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NAME - Chris Schenk

AGE - 32

FAMILY STATUS - Married, 4 Kids...Skyler-9, Nicole-6, Jacob-5, Bailey-2

OCCUPATION - Self-Employed, Street Vendor, 2 Philly Cheesesteak Sandwich, and 1 Chicken Grill Downtown Portland OR.


COLLEGE - Western Culinary Institute

HIGH SCHOOL- Ilwaco High School in Washington State

GREW UP ON - Washington Coast, Working On a Charter Fishing Boat.

FAVORITE NBA PLAYER EVER - No Favorite Really...Though Theo Ratliff is Starting to win me over.

SCREEN NAME - Jakester...obviously my son's name. I have many more though...Malden, Chrisdschenk,Pickled The List goes on and on. I have yet to find anyone who has been on this site longer than Me. Under my username chrisdschenk I've been a member since 11/30/2000

FAVORITE WIS MOMENT -Anytime I can beat one of the big boys...IE Davkarball. But really I enjoyed a team that went on a playoff win streak of 12 games in a row.
2/20/2010 11:02 PM
kmakice (Currently retired)

NAME - Kevin Makice

AGE - On the cusp of 36

FAMILY STATUS - Married, 2 boys (Carter and Archie)

OCCUPATION - Sr. Developer for TicketsNow.com, a brokerage for premium event tickets on the secondary market

CITY OF RESIDENCE - Bloomington, Indiana

COLLEGE - DePauw Univeristy w/ likely grad-school entry at IU this fall

HIGH SCHOOL- Woodstock High School, Woodstock, Illinois

GREW UP IN - 5 mos. in Boulder, Colorado and the next 20-something years in Woodstock (home of Orson Welles, Todd Hason of the Onion, former Iowa QB star Chuck Hartlieb, and the place where they filmed Groundhog Day)

FAVORITE NBA PLAYER EVER - Artis Gilmore, who first showed me the NBA as a member of the Chicago Bulls. After that, Toni Kukoc and Tracy McGrady

SCREEN NAME - kmakice. You do the math.

FAVORITE WIS MOMENT - Taking Indiana Univeristy to a title in the first Alma Mater league, my second overall.
2/20/2010 11:02 PM

I've only played one Basketball Simleague (mostly basebal simleagues), but this forum seemed like fun...

NAME - Walt Alan

AGE - 24


OCCUPATION - Student (inactive); Staff member at an indoor soccer facility outside Houston, Texas

CITY OF RESIDENCE - Deer Park, Texas

COLLEGE - Graduated from Texas Lutheran University; accepted into the graduate program at Texas State University-San Marcos


GREW UP IN - Deer Park

FAVORITE NBA PLAYER EVER - Hakeem Olajuwon; Sam Cassell

SCREEN NAME - Huge Nordiques fan back in the day (don't know why, just was), and they won their one WHA championship in 1977.

FAVORITE WiS MOMENT - since its a basketball forum, I did enjoy having the only ABA team in a single season champions' league (1975 Kentucky Colonels) -- and while I have yet to win a championship, it is gratifying to know I have led TWO European teams to division championships in place of birth baseball simleagues.

FAVORITE SPORTS MOVIES - Chariots of Fire, Major League, Kingpin
2/20/2010 11:03 PM

NAME - Kyle McInturf

AGE - almost 30 (in June)

FAMILY STATUS - Married 2 years.. no kids yet.

OCCUPATION - Human Resources


COLLEGE - Graduated from Northern Kentucky University 1997...

HIGH SCHOOL- New Richmond HS

GREW UP IN - New Richmond Ohio, just east of Cincinnati

FAVORITE PLAYERS EVER - Sammy Sosa; Kenyon Martin; Boomer E, Pete Rose

SCREEN NAME - My first and last name combined.

FAVORITE WiS MOMENT - My Only Title. It was in baseball and a 40 million league draft league. It felt like I really accomblished something!

FAVORITE SPORTS MOVIES - Major League, Hoosiers, Rudy, Karate Kid
2/20/2010 11:03 PM

NAME - Chris Paul

AGE - 27


OCCUPATION - Doctoral Candidate at the University of Minnesota in Communication Studies


COLLEGE - Macalester College and Univ of 'Sota

HIGH SCHOOL- Wichita High School East, Wichita KS...home of Adrian Griffin and Korleone Young (before he went to Hargrove), also, much earlier, to Jim Ryan

GREW UP IN - Wichita, KS, a very boring place to grow up

FAVORITE NBA PLAYER EVER - The good Dr. is my favorite to watch on the highlight reels and I remember watching Bird and Magic, Jordan would be an easy pick, but the absolute, most fun to watch is the Ticket. Being able to watch KG on a regular basis has been unbelievable.

SCREEN NAME - initials plus gecko. Have never had a gecko, but needed some extra letters for a screen name long ago and had Netscape open to the Mozilla screens where it mentions gecko and decided to throw it on there.

FAVORITE WIS MOMENT - Winning two open draft leagues. Most notable would be trading off series with Q for about 5 leagues in a row with the road team always getting the upset.
2/20/2010 11:04 PM
quikkag (currently retired)

NAME - Larry Jackson

AGE - 39 (legitimately)

FAMILY STATUS - Married, just over one year. We plan to work on a familial addition toward the end of the year.

OCCUPATION - Lab Technician in a Quality Control Lab for a petrochemical company

CITY OF RESIDENCE - Houston, Texas

COLLEGE - University of Missouri-Rolla, Southeast Missouri State University, and a couple semesters at the University of Houston

HIGH SCHOOL - Iron County C-4 High School in Viburnum, Missouri (we graduated 56 of our 64 seniors in 1982)

GREW UP IN - Davisville, Missouri. Viburnum had a population of 860 in those days. Davisville is a suburb of Viburnum.

FAVORITE NBA PLAYER EVER - The Human Highlight Reel--Dominique Wilkins. Hakeem Olajuwon is a very close second. Also deserving mention are MJ, Bird, Magic, Garnett, and Isaiah Thomas. I've always been a big Kevin Willis fan. If I'd had the sense to watch basketball in my youth, I'd've loved to have seen Red Robbins, Kiki Vandeweghe, Artis Gilmore, Norm Nixon, and Lafayette Lever, among others.

SCREEN NAME - Greek mythology. Follow me on this. My favorite icon from Greek mythology is Quicksilver (aka Mercury), messenger of the gods. When I tried to find a variation of that name for my AOL account, all of the more reasonable iterations were already taken, so I resorted to chemistry. Ag is the chemical symbol for the element silver. Therefore, QuikkAg is quick-silver.

FAVORITE WIS MOMENT - I don't even know how to answer this one. Wonderful moments for me have come from cool theme leagues as a whole, single games, or even a one-game performance of one of my favorite WIS players. I guess, though, I'll go with the ONE seven-game playoff series (there were many) in which I actually bested tellito. He had won so many of them from me, I thought I would never take one.
2/20/2010 11:05 PM

Name: Ron

Age: 42

Family Status: Divorced, no kids, but a wonderful neice and nephew that think their mine

Occupation: High School Science Teacher (how can I afford WIS on that salary) and Girl's Basketball Coach at beautiful Ocotillo High School in Phoenix, AZ. Hence the screen name Coachcroft, it's the same as my email my players use.

College: Youngstown State........Ron Jaworski and NFL kicker Jeff Wilkens

Favorite NBA player...Mike Bibby because I coached him in High School and Alvan Adams and Paul Westphal because I've coached both of their kids and they really are GREAT guys.

15 minutes of fame: I was a bench boy for the SUNS in the 70's and once got asked on TV by the visiting George McGinnis if I thought the basket was crooked because he was complaining all night it was. Needless to say George was having an offffffffff night!

Players that were the biggest JERKS to me when I was a bench boy.....Kareem, Rick Barry and Calvin Murphy (probably too busy with his kids) Barry once came screaming into the locker room and told me that he was going to talk to Colangelo and have my job

Players (Coaches) that were the COOLEST other than the hometown Suns. Lenny Wilkens, Downtown Freddie Brown, Phil Ford (gave me his shoes once)

Little known NBA secret.....The next time your watching a game and a player mysteriously gets up and goes to the locker room and the announcer says, "We'll keep you informed of his injury status" even though the player doesn't appear to be hurt. He's going to use the JOHN!!!! I know this because whenever Truck Robinson would eat too much pizza and have to take a dump, I'm the one that had to guard the door!
2/20/2010 11:05 PM
Just a supplemental story:

posted by jgreene:
Since coachcroft has so many good stories, I thought I would relay a good one I had that I posted in one of my leagues a while back.

I had LA CLippers season tickets for three years (1983-84, 1984-85 and 1985-86 I think). The Clips were awful and one of the years they had a struggling and overweight (even with the drugs) Quinten Dailey trying to get some minutes. He had fallen underneath the dog house and would always talk to people in the stands from the end of the bench.

Then, one game an usher was walking down to courtside with a Chicago Brothers personal pan pizza. He walked past the first row and right up to QD who was in uniform in the last seat on the bench. Quinten took out some money and paid the usher and then ate the entire pizza on the bench during the game, one time through a time out. It was hilarious.

I used to wait after the games to get autographs and thought one of the coolest players was Michael Cage. Not just for fly jeri curls, but he was always nice to us when we were waiting there and would talk to us. Most of the Clips were just happy to have someone waiting there, they didn't realize we were waiting for the other team because they both came out of the same exit!
2/20/2010 11:06 PM

Name - Rob
Age - DOB 07/10/1966
Status - Married 08/28/1990, no kids, 2 dogs
Occupation - Computer Programmer/Statistician, Elias Sports Bureau
Residence - New York City
College - 1.5 yrs at Fredonia State (SUNY), 12 years of life in Air Force
High School - Allegany HS, literally attached to St. Bonaventure
Grew Up - all over Western New York
Favorite NBA Player - Past - Bob Lanier, Present - All Weed Rasheed
Screen Name - last name/first initial
Favorite Wis Moment - meeting fellow WIS'ers at Wrigley last June
Favorite Sports Movies - Caddyshack, The Natural, Rounders

Later Rob adds:
FYI, i am a 5' 9 1/2" (and shrinking) white guy with a beer gut and a 6" schlong, who loves busting chops, and i consider myself a Class A *******
2/20/2010 11:08 PM

Name - Elijah
Age - DOB 02/06/1984
Status - Single
Occupation - I play basketball!
Residence - Orange NJ
College - 2 yrs at St. John's University
High School - St. Anthony's High School
Grew Up - NJ
Favorite NBA Player - Past - Magic Johnson Present - Gary Payton
Favorite Wis Moment - winning my only championship
Favorite Sports Movies - Blue Chip, He Got Game
Greatest Accomplishment- winning the nit last year
2/20/2010 11:08 PM



Family Status-Single

Occupation-Customer Service

State of Residence-Florida

High School-St. Pete High-(Green Devils)

College-Auburn University

Grew Up in-St. Petersburg, FL but born in Bradenton, FL

Favorite NBA Player ever-George "Iceman" Gervin. Also admire greatly David Robinson, Tim Duncan, Tony Parker and Dominique Wilkins.

Screen Name-Speedy was a nickname I got in college. 1383 represent Dan Marino and Mark Clayton-one of the most prolific QB-WR combos in NFL history.

Favorite WIS Moment-Getting to the finals of a NBA league. I lost but I made it interesting.

Sports Story-This is not a basketball story but it is a sports story. I was with my parents and 2 of their friends and we went to Shula's Steak House in Tampa. This was either '97 or '98. The restaurant was honoring the 25th anniversary of the Perfect Season, so they had pictures all along the wall from that season. I am a huge Dolphins fan so I was in Heaven. I have both NFL Films tapes of their Super Bowl wins. I have some of John Facenda's lines down by heart. Well back to the story. After ordering, I decided to walk around the restaurant and look at all of the pictures. There was Csonka, Kiick, Griese, the great OL, Nick B, Manny Fernandez and Shula. I finally came upon a picture of Hall of Fame WR Paul Warfield. Even though I was barely 3 years old, John Facenda put me on the field with his descriptions when he made that great catch against the Vikings. I was studying the picture intently when I heard a voice from behind me say, "He was a great WR wasn't he." I turned around and there sat Don Shula. I could not believe it. He actually started the conversation with me. I would have walked right by him if he did not say a word. I said to him, "It's actually you." I fumbled around and took off my Dolphins watch and showed it to him. He said that was great. He gave me an autograph and I went back to the table awe struck. Don Shula will always be a legend and gentleman in my book.
2/20/2010 11:09 PM
davkarball (currently retired and residing in Florida now).

NAME - Dave

AGE - 38

FAMILY STATUS - Happily Married (3 years)

OCCUPATION - Associate Pastor


HIGH SCHOOL - Lincoln High School

COLLEGE - LIFE Bible College (didn't graduate), currently enrolled w/ Summit Bible College for BTh and MTh degrees.

GREW UP - Home of Von Hayes and Mike MacFarlane (who I went to HS with)...Stockton, CA


MY WIS SCREEN NAME - Dav(Dave) Kar(Karen, my wife) ball

FAVORITE WIS MOMENT - The dozens of Theme Leagues that I have created in baseball and basketball. The interaction has been awesome, and the forum threads have been as interesting as the leagues themselves.

Later adding:
Statis-Pro Baseball was my first introduction to simulated sports. When I got into 8th grade, I was introduced to Strat-O-Matic, and the rest is history. I got on this site through the referral of my best friend. I came to play one league vs. 2 close friends...and nearly 3 years and 600 teams later, I am still here. I have tried to retire twice, but bad habits are the hardest ones to break.

Personally, I played baseball, basketball, soccer and track in HS at a small, private school. I later went to Spring Training w/ the Giants in the late 80's after making the grade at a Major League Scouting Bureau tryout. (Was a pretty good OF in my day) I was in AZ for about a week before getting sent home...but I'll never forget it.

After that, I did a lot of bowling...even did a few PBA events. No "300's" (288 high), but I've made a lot of local $$$ from the late 80's to mid 90's. Once I got serious about being in ministry, I got out of bowling and devoted my time to what God needed from me. I spend my time now overseeing a Singles Ministry and leading worship from my keyboard a couple times a week. Being in full-time ministry take A LOT of time...which is why I get my release by checking a computer website a few times a day called WhatIfSports.

I see several A's/Giants games during the season, and have been going to A's playoff games the last couple years. I'm in AZ this week, and went to 2 D'Back games. Baseball is far, away my favorite sport...but hoops aren't far behind. Football is my least favorite of the major sports.
2/20/2010 11:09 PM

NAME - Thomas Kane
AGE - 40

FAMILY STATUS - married, 4 kids (2 and 2)

OCCUPATION - Flight Paramedic


HIGH SCHOOL - Chester F. Awalt H.S. (no longer in exists)

COLLEGE - Numerous / US Army

GREW UP IN - NY and California


MOST HATED NBA PLAYER - Karl Malone (Whiner)

SCREEN NAME - Airkane a nickname given to me by a former co-worker..... it just stuck!

FAVORITE WIS MOMENT - Winning my 1 and only WIS Basketball championship... my teams usually suck.
2/20/2010 11:11 PM

Name: Jeff

Age: 34

Family Status: Single, no kids

Occupation: Manager for Starbucks Coffee

State of Residence: TX

High School: Southside

College: Palo Alto, TLC and UTSA

Grew up: San Antonio, TX

Favorite NBA Player Ever: John Salley I just loved watching him block shots back on the Pistons bad boy teams.

My WIS Screen Name: Well, you can see what it is but the history behind it is very nerdy. I played Everquest since it first came out and had a character in game named Cyris Nytestorm...so cyrisnyte just stuck.

Favorite WIS Moment: Well, there haven't been that many yet as I'm still kind of new on the site. I would have to say getting my first recruit in World 4 of Hoops Dynasty to agree to play for me.
2/20/2010 11:11 PM

NAME - Trevor W. Riley

AGE - 21, as of August 2nd

FAMILY STATUS - Happily single

OCCUPATION - I sell memberships at a gym as well as engaging in many statistical projects such as my college football rankings; my site should be up in 2 weeks for those that care.

STATE OF RESIDENCE - Michigan, but when I make enough money, I'm heading south.

COLLEGE - Eastern Michigan, Oakland University (Rochester, MI)........still there, but my goal is to succeed doing what I want without a college degree, and that's what I will do. College is for sheep. I'll create my own job.

FAVORITE NBA PLAYER EVER - Dennis Rodman, great rebounder, and he always got under people's skin. He just didn't give a ****, but he played his *** off.

-Was lucky enough to see game 3 of the 2004 NBA Finals in person (88-68 Pistons win) for the price of parking. Met Greg Anthony there, stood about 10 feet from the O'Brien Trophy/ESPN Desk, gave Tim Legler some **** postgame. I saw about 7 or 8 Pistons games this year, including 4 playoff games.

-Went to a Pistons/Pacers game March 1, 1995, my dad got suite tickets from his company and ironically it was right next to Bill Laimbeer's suite. Got his autograph on a cheap Joe Dumars jersey, lol, makes a lot of sense.

-The only college football game I've seen live was Eastern Michigan VS. Southeast Missouri State, September 1, 2001..........The next one I plan seeing is Eastern vs. Buffalo 9-2-2004, LMAO.

The best in my life is yet to come, and hopefully it all starts in a couple weeks, with the debut of my college football rankings. I expect the snowball of success to follow. I've learned enough through failure.
2/20/2010 11:11 PM
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