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Reinsel, I'm sure U meant to say 99.9% sure.

Interesting the roads that GW, UNI, and Ill St's NC foes took.

GW ends with a 120 SOS more or less... down from 244, but Joe's stays near the same and ends around 125 or so.

And JC drops from a 236 to 74.

They play the same 16 opponents after NC but it is obvious that GW's NC foes did much better than Joe's after conference play began since that was the one main difference. And JC's did better than both.

UNI started 0-3,,, and 2-4 before winning 4 against 4 sims... but their first 6 then brought them down alot. His team was good and did their part in conference by winning,,, and his NC foes helped by winning as well.

4/30/2010 2:36 PM
East Standings
Top 25
#25 Creightonmizzou7713-323-69-112-41-17-3L135142
S. Illinoiskmfloyd8-815-138-46-80-26-4L1132140
DrakeSim AI3-135-223-102-111-11-9L3270134
Indiana St.Sim AI2-149-187-72-100-22-8L5256219
West Standings
Top 25
#17 Wichita St.reinsel13-323-413-210-11-08-2L21256
N. Iowaj_corva11-518-1011-26-71-35-5L15558
Illinois St.joehuskie8410-617-116-210-81-16-4L180137
Missouri St.discodave10-617-127-58-62-27-3L16339
W. KentuckySim AI1-154-233-111-110-20-10L1626587
Pretty close. I underestimated the poor quality of joe's noncon foes. Still a pretty dramatic improvement for just about everyone. Too bad NIU missed the NT, but 3 in is pretty good.
5/2/2010 5:23 PM
Ended up with $12500 per team, 7th in Allen, ahead of CUSA and the SEC. Pretty solid effort from everyone, Especially the West.

Just need 1 more coach at Indiana State or Drake I think to really challenge the big boys.
5/6/2010 1:28 PM
I'm busy taunting KuJ at Thomas in the NAC... maybe he'll join us, good coach, very active on the boards... be a great guy to fill the Sycamore's job and be tough in a short time.
5/6/2010 2:00 PM
I concur. Would love to have KuJ in the MVC.
5/9/2010 9:48 PM
He'd be a great catch, yeah.
5/10/2010 1:00 AM
Bradley's goals this season... (carried over $20,000, thank you very much conference mates)...15 wins, we beat some humans this season and climb to the middle of the pack....sub 100 RPI, and probably no post-season just yet.

Next season we graduate 4 but really don't care, (should have $100k but still a D+) so boo... umm maybe 18 wins, still middle of the pack....sub 100 rpi and PIT.

3rd season out, we really hope to compete with the better teams in the Valley this season. 20 wins possibly and either a few rounds in the PIT or a game in the big dance.

We'll see how the Bradley Ragin P's come along.
5/18/2010 9:51 AM
i had that plan to. not even sure what year im in now. good luck
5/18/2010 10:22 AM
Quote: Originally Posted By joehuskie84 on 5/18/2010
i had that plan to. not even sure what year im in now. good luck
LOL, yeah I think we all have that plan... I just wanted to put it down here to see if we fall short or how it plays out. Not gonna get it done with a D+ prestige tho... gota swim upstream a bit first and find some bigger fish

Looking back at the last 5-6 seasons in the Valley... the big 3 Wich St, Creighton and N. Iowa, have been the top dogs... SIU and now GW have been in and out of the 3-4 slot, and probably slightly better than the next level. Then Mizz St, Ill St, and Evansville have been fighting to get into that 4-5 spot. Really about 4 tiers with the 3 sims and Bradley being the bottom tier.

This season Bradley just will be happy to be competetive with those 2-3 teams just above them and maybe get an upset or two from someone higher. Next season will be alot the same but we hope to, by then, be considered a solid player in the middle of the Valley. The 3rd season out, we hope to become a SIU/GW type player from then forward and begin to be competetive with everyone... much like the GW program has, only then can we begin to properly taunt others and really begin to enjoy being here.
5/18/2010 10:55 AM
don't worry...you'll catch GW very soon. i really botched my big man recruiting the past two seasons (i'm one good C away from challenging for the league title, i think). that, and losing my two SR guards, basically means i'm starting over after this season. i can only hope that i somehow get my prestige to a B- at the end of this season.

with my job status currently 'boosters complaining' i could be out at GW in two seasons easily.
5/18/2010 3:08 PM
MVC Season 42 Preview East Division

Creighton  Overall 100.01

PG Rogers 126.68
SG Bellomy 134.86
SF Bailey 124.22
PF Buckmaster 115.84
C Tylor  126.18
6th man PG Gingerich 123.12

Creighton’s strength is in its backcourt with Bailey and Bellomy returning. New addition Floyd is going to be a problem for the conference if he decides schooling is in his best interest before his bank account swells. With the right scheduling Creighton should finish the season with a NT berth.

Southern Illinois Overall 99.624

PG Saladino 116.14
SG Rick 125.46
SF Hollis 119.84
PF Woodyard 124.72
C Kovar 123.9
6th man PG McGloth 114.8
7th man PF Roark 118.32

SIU should temper expectations as our data predicts a PT berth. David “pass the Saladino” will start at PG this year and Jay Rick becomes the focal point of the team. Rick’s performance will dictate where this team finishes.

Bradley 98.41 overall

PG Belser 123.58
SG Freeman 118.4
SF Sanders 102.7
PF Gary 118.62
C Brooks 116.66
6th man PG Scheidt 114.42

The potential is starting to shine through this year as Bradley battles for a PT berth. Belser and Freeman will have to carry the load. It’s great to see Bradley improving.

Evansville  Overall 92.35

PG Hagans  118.38
SG Corbett  114.9
SF McCampbell 109.12
PF Corbitt  112.12  
C Rodriguez 113

It’s hard to list a 6th man on this team when many of the starters don’t deserve that distinction. I cannot see Evansville doing anything in the MVC this year. Can’t find the silver lining in this season.

Drake  Overall 84.45

PG Rosenberg 92.22
SG Zarlin 111.62
SF Garrett 90.7
PF Brock 106.84
C Stachowksi 117.18

Drake is the laughing stock of the MVC. This sad team that might win 5 games this year. Horrible PG play from a group a freshmen and 1 true player in Stachowski. They are a better team than Indiana State on paper but barely.

Indiana State  Overall 84.445

PG Patenaude 113.78
SG Dodd 105.24
SF Jones 97.36
PF Hutchinson 95.46
C Dufour 111.28

Ray “pass the Patenaude” will lead Indiana State to one of their worst seasons in history. The battle with Drake for last place will be a sight to see.
5/18/2010 4:13 PM
Good Job Joe. Can't wait for the West.
5/18/2010 7:41 PM
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5/18/2010 8:17 PM
fantastic job
5/18/2010 8:33 PM

Season 42 West Divison Preview

Wichita State Overall 101.45
PG Wyble 129.26
SG Boynton 127.08
SF Flood 129.56
PF Leffler 132.3
C Peterson 106.18
6th man PG Goslin 117.16
7th man SF Harrison 112.62

With a new coach brings a new style and the former National Coach of the year has a team built to make it back to the NT. Superstar Ryan Flood pulled a Tim Duncan and decided to come back for his senior season. Surprise Big Man Ed Leffler will be a rock down low and will have to make up for the rest of the under skilled and inexperienced frontcourt.

Northern Iowa Overall 101.15
PG Webb 130.1
SG Vitela 132.42
SF Johnston 109.16
PF Brooks 129.94
C Mauk 111.8
6th man PG Adeyemo 114.9
7th man SG Borum 110.5

Closely rated to Wichita State this group of players are poised for a NT bid. It is Norman Vitela’s ear to shine and he has a more than capable backcourt mate to join him in returning starter Aaron Webb. Michael Brooks should hold down the post for the most impressive Northern Iowa team to date. I am expecting big things from this group.

Gardner-Webb 100.30
PG Roddy 135.02
SG Nordquist 136.8
SF Bowers 108.86
PF Blackstone 117.22
C Nickerson 113.42
6th man PG Bonner 124.94

My 3rd and final team in the West to make it to the NT is GW. The backcourt is just too dangerous to keep out of the tournament. It will come down to smart scheduling, if they scheduled enough wins out of conference then GW should make it easily to the NT. Bonner is a starting PG on most teams in the league. Joseph Norquist should score at least 20 per game.

Illinois State 98.21
PG Bunker 133.46
SG Williams 120.04
SF Eaddy 108.36
PF Wojnaroski 120.62
C McReynolds 121.28
6th man PF Shelton 116.68

Keeping with tradition my team finishes in 4th in the West and into the PT. Bunker will carry the load but will have capable scorers on what will most likely be one of the highest scoring teams in the nation. Williams, Eaddy and the frosh Hayes can all knock down the 3 point shot and the bigs can score down low. If Illinois State were in a weaker conference they would be the cream of the crop but the MVC is an up and coming power conference and there isn’t much else you can do.

Missouri State 96.96
PG Kennedy 123.38
SG Taylor 110.18
SF Marino 108.28
PF Schnell 125.52
C Phillips 124.62
6th man PF York 119.46

This is a big man dominated team. Missouri State is one guard injury away from disaster. If they can stay healthy they can have an outside shot at an invitational game but I doubt it. They cannot match up with the beasts of the MVC and it will most likely be a rebuilding year.

Western Kentucky 94.95
PG Good 122.26
SG Bronk 110.96
SF Verret 106.28
PF Kauffman 108.44
C White 121.7

We have good news for WKU. They are no longer the worst team in the MVC. In fact they aren’t even the 2nd worst. With a solid PG/C combination WKU will begin to bring respectability back to their homecourt.

On a final note:
I would like to thank reinsel for his layout and methodology. It is not the same as his previous years calculations but I think those of you who follow this thread will learn to appreciate my formula.

ALL MVC 1st Team
PG Eric Roddy Sr 135.02 Gardner Webb
SG Joseph Norquist Sr 136.8 Gardner Webb
SF Ryan Flood Sr 129.56 Wichita
PF Michael Brooks Sr 129.94 Northern Iowa
C Edward Leffler Sr 132.3 Wichita

ALL MVC 2nd Team
PG Leonel Bunker Jr 133.46 Illinois State
SG Charles Bellomy Jr 135.76 Creighton
SF John Bailey Sr 124.22 Creighton
PF James Tylor So 126.18 Creighton
C Alex Schnell Sr 125.52 Missouri State
5/18/2010 8:51 PM
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