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Name: Josh

Age: 32

Status: single

Occupation: Producer/Director for TV News; singer/songwriter

Residence: Chattanooga, TN

College: UT-Chattanooga

Grew Up: I traveled a lot as a kid. My parents were musicians, and so I spent much of my childhood on the road. Chattanooga was where they settled, though, so that's where I finished growing up

Screen Name: online alias from way back. was a character's name in a game I used to play. I always had "ash" in my name, and at the time I was big into Robert Jodran's "Wheel of Time", so I put Ash with a character from there (Ishamael) and came out with Ashamael.

Favorite NBA Player: Charles Barkley. Any former Tar Heel or Crimson Tide player gets nods, too.

Favorite WIS Moment: Hard to pick.  I'm going to say my first ODL... I think that was when I really knew I had a handle on this thing.  I came in, relatively unknown on the theme circuit and absolutely dominated the toughest league in the sim.  A few years later, tying uvasooner, who, in my opinion, is the best owner of all-time in wisnba, for 3rd on the all-time championships list in a 110 less seasons & gunning for #1 in less than half that owner's attempts.

Favorite Real Life Sports Moment: watched - 'Bama's domination of LSU in the 2012 national championship game. took part in -the summer I did a camp with a bunch of inner-city middle school kids. We played basketball every afternoon. It was so fun, even though I was out of shape and hadn't played ball in years at the time.
10/24/2012 10:22 PM
I knew that you had to a lawyer type dh555. You are very smart for such a young pup. Ash are you sure that you are just 32 years old? You have a great deal of knowledge about the basketball sim and are a great teacher of it. I'm beginning to feel old now ;/
10/24/2012 11:55 PM

Chris Snider

Age: 53

Status: married 30 years to my lovely wife Dianne, 3 grown children all girls ages (21, 26, 30) 2 grand children twin 6 year old girls.

Occupation: Retail Sales Nordstrom ( 30 + years in the business ) i have had the privilege to meet many sports stars and celebrities and most have been very humble and charming.

Residence: Allen, Texas

Education: Eastern Hancock High School, Charlottesville, Indiana, Ball State University, Muncie Indiana.

Grew Up: In Indiana in the 60's and 70's played basketball, football, baseball and ran track for my high school. Had lots of wonderful teammates no stars. Moved to Texas in 1981 and became a Dallas Mav's and Cowboy fan.

Screen Name: Shorter version of my name

Favorite NBA Player: Bird, Jordan, Dirk, Duncan Favorite ABA Player: Roger Brown, Mel Daniels, Dr J

Favorite WIS Moment: Winning or Losing game 7 with the championship on the line.

Favorite Real Life Sports Moment: IU's undefeated season, ND ending UCLA's 88 game winning streak, Dirk leading the mav's to a championship, Bill Walton's 44 point game against Menphis for the 73 ncaa championship.

10/25/2012 12:36 AM
David Miller

Age: 34

Status: Married 12 years. One child - Age 3.

Occupation: Mathematics Professor

Residence: Dubuque, IA

Education: Murray State University, Western Illinois University

Grew Up - Southern Illinois.. Track team... Math Team.. Scholastic Bowl.. Pick up basketball on the weekends.

Screen Name - when I started on the site I used davidbmiller.. then what I started teaching I used WIS for a statistics course and I didn't want my students to see everything I posted on here.. so I changed my username to logain.. a character from the Wheel of Time by Robert Jordan (and now Brandon Sanderson)

Favorite NBA Player: The peak of my sports fandom was in Junior High and High School.. and I grew up in Illinois.. so Jordan and Pippen are my two favorite NBA players. Interestingly, I was living in Ohio when Lebron was drafted and he has become my favorite current player.

Favorite WIS Moment: The day I joined a group known as the Sapheads in WIS hockey.

Favorite Real Life Sports Moment: I really don't know. I think for me my best sports memories are just sitting out on the deck listening to baseball on the radio with my grandpa.

10/25/2012 11:44 AM
Posted by vancem on 10/24/2012 11:56:00 PM (view original):
I knew that you had to a lawyer type dh555. You are very smart for such a young pup. Ash are you sure that you are just 32 years old? You have a great deal of knowledge about the basketball sim and are a great teacher of it. I'm beginning to feel old now ;/
lol - you mean me? I don't see one from dh anywhere, although I'd be interested to see it.

vance, yours is definitely one of the most interesting, considering you married an actual princess. And as impressed as you are with us young guys, I'm always impressed that the more distinguished fellows like you are able to take time out of your busy lives to come on here and dominate. And that you all have learned to use the internet so well

10/25/2012 2:27 PM
Ron Croft
Age 50
Status: Married, one 13yr old step daughter living at home
Occupation: Soon to be retired, High School science teacher. Jv girl's basketball coach. Who the heck would want to do Varsity with all the responsibility nowadays? I'm getting to old for that. Anymore they aske me if we've filled out our travel bus requistion forms or turned in form #503b for new uniforms and my standard response is, "IDK ask coach Howard." :)
Residence: Phoenix, AZ
Education: BS Youngstown State     Masters  Arizona State
Favorite WIS Moment: The 2 championships I remember, (I know it's been awhile) was when I won a college league with ASU players, many sim versions ago and when I won a dual franchise league with Phoenix and Boston. I knew Boston struggled sometimes for guards and Phoenix struggles for post players so I paired the 2 up and coasted most of the season. 
Favorite NBA players: Paul Westphal and Alvan Adams because I've coached both of their kids and I've actually set in Alvan's box for a few Sun's gams.
Favorite Real Life Sports Moment: I'm convinced that in my lifetime I will never see the Sun's win a championship or the Brown's win a Super Bowl. I think Ohio State (I was born in Ohio) will win another title under Urban Meyer, but any Cleveland or Arizona pro teams, probably not in my lifetime. So the Dbacks winning the world series over the Yankees and Ohio State beating Miami when neither team was given much of a chance, are my 2 most memorable moments. And oh ya, the Indians losing in game 7 to the Marlins after beeing up 3 games to 2 really stunk!!!! And don't even mention the, "fumble," or "the drive."
Things in Life to be proud of: I was Phoenix Sun's ball boy back in the day and I have seen and touched Stive Nicks of Fleetwood Mac's breasts and she enjoyed it!! 
10/25/2012 5:33 PM
Jacob Platt
Age: 22
Status: single
Occupation/were im going to college: no work right now since in school but want to be an Aerospace enginner go to NC state
Live : Charlotte or Raleigh NC
 Grew up: Pittsburg, leesburg VA, Charlotte NC
Sports played as kid : Played varsity senior year for Basketball, played some football in middle school
Favorite sports moment : when santonio Holmes caught and got 2 feet down to put the steelers up against the cardinals in the superbowl
Favorite sports player ever: Probably troy for football anf Lebron for bball
10/25/2012 11:08 PM
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