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2/10/2010 1:31 PM
my new frosh big man woj

13:34 Wojnaroski gets inside and is fouled on the shot attempt. Foul #1 on Micah Hurst [team foul #3] 7 - 4
13:34 Wojnaroski makes the 1st free throw 8 - 4
13:34 Wojnaroski makes the 2nd free throw 9 - 4
13:25 9 - 4 James Wojnaroski is whistled for the reach-in on Davis. Foul #1 on Wojnaroski [team foul #1]
13:25 Wojnaroski is in the face of the referee. Wojnaroski has been charged with a technical foul. 9 - 4
13:25 9 - 5 Smith makes the 1st free throw
13:25 9 - 6 Smith makes the 2nd free throw
13:08 Wojnaroski picks off Hurst's pass
2/18/2010 9:31 AM
East Standings
Top 25
S. Illinoiskmfloyd0-07-34-13-20-17-3L15493
Indiana St.Sim AI0-02-81-41-40-02-8L2278190
DrakeSim AI0-01-90-51-40-01-9L9305217
West Standings
Top 25
Illinois St.joehuskie840-08-21-07-20-08-2W540178
#21 Wichita St.reinsel0-08-25-03-20-18-2W31261
N. Iowaj_corva0-06-44-12-30-36-4W5170238
Missouri St.discodave0-04-61-33-30-14-6W112675
W. KentuckySim AI0-01-90-51-40-11-9L9288166
Here is the end of the noncon season. My top picks in the North (Creighton, SIU and Bradley) are all looking good, but I think Bradley is a bit of a paper tiger, they have great IQs, but their 10 seniors are maxed out and they will get worse (relative to the rest of the conf) as the season wears on. Wish I didn't play them first :)

In the South, my top 3 of NIU, Wichita and GW are ok, but #4 pick Illinois State has reall benefited from a smart schedule, and anything is possible. #8 in conference RPI, the 3 sims are killing us. Should be 3-4NT and 2-3 PT berths out there provided the humans get their free wins from the sims like they should.
3/13/2010 4:47 AM
East Standings
Top 25
S. Illinoiskmfloyd14-222-612-19-40-39-1L127100
Indiana St.Sim AI4-126-214-92-110-12-8L7265138
DrakeSim AI2-143-242-111-120-10-10L12293122
West Standings
Top 25
#10 Wichita St.reinsel14-225-412-110-30-110-0W101071
N. Iowaj_corva11-519-1011-26-70-56-4L15591
Illinois St.joehuskie849-718-105-412-51-15-5L1102168
Missouri St.discodave7-911-164-87-70-34-6L312133
W. KentuckySim AI0-161-260-131-120-20-10L26301106
Here is just before the NT, and we got 4 in (NIU just made it as an at large 14 seed). Notice the SOS improvement in the West due to the 34 noncon wins as compared to the East's 32 wins. Little things like that matter.

Pretty sad that GW didn't make the PT after the good noncon start, but they really struggled in conference play against the human teams (4-8) and could only beat Missouri State twice and surprised NIU and Evansville at home.
3/20/2010 11:39 AM
Only three spots in the MVC. Indiana State is poised for a quick turnaround. The other two (W. Kentucky and Drake) or more projects. Just the thing to recharge the HD fires. Plus, a pretty good group of guys.
3/20/2010 3:48 PM
And a good $12,000 in extra recruiting cash, more than the SEC or A10, and about equal to the Big 12. Come join the only D1 conference in Allen that has a forum page that people actually post on!

And we are pretty decent. 3-4 NT bids the last few seasons and we seem to be on the rise getting numerous 3 and 4 star recruits and every once in a while we snag a 5-star guy.

3/20/2010 5:08 PM
Big 12 got 16,667, actually. Which is totally different.

I'm thinking of starting a Big 12 page at some point.
3/20/2010 8:14 PM
We'll rescue you from the dark side one of these days, corn. :)
3/20/2010 9:32 PM
Just take a look at NIU / Kansas in real life my friend. Can't stop the Power.

Plus all the so called 'big 6' conferences are inherently unfair since their memebers all have different baselines. Here in the MVC, everyone is an equal C, which is one of the reasons why we'll eventually beat prestiges if we match the accomplishments of the Ivy or Big Sky:)

We are getting closer too.

3/26/2010 8:52 PM
cant wait to see the new posts reinsel. they got me to join the league i cant see why others wont. unbelievable service.
3/27/2010 2:16 PM
Working on the recruiting review. Things are busy at work right now and at home so it might be a little slow, but top 3 are McGlothen, Borum and Ridenour so far I think. Sign of my failures that I am hoping my best recruit (Goslin) makes the top 5 even.
3/30/2010 1:26 PM
OK, I have gone thru each team and used my recruiting rating system to put a numeric value on each teams players. Here are my predictions from a simple rating sytem I use.

I have added my ratings for the first 9 players (as I see them) for each team.

East Division

#1. Creighton 4164 = 462.7 ave

2. S. Illinois 3937 = 437.4

3. Evansville 3750 = 416.7

4. Drake 3461 = 384.5

5. Bradley 3381 = 375.7

6. Indiana St. 3225 = 358.3

As I look over the East I see SIU, Creighton, and Evansville far above the other 3.

Creighton has a slight edge in guards, altho SIU has the best one overall.

It's not really close in the SF's, SIU may have a pre-season All-American, but by my rating system, both of Creighton's SF's score higher, with Bailey being some 40pts higher.

Bigs, SIU is the best on balance but Creighton has the best player.

I see SIU and Creighton holding serve at home and one or both (possibly) losing one on the road at Evansville. It should be another typical race for first in the East... I see the confusion in IQ being the deciding factor for the Purple-Aces as to why I believe they finish 3rd with another loss or two to the West more than the top 2 have.

For the cellar-dwellers... I see the IQ's and averages comming up fast enough for Bradley that they "should" beat both Drake and Ind. St as well as one win in the West.

Creighton 12-4 + 9-1 (horrible weak) 21-5 NT? SOS so bad maybe not.

SIU 12-4 + 8-2 20-6 NT

Evansville 10-6 + 7-3 17-9 PIT?

Bradley 4-12 + 3-7 (Gawd-awful) 7-19

Drake 3-13 + 3-7 6 sr's 6-20

Indana St 1-15 + 2-8 3-23 Coach Sim gets hung by ugly mob, and the state of Indiana ask to have the 2nd I removed from the University name.

*disclaimer* again, this is rated purely from the system I use to evaluate players at their position. It really doesn't take in to account the IQ's or other very important "intangibles" that really decide who wins and loses most games. Just thought I would put it up to see how it looks 26 games from now.

quick note,,,, after looking at the 2 exibition games... and taking IQ's and youth into account... Bradley may not win a game, and Drake may win a dozen!
3/30/2010 3:58 PM
come on KM what about the west! nice review i enjoyed it
3/30/2010 5:02 PM
West Conference Review

The West looks VERY interesting this season. There (at least on paper), appear to be some new players moving into the mix in the Western half of the conference.

#1. Wichita St. 4180

2. Gardner Webb 4043

3. N Iowa 4022

4. Mizzouri St 3752

5. Illinois St 3637

6. W. Kentucky 3316

By the numbers, this looks to be the most competetive season in the Valley we have ever had. I am not sure it will play out that way, but it sure looks like it could.

Wichita State looks to be the class of the West, and the conference for that matter. As Reinsel has mentioned, their guards are a little weak for their normal standards, and overall, they are 5th behind every team except W. Kentucky and Mizz. ST.

However, they lead the pack in the SF position, and are a dominating 1st in the post. Will that inside domination be enough to return them to the top of the West... probably so. Gardner-Webb is #2 in the rating behind 2 extremely good guards, average SF's and some pretty decent bigs.

N. Iowa is just barely behind them with some really good guards (3), average SF's (by JC's standards), and some really nice big-men.

4th goes to Mizzouri St on balance, they have good talent at all 3 positions and could be a tough team to beat(especially at Hammonds).

Illinois State falls to 5th simply due to the fact that my rating system hurts them with no SF's. They have some nice guards... and alot of them, however, I don't see the rebounding from any of them I myself would require from a guy to play the 3 spot. They also have a couple nice big-men, but I don't find the ath/spd or the bh/pass I would want from this group to be a 3 either. This team has done very well in the Valley in it's short stay here and I don't expect this season to be any different.

The Hilltoppers have a guard, not much in the middle, and a big-man. The entire conference should enjoy their stops to the Land-of-the-Lakes. They aren't Indiana St bad, but they and Drake should have a Battle-Royal for the next to the worst team in the Valley title.

again, just by the numbers.....

Wichita St 14-2 9-1 23-3 NT

N. Iowa 11-5 8-2 19-7 NT (probable)

Gardner Webb 10-6 7-3 17-9 PIT (NT possible)

Mizzouri St 9-7 6-4 15-11 PIT (Possible)

Illinois St 8-8 9-1 (off the scale) 17-9 PIT (Possible)

W. Kentucky 2-14 3-7 5-21 Simmie gets fired as Coach
3/30/2010 5:04 PM
Good prediction. I just hope I can get a win a piece against SIU or Creighton. I have an about a 10 game lsoing streak to each
3/31/2010 9:28 AM
Good job Mizzou. Should be a fun season.
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