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5/18/2010 9:17 PM
Great job guys!!!
5/19/2010 9:38 AM
Keeping a very close eye on my PG situation. McGlothen might get the start over Saladino. I like the idea of going young in the back court so McG and Rick grow up together. Not sure if I can afford that much youth, but if we start slow, it will be time to prepare for next season.
5/19/2010 10:58 AM
MCg has the better shot it was just that Saladino had the better IQ ratings. MCG can really back up both and be quite the player at each position
5/19/2010 12:05 PM
Good point. I really don't want to discount IQ from this. That's why I'd be hesitant to start to Sophs in the back court.
5/20/2010 2:36 PM
Since I have so much time on my hands I have devised an all defensive team formula. I have 2 calculations 1 for guards (I will include SF) and 1 for Bigs. Differences between the calculations look something like this

SPD for guards is weighted twice as much as ATH
DEF for guards is weighted twice as much as SPD
IQ along with DEF are highest weighted for both positions

So here they are

PG Leonel Bunker 90.73 Illinois State
SG Owen Bonner 90.28 Gardner Webb
SF Ryan Flood 93.45 Wichita
PF Michael Brooks 91.39 Northern Iowa
C Edward Leffler 94.29 Wichita

PG Dustin Wyble 90.23 Wichita
SG Eric Roddy 89.05 Gardner Webb
SF Norman Vitela 88.55 Northern Iowa
PF Reginald Woodyard 90.68 Southern Illinois
C Floyd Phillips 90.34 Missouri State
5/20/2010 3:33 PM

PG Bob Bakke Drake
SG Dennis Harkins Evansville
SF Domingo Beltran Drake
PF Neil Lane Indiana State
C John Scott Indiana State

5/20/2010 6:33 PM
Well all...I made my first mistake. G-W's SG Carstens (104.9) is the first team all recruiting class and Thompson (104.5) of UNI is second. He is also on the TOP 15 list at #6. Please update you scorecards and excel spread sheets. Thanks.
6/4/2010 7:31 AM
how do i paste current standings
6/7/2010 10:57 PM
East Standings
Top 25
Indiana St.Sim AI1-14-84-40-40-04-6L1242134
S. Illinoiskmfloyd0-18-34-04-30-17-3L160167
DrakeSim AI0-22-102-40-60-02-8L2317292
West Standings
Top 25
#8 Wichita St.jason52-012-05-07-01-010-0W12771
Missouri St.discodave2-09-32-07-30-17-3W333104
W. KentuckySim AI1-15-73-42-30-04-6W1213191
N. Iowaj_corva1-14-82-32-50-14-6L116476
Illinois St.joehuskie840-27-51-06-50-15-5L268133
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7/1/2010 11:08 AM (edited)
  School Coach Conf.
Top 25
  Creighton mizzou77 12-4 18-12 8-3 8-7 0-2 6-4 L2 48 47
  S. Illinois kmfloyd 11-5 20-9 11-2 8-6 0-3 6-4 L2 61 131
Bradley teamrc 9-7 19-10 11-3 7-6 0-1 6-4 L2 89 155
  Evansville coachky 6-10 13-14 4-6 9-7 0-2 3-7 L2 155 167
  Indiana St. Sim AI 4-12 7-20 5-9 2-10 0-1 1-9 L6 253 121
  Drake Sim AI 0-16 2-25 2-11 0-13 0-1 0-10 L17 321 244
West Standings
  School Coach Conf.
Top 25
  #12 Wichita St. jason5 14-2 27-3 12-0 12-2 1-0 8-2 L1 5 67
  Gardner-Webb sslats 11-5 22-8 11-2 9-4 1-3 7-3 L1 26 51
  Missouri St. discodave 9-7 19-12 8-3 10-8 0-3 4-6 L1 60 90
  Illinois St. joehuskie84 9-7 17-12 8-2 8-9 1-1 5-5 L2 65 92
  N. Iowa j_corva 8-8 12-16 8-5 3-10 0-4 6-4 L1 113 18
  W. Kentucky Sim AI 3-13 7-20 4-10 3-9 0-2 1-9 L3 230 99
7/12/2010 6:04 PM

Recruiting is over...potential time for MVC.

7/12/2010 9:07 PM
hopefully I will have the east preview out by wed night and the west by thursday night
7/17/2010 5:43 PM

MVC Season 43 Preview East Division


Note:  The rating system I have used has changed since last year.  I have devalued IQ ratings because they seem to really hurt the younger players who end up making big strides in that category anyway.  I am no longer giving my starting lineups with player ratings because I was so on point with certain players last year that I feel it removes one of my huge advantages and gives all you guys a great opinion on who you should be starting.  (Bellomy is prime example)


1st Place East Craighton 111.14 overall


Even though Isabel and Depriest are listed at SF my ratings has Hudgins as the best fit for the position, Bailey will be missed but this team has enough tools to still be the top team in the conference. Mizzou has a young and talented team that is sure to make it to the big dance.  Charles Bellomy is the star of the team but James Tylor and Charles Floyd complete the nucleus that is sure to dominate.  You will also note that last years star PG Edward Rogers is still on the team and will provide a great spark off the bench.


2nd Place East Southern Illinois 109.93


Southern Illinois is the next team to lose a solid SF with Hollis moving on and Tyler Pittman the SG taking up his spot.  The sophomore should be pushed into the role to push his ratings higher.  He is a much better fit than Connor or Jordan at the SF position.  It’s close but I’ll choose Jay Rick as the best player on the team but it is not by much.  There aren’t any spectacular players on this team but they are all very very solid.  I am interested to see Chad McGlothen take the reins at PG this year.  Should be fun.  I pick Southern Illinois to be a 50/50 for the national tournament.


3rd place East Division Evansville 102.89


Even though I’m not sure what positions they will all play I am sure Evansville can get Francis Badshaw, Michael Corbett and Albert Eberle on the floor at the same time.  Our third great SF contributes to the mass exodus as McCampbell will be missed.  The bigs Corbitt and Rodriguez are returning but I am not sure it will matter much.  Evansville finishes in 3rd place by a hair. 


4th place East Division Bradley 102.80


Belser is gone so it is up to Freeman to pick up the slack in the backcourt.  I really don’t have much to say about this team yet.  There are no stars to speak of just a bunch of guys who play some ball.  Gale Gary is the best player on the team but not by much.  Role players from last year Scheidt and Sanders will have to contribute more.  4th place is my pick for this team but I guess it could be 3rd. 


5th place East Division Drake 99.73


Looking at the numbers I just don’t see how this team can compete with the above teams.  The big men Brock and Oglesby are experience but just don’t have the tools to compete with the better bigs in conference.  There are a lot of returning players so I guess anything is possible but I just don’t see it. 


Last Place East Division Indiana State 93.79


I just took a second look at the numbers and almost lost my lunch.  With the exception of Dodd this team should be sent to division 2.  Robinson shows promise as a sophomore but I am really searching here.  What a horrible team. 


Final Prediction 1.5 teams in the national tournament



7/17/2010 6:35 PM

MVC Season 43 Preview West Division


1st Place Illinois State coached by joehuskie84 with 110.97 rating


Our second and final lock for the national tournament is Illinois State.  As you all can note I did predict myself to finish in 4th last year so believe that I am not blowing smoke.  These guards can flat out play.  Bunker is inredible at PG and Hayes is a super soph.  Eaddy and Williams are my Denham Brown and Rashad Anderson chemistry guys.  The bigs are unspectacular but young and will improve with the playing time they will receive.  Teams would be wise to challenge us to beat them down low.


2nd Place Northern Iowa coached by j_corva with 107.82


This team will play in the post season but it will take a surprise conference tournament championship to pull off a national tournament bid.  As you all will notice Wichita State is finally on the down turn and j_corva is sure to benefit.  Adeyemo is the point man and has The superstar Norman Vitela to join him in the backcourt.  Mauk, Walls and Ridenour provide a big man trio that is sure to reek havoc in the conference. 


3rd place Wichita State coached by sim with 107.82 (they lose by 3rd decimal)


This team no longer has a coach and hopefully soon will no longer have a soul.  I am sick of losing to them and will be happy to see them start the decline.  The previous coach was a primadonna and scheduled an impossible schedule.  There is no way they make it to the post season.  Superstars Flood and Leffler are gone and have left the team to Dustin Wyble to do it all by himself.  Owen Goslin and Levi Peterson will help a bit but the superstars are long gone after Wyble this year.


4th place Gardner-Webb coached by sslats with 107.15


I’ll give this team an outside chance of making the postseason invitational.  Bonner is the rock at PG.  Roddy and Nordquist will be missed.  Cartsens and Hawkins will  help in the backcourt but they just don’t have the same talent as last years group.  Big men Blackstone, Nickerson and Blake are all talented and will help GW cause trouble. 


5th place Western Kentucky coached by dabner with 101.65


Welcome welcome to the new coach in the MVC.  WKY was abandoned for a while so we know its going to take time but building a contender in the west takes a lot of time and recruits.  Good and White are gone and this years stars just do not exist.  Loren Bronk may be the best player.  This team is really bad.


Last place Missouri State coached by discodave with 99.01


They are 2-1 as I write this so hopefully I won’t be eating my type at the end of the season. Damon Taylor is the best player and Bundy isn’t bad.  I picked Missouri State to have a down year last year and I was wrong so it will probably happen again.  With the numbers I just don’t see it.  I don’t see how they can finish any higher than 5th but who the heck knows. 



Hope you all enjoyed my new system of season preview.  I am sure some of you will have your complaints.  Stay tuned for the all conference teams and all defensive teams.  Hope you enjoy.

 Final Prediction 1 National Tournament team and 1.5 Invitational Teams




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