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why do you think you play in the toughest conf in DII....try making the playoffs before mouthing off, son...
12/29/2009 10:28 PM
This is a fun topick. LOL :)
12/31/2009 2:07 PM
Because for the last several years in a row WIS has ranked our conference number one. Maybe you should pay more attention dumbass. Just click on conference ratings again this year and we will still be number one.
12/31/2009 5:52 PM
you haven't contributed any to the conf ranking....

once you contribute, then start talking...
12/31/2009 9:44 PM
I never said I did. I am privlidged to play in a great conference with a lot of great coaches. You don't know what that's like.
1/1/2010 1:23 AM
there are sims in my conf that will beat you year in and year out...
1/1/2010 8:19 AM

1/1/2010 10:23 AM
Now I realize that this is probably more of a lash out at BTINLA's personality and trying to justify such claims is very subjective. But when I looked at the conferences as an unbiased observer, I think BTINLA has as good a claim as any and better than most. The GSC is better populated and has more preseason ranked teams than any other conference in D2. Now these factors aren't everything that makes a good conference great but it certainly is a strong place to start.

If you aren't just busting BTINLA's balls because you don't like him, I'd be interested to know who you think has a stronger conference and why you think so. For the record, I am not calling you out. I am just wondering what you look for.
1/1/2010 7:49 PM
Ok, cydrych. There's no need for sound logic in this argument.

BTINLA....I'll let you of the hook for now.

FYI, scoreboard: javascript:OpenBoxscore(2458162);

Central Arkansas (0-0)
Nebraska-Omaha (0-0)
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1/1/2010 8:45 PM
crap...forgot how to do that...
1/1/2010 8:46 PM
I never said Central Arkansas was a great program, although I expect to make the playoffs this year. The GSC is always number one in WIS rankings and has 3 preseason ranked teams and likely has 5 that will make the playoffs.

Chainsaw is a douchebag that thinks he can coach because he wins 11 games a year in a very weak conference and is always one and done in the playoffs. He never schedules a tough NC schedule and is drilled evry time hhe faces a good coach.

Regardless what he says about me he should respect the GSC as much stronger than what he faces.
1/1/2010 8:52 PM
once again, btinla, you cant read a simple coaching history page...

Wilkinson Coaching Résumé


Seasons: 40

Job Status: Very Secure

Reputation: A-

Loyalty: A+
Conference Championships: 0

National Championships: 0

Overall: 296 - 225

Conference: 199 - 165

Home: 155 - 99

Road: 137 - 116

Neutral Site: 4 - 10

Playoff: 0 - 2

Bowl: 4 - 4

Wilkinson Coaching Résumé


Seasons: 34

Job Status: Very Secure

Reputation: A+

Loyalty: A+
Conference Championships: 5

National Championships: 0

Overall: 373 - 114

Conference: 243 - 73

Home: 173 - 33

Road: 178 - 45

Neutral Site: 22 - 36

Playoff: 17 - 19

Bowl: 0 - 0

Baylor, Northwestern, Mississippi State all play in tough conferences, but you never hear those team's coaches mouthing off...Oh, wait....this isn't RL....

1/1/2010 9:01 PM
This from a coach who is 39-55 in the post season, where he finally meets good coaches.

I never bragged about myself, only my peers in conference. You cannot do the same, since you play in one of the wrost conferences in D2. You are mediocre coach who can beat SIMS and not much else. Go kill yourself.
1/1/2010 9:24 PM
bt, can you not do the math???

22-36 includes the playoff and CC wonder you're such a bad coach...
1/1/2010 11:13 PM
I don't much care about the little ******* contest you guys have going on. I thought you had some ideas on how to compare conferences to each other and I was interested in hearing them. Since you don't, I will butt out of your lovefest.

Carry on.
1/2/2010 11:36 PM
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calling out BTINLA Topic

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