats baseball simulation went defunct (sp). I started in season 13 and took over a WCTST team that had 10 vacancies before the superclass rule went into affect. I have had a blast in Wooden playing in multiple pre-season tourneys with the likes of taz, wrono, batman, barjaz and l_e (I know there are more). I have seen the Little East have 1 coach and 12 coaches. I do think that as college basketball starts back up, more coaches will come - usually does each year.

However, since potential was implemented, I have lost most of my desire to play at the D3 level (I like potential at D1). At one point, I had a team in every world, now I am down to 2.

Like most worlds, Wooden has suffered. There has been little sustainability in WIS over the last 12 to 16 months. People try it out, can't build a winner in 1 to 4 seasons and quit. Seasoned coaches don't want to come to Wooden D3 (IMO) to take over a floundering team and sit in a conference with all SIMS. Even as I look at joining more worlds (as my interest is starting it perk up again), I am looking at worlds that I qualify for D2 or D1 jobs.

Overall, Wooden D3 is the best world I have ever played. I love the friendly rivalries that has been established and the fact that when I am out of town, I can send a sitemail to someone to take over recruiting for me.

God Bless the United States and God Bless John Wooden!!!
10/24/2009 12:59 PM
A survey i took from four years ago. Might be of interest to those looking to promote wooden andkeep it growing

8/26/2013 12:37 AM
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