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So they had a sale on beef roasts so I got a nice one. Did all the normal stuff but I remembered a seceret that a person told me while I was visiting my Grandmother at Beaumont Hospoital last year.


Add it to the normal braising liquid. About 8 ounces. Adds a real nice flavor and also a nice color.

Try it!
4/8/2011 4:52 PM
Made some pizza today. Had a sale on premade crusts.

Mozzerella cheese. Went vegitarian, just for the health of it. Also because I was to lazy to run out and get some.

Green and mild banna peppers, Shitake and regular mushrooms on one.

Pineapple and green pepper on other.

Used a mixture of Ragu sauce, tomato paste and some BBQ sauce as pizza sauce.

Worked well!

Also found some diet Squirt. Forgot how good it tasted!
4/11/2011 3:11 AM
Going for a curry beef in the crock pot.

Used some granny smith apples in the recipe. Left out the raisins. Dont really like raisins in food.

We will see how it goes.

Also using the timer on my rice cooker so it will be ready on time.
4/11/2011 5:49 PM
It worked. Really well.

The rice cooker made the rice a little stiff, but the curry sauce covered it well.

4/12/2011 5:55 PM
As long as I am making rice thought I would try some Asian inspired stuff. trying to eat a little less red meat on advice from my doctor.

Fried up some scallions, pepper and musrooms  in olive oil, garlic, salt and line juice.

Served it over rice in a Miso Broth.

Better than I thought it would be, but still a bit off. And I am using some fairly generic Miso so it isnt really strong.
4/14/2011 6:22 PM
Back to health.

Used some bacon fat to fry tofu. Not bad.

Boiled bok choy a little and then fried it in olive oil with salt and garlic.

Serve over penne pasta. Some soy over the whole thing.

Not bad.
4/16/2011 3:56 AM
Wanted to serve some Hollandaise over asparagus spears sunday so I thought I would start practicing,

1 I suck at seperating eggs.
2 I suck at subtle mixing

I just do the egg in the hands and whites through the fingers trick. Only way I can seperate eggs.

Hope I can get it right. My test seemed to work.
4/16/2011 2:09 PM
Hollandise sauce was ok.

Last 5 or 6 new Chinese restaurants I tried were not really all that good.

4/18/2011 7:40 PM
With my Rice maker I always seem to have some rice in the fridge.

Toss some rice and a pack of salmon and some butter and soy in a bowl and microwave.

A tasty easy treat!
4/19/2011 2:57 AM
My firend is sick so I am getting some Chicken Noodle soup from National Coney Island. Their favorite.

As long as I am there....Coneys and cheese fries!
4/19/2011 6:56 PM
So has anyone else noticed a rash of defective milk cartons?

You know when you pour them and there is a series of drips straight down that fall in front of the glass.

It used to happen sometimes, but now it seems common.
4/23/2011 3:22 PM
Can never seem to get my roasted chicken just right. Always a little crumbly or a little dry or a little wild tasting.

Trying a crock pot today.

Will update tonight
4/23/2011 3:25 PM
Tender and juicy...I missed the seasoning. Chicken in a crock pot seems to need a lot of seasoning.
4/24/2011 3:08 PM

Tried an Indian inspired rice dish, with tamarin and cinnamon.

Really screwed it up bad. Almost inedible.

I will stick to want I know for rice and pasta in the future.

4/25/2011 3:07 PM
I am not sure why but Kroger Supermarkets stopped selling their brand pickle & pimento loaf. All they have now is something called "Old Fasioned Loaf".

I love P&P loaf and will miss it.
4/26/2011 12:41 AM
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