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great job mizzou. 1 question what does (off the scale) mean next to my 9-1?
3/31/2010 1:42 PM
Creighton "should" go 9-1 due to the fact their NC schedule is worse than I predicted it to be last season and it now looks "Horribly Weak" to me, so 9-1 is a reflection of the caliber of NC competition and not a reflection of how good I believe Creighton to be.

Bradley 3-7 is a reflection of a "Gawd-Awful" group of teams that they get to play and thus the 3 wins is more by default, rather than the fact I think they "should" win even one NC game.

Illinois St. plays one team above 650 rated and nearly everyone but Frae (who is the one above 650), is sim coached, and thus I feel they should win at least 8-9 due to the level of their opponents being "off-the-scale" and not because they are a great team.

Several teams, (mainly the sims), have opponents that don't even rate a 600 and would lose to an average DII team, however, as I QUICKLY glanced down the NC schedules to add 10 NC games to everyone's records... those 3 stood out to me and needed a small "note" to explain the two 9-1's and the 3 wins Bradley "MIGHT" get with 10 players with F's in both IQ's

Oh and Drake should win at least 3 (maybe 5-6) just because these are early games... and they have a bunch of seniors.... see Bradley last season.

3/31/2010 2:34 PM
And now I bring to you my pre season all america teams
note: I dont recruit or look for SF position at all - this will explain why you wont see the likes of Flood on this list. 2 Bigs and 3 guards is how i break it down.

1st Team

Keith Norris Jr.
Donald Baker Sr/5
Joseph Nordquist Jr.
Eric Roddy Jr.
David Cortinas Sr.

2nd Team
Robert Wright Sr.
Robert Moorman Sr.
Charles Bellomy So.
Eric Houston Sr.
Grant Bailey Sr.

3rd Team
Edward Leffler Jr.
Cody Oliver Sr.
Aaron Webb Jr.
Raymond Chambliss Sr.
Leonel Bunker So.
3/31/2010 3:06 PM
All Fresh Teams using same formula

1st Team
James Tylor
Michael Ridenour
Jay Rick
Chad McGlothen
Joseph Borum

2nd Team
James Murray
Daniel Kim
Owen Goslin
Max Faucett
Keith Sanders

3rd Team
Randall Blake
Gary Tate
Stephen Erickson
Ekon Adeyemo
Vernon Hawkins
3/31/2010 3:09 PM
4/2/2010 7:56 AM
I think he's being held down by the job right now. It's delayed the release of his predictions.
4/2/2010 8:06 AM
Yeah its been crazy. I am trying to get a bunch of stuff done before I leave for Asia again. I have all the data for the season preview. My recruiting review is just all messed up. I will work on it this weekend a bit and get it out in time for the conference season.

Of the players I looked at, Chad McGlothen at SIU was the best, followed by Ridenour at NIU and Borum at NIU.

The rest of the 1st team was probably Murray at Missouri State and Hawkins from GW.
4/2/2010 4:23 PM
MVC Season 40 Preview East Division

I put Creighton/SIU in the NT again, but I think that is it. Evansville is PT possible.

CreightonOverall 108.7

PG Mather105.7

SG Bellomy109.4

SF Bailey118.6

PF Wright114.7

C Tylor95.1

6th man SF Searles116.6

7th man PG Rogers100.9

Creighton returns its backcourt and both its key SFs last year’s team.John Bailey is a dynamic scorer who was able to hit double figures last year, and this year will be a leading scorer in the MVC.Robert Wright is probably the key to the season as the only really talented low post scorer, but Creighton should be an NT team and be in the mix for the conference championship.Bellomy is only a sophomore, but is already one of the top 3 SGs in the MVC.

Southern IllinoisOverall 105.0

PG Houston 114.8

SG Rick92.9

SF Hollis116.2

PF Anderson111.3

C Kovar97.3

6th man PG Goodlett108.1

7th man C Woodyard94.2

SIU returns 3 of 5 starters from a 22-7 conference championship team, but the lost of Merchant and Hunt hurts.Much of the Saluki’s success relies on RS freshman SG Jay Rick to hit enough outside shots to keep the double teams off Hollis and Hunt, the 2nd best forward combo in the east.In the end, I think Creighton is a little bit better at every position except PG, and 4 of 5 is enough for me to pick SIU second.With strong non-conference play, SIU should be a double digit NT seed this year.

EvansvilleOverall 98.3

PG Chambliss 110.4

SG Kinchleoe92.3

SF McCampbell97.0

PF Gray95.3

C Boyter101.4

6th man SF Johnson94.4

7th man PG Hagans97.5

Evansville returns the entire roster from a 14-14 team last season.Chambliss is the best player, and there is a lot of depth for the fastbreak offense, but there isn’t one stellar scoring option, so if the Purple Aces have to play in the halfcourt, they seem a bit lost.Joshua Boyter is probably their best option inside, but he only has a 77 rebounding, so there are some holes in the team, which is going to cause them to struggle to make the PT at around 15-11 or so is my prediction.Another small factor to mention is that Evansville is probably the worst FT shooting team in the MVC, which won’t help them win any close ones.

DrakeOverall 91.1

PG James 101.7

SG Hodges86.6

SF Pesce88.1

PF Oglesby83

C Stachowksi90.4

6th man PG Forsyth102.7

7th man C Wolverton85.1

Drake returns 5 of its top 7, and is considerably better than last year.James and Forsyth are actually pretty good at PG, and with some lucky 3 point shooting Drake could steal a game a home from a human team, but still, they aren’t good enough inside to beat any real teams.

Bradley87.1 overall

PG Freeman100.2

SG Sanders83.0

SF Thompson85.2

PF Bowman75.3

C Brooks89.6

6th man C Tate83.3

7th man PG Belser 92.7

Rome was not built in a day, and neither will Bradley.Teamrc had to be dreading this season when he took the job, but I expect Bradley will improve quickly.Jim Freeman is the best player by far, and he will try to lead the Braves to a double digit win total, but it might be tough to hold onto the D+ prestige this year.No one graduates, so I expect a much stronger team next year as rc brought in a lot of high potential players.

Indiana StateOverall 87.0

PG Patenaud82.7

SG Dequezman96.7

SF Fiqueroa95.2

PF Smith79.3

C Scott94.9

6th man C Dufour83.1

7th man SG Jones76.9

Only 2 returning starters off a 6-21 team last year yields the worst team in the MVC this year.ISU will struggle mightily until a human comes to rescue them.Probably in the best place to recruit from out of the sim teams in the MVC.
4/3/2010 9:36 AM
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4/3/2010 9:38 AM
awesome reinsel thanks. and yes we do suck this year
4/3/2010 9:48 AM
You don't suck...but you have rebounding issues.....your 3 guard offense is fine, but you don't have great rebounders like Morris and Locke to keep the other team from exploiting what, in my opinion, is the biggest weakness of the zone, offensive rebounds.

But I think you are fighting for 4th in the west. I would expect a 6-10 or 7-9 season, maybe 8-8 if everything goes your way.
4/3/2010 11:12 AM
my boosters are complaining - crap
4/3/2010 1:38 PM
eh you can survive a long time like that. Look at Vanderbilt.
4/6/2010 4:45 PM
Yes, I think you still have "job in jeopardy" first.
4/7/2010 12:01 PM
East Standings
Top 25
Indiana St.Sim AI0-07-35-12-20-07-3L2170285
S. Illinoiskmfloyd0-06-43-13-30-16-4L1111171
DrakeSim AI0-02-81-41-40-02-8L2282206
West Standings
Top 25
#5 Wichita St.reinsel0-010-07-03-01-010-0W10118
Illinois St.joehuskie840-06-40-06-40-06-4W366142
N. Iowaj_corva0-06-44-12-30-16-4W4156236
Missouri St.discodave0-05-51-34-20-15-5L1135137
W. KentuckySim AI0-03-72-41-30-03-7L4267202
After noncon....I am 100% sure everyone in the west will have a top 100 sos by the end of the season. The east....not so much, going 1-5 on the last day hurt em. East total = 33-27 West Total = 38-22.
4/9/2010 8:12 AM
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