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2/20/2010 10:45 PM
NAME - Jonathan Greene

AGE - 33

FAMILY STATUS - married, 2 kids (boy - 2 1/2, girl - 8 months)

OCCUPATION - Attorney, Private Practice


HIGH SCHOOL - Ulysses S. Grant HS, Van Nuys, CA (alma mater of Rod Beck, Gilbert Arenas and Tom Selleck) and The Peddie School, Hightstown, NJ (alma mater of Erik Hanson)

COLLEGE - Babson College, Wellesley, MA and University of Hartford, West Hartford, CT (alma mater of Vin Baker and Jeff Bagwell)

GREW UP IN - Brooklyn Heights, NY and North Hollywood, CA

FAVORITE NBA PLAYER EVER - Adrian Dantley (no one better ever at drawing the foul going to the basket, made a living at the foul line)

MOST HATED NBA PLAYER - Rasheed Wallace (needs help, really, going to end up like Jayson Williams if he is not careful)

SCREEN NAME - Obvious.

FAVORITE WIS MOMENT - (1)Entering my first hoop league. There was an alumni league that needed two so I picked up Georgia Tech and Alabama. Both teams got clobbered and I started to understand the science of WIS. (2) Winning my first baseball league. (3) Paving my way as a Theme League creation specialist.
2/20/2010 10:45 PM
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2/20/2010 10:46 PM

NAME - Coley

AGE - 33

FAMILY STATUS - married, 2 kids

OCCUPATION - Test Facilitator, Automotive Industry, Multi National Corporation


HIGH SCHOOL - Mt. Clemens Cardinal Mooney Catholic High School. (It doesn't fit on a hoops jersey!)

COLLEGE - Siena Heights University, Macomb Community College. Master's undecided.

GREW UP - The Freshwater Boating Capital of the world.... St. Clair Shores, MI

FAVORITE NBA PLAYER EVER - Isiah Thomas/Magic Johnson (Don't make me choose)

WIS SCREEN NAME: (Still regretting it). Was watching the Pistons play on the local UPN network. "telly" on after it ended and one of the Star Trek spin-offs was on. Character named Chakotay kept doing something (don't remember what it was) but I just decided to use it.

WIS MOMENT: Winning my first championship in my first league. Looked at top 25 and used the top 4 players that were common to most teams. (A. Miller, Jordan, Hawkins, Nance, and Ben Wallace....Benson and Trent off the bench). Won 70 games, thought I was da-****....never made it to another finals. But at least I tried to learn this thing on my own and use use cookie cutters to load up on championship teams.
2/20/2010 10:47 PM
kfunk (Currently Not Active)

NAME - Keith

AGE - 24


OCCUPATION - Seminary student

STATE OF RESIDENCE - Ohio (Dallas, Texas for 12 months beginning in August)

HIGH SCHOOL - Fredericktown High School

COLLEGE - Valparaiso University (1 year), B.A. from Ohio Northern University, working on M.Div. from Trinity Lutheran Seminary

GREW UP - Fredericktown, OH, home of Luke Perry of Beverly Hills, 90210 fame


MY WIS SCREEN NAME - my nickname in high school was k-funk, some friends still call me funk

FAVORITE WIS MOMENT - My first (and only) championship in a tough league with great owners - kmakice's GM league in its first season
2/20/2010 10:47 PM

NAME - Robert Jures

AGE - 24

FAMILY STATUS - Happily Single

OCCUPATION - Network Security Administrator in the United States Marine Corps

STATE OF RESIDENCE - Currently stationed in North Carolina, but have spent time in California, Okinawa Japan, and Kuwait

HIGH SCHOOL - Lane Technical High School, Chicago Illinois


GREW UP - Chicago, Illinois

FAVORITE NBA PLAYER(s) EVER - Only cause I called this when he was drafted but DAMON STOUDAMIRE when he won ROY and of course MICHAEL JORDAN

MY WIS SCREEN NAME - my initials in my name and the year I graduated High School

This looked interesting to post even though I spend most of my time playing the hockey sim. I just can't stand all the people that continue to use Wilt. Gets boring after a while.

2/20/2010 10:48 PM

Name: Unknown

Age: 34

Family Status: Married, no kids (Trips or twins now)

Occupation: Director of Business Development for a payroll company

State of Residence: CA

High School: Unknown

College: University of Redlands, Washington State University

Grew up: Too many places to list. Born in San Diego, CA

Favorite NBA Player Ever: Magic Johnson

My WIS Screen Name: I wanted to honor the guy. I'm guessing he's spinning in his grave. Too late to change now.

Favorite WIS Moment: Beating Cnewt for my first (and only) championship.
2/20/2010 10:49 PM

Name: Jeremy

Age: 20

Family Status: no wife, no kids, no girlfriend... single and lovin' it! NOT ANYMORE!

Occupation: full-time university student, part-time bank teller

State of Residence: IN

High School: Podunk High (not really)

College: Indiana Univ.

Grew up: Hicktown, IN

Favorite NBA Player Ever: Calbert Cheaney... but favorite player who's actually recognizable by most: Reggie Miller.

My WIS Screen Name: JWeb1510: J is first initial, Web is nickname, 1510 is SAT score

Favorite WIS Moment: having a 3-1 lead in a finals series, and throwing it away just like my beloved Cubbies.
2/20/2010 10:50 PM

Name: Stew Armstrong

Age: 32

Family Status: Married, 1 daughter (5 months old)

Occupation: Youth Pastor (High School)

State of Residence: IN (Evansville)

High School: Klein Oak HS

College: Baylor University/ Dallas Theological Seminary

Grew up: Florida (go Gators!) and Texas most of my life

Favorite NBA Player Ever: Hakeem (lifelong Rockets fan)
2/20/2010 10:50 PM

Name: Josh

Age: 24

Family Status: Single

Occupation: full time college student, part time cashier at Wild Oats grocery store

State of Residence: OR

High School: Los Gatos High School (CA)

College: Portland State University, West Valley College

Grew up: Los Gatos, CA

Favorite NBA Player Ever: Michael Jordan

My WIS Screen Name: My first name and Barry Bonds last name. He is my favorite baseball player ever (save the steroid jokes)

Favorite WIS Moment: early in my WIS days- won 11 in a row to sneak into playoffs, came back from 0-2 to win first round, 0-2 to win second round, 0-3 to win semi-finals, and 0-3 to bring the finals to game 7. I lost game 7...but damn what a ride.
2/20/2010 10:50 PM

NAME - Fulvio Mammone

AGE - 31

FAMILY STATUS - divorced, 1 wonderful 8 yrs old princess (Serena)

OCCUPATION - Web Developer and Database Manager



My WIS Screen Name: FooL14, fool is how to pronounce the beginning of my first name (Ful=fool in italian), 14 is because....the system suggested me so!

Favorite WIS Moment: the first thriple double for my well-known rookie Eric Cipriano (12 pts, 14 rbds, 10 blks)
2/20/2010 10:51 PM

NAME - Brandon Jackson

AGE- 21(just turned on April 1, seriously)

STATUS- Girlfriend of 2 years and lovin it

OCCUPATION- part-time student/ full-time at State Capitol

HIGH SCHOOL- Lithia Springs

COLLEGE- GA Perimeter


GREW UP- in Decatur, GA and now live in Lithonia, GA

FAV NBA PLAYER- Vince Carter (wish he'd stay healthy)

MY WIS Screen Name- DJFoodandDrink but too long so shortened to DJFAD, came up with it while goofing around w/ some friends (too long of story to tell)
2/20/2010 10:52 PM

NAME - Jae-Unn Yoo

AGE -34

FAMILY STATUS - married, Has a 3 year old son.

OCCUPATION - Graduate Student In Purdue


HIGH SCHOOL - Young Dong High School

COLLEGE - Yonsei University

GREW UP - Seoul, Korea and Columbia, MO

Favorite WIS Moment: Winning a championship in 80million dollar open NFL league.

MY WIS SCREEN NAME - Maglor: He is one of the best singers in the Tolkien World and I happen to sing for a very good semi-professional Choir
2/20/2010 10:52 PM

NAME - Jake Koch

AGE - 21
FAMILY STATUS - Not married yet but live with my girlfriend Megan

OCCUPATION - Marketing Consultant


HIGH SCHOOL - Papillion La Vista High School

COLLEGE - Iowa Western

GREW UP IN - Milwaukee, WI


SCREEN NAME - All my friends call me big cuz of my last name and the fact that I'm 6'6 so I just threw it together.

FAVORITE WIS MOMENT - All of the 3 times I have made it to the finals in a league and lost in 7 games 2 of those game which were at home. It ticks you off so much you just keep coming back for more.
2/20/2010 10:53 PM



STATUS- Married, no children (Two huge dogs)

OCCUPATION-Retail Loss Prevention Mgr.

STATE OF RESIDENCE- West Virginia (Don't laugh real estate is much cheaper here than th D.C metro area where I just moved from)

HIGH SCHOOL- Christiana High

COLLEGE- University of Delaware/ US Army Military Police Corps

GREW UP- Newark, Delaware

WIS SCREEN NAME- A combination of my dogs names(My Akita- SAMson and my Rott is cereBUS)

2/20/2010 10:53 PM
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