and the Grizzlies didnt sign Randolph to a contract, they traded for him because they had to get above the salary cap minimum

the Grizzlies are a cheap *** team witha cheap *** owner, really the Pau trade was more Michael Heisley's doing than Chris Wallace

they got lucky because their billionaire owner was trying to save a few bucks and a couple young guys turned out, some didnt, and Zach Randolph decided to grow up

5/13/2010 10:20 AM
Memphis is only under the cap this summer if they renounce Gay and Brewer, if they don't they aren't under the cap at all, and if they renounce Gay and Brewer they are morons.
5/13/2010 10:32 AM
Vegas odds

two weeks 40 to 1 Lebron to Chicago

today 5 to 1 Lebron to Chicago

I saw a story over the weekend that Chicago wants to package Deng and Hinrich for a big time free agent (whether sign and trade or otherwise).

Imagine Lebron signing with the Bulls and then them packaging Deng and Hinrich for Bosh (or they sign Bosh and then sign and trade for Lebron)

That would give the Bulls - Bosh, Noah, James, and Rose. Even if it isn't Bosh and someone like Joe Johnson, that team would be a hell of a lot better then Cavs or Knicks. Definately something to think about.
5/13/2010 11:34 AM
Quote: Originally posted by firehawk122 on 5/13/2010If they weren't in Memphis, I'd think they would be a better attraction for NBA players - zero state income tax.

Yeah, it's very nice!
5/13/2010 5:51 PM
That to me is the biggest obstacle to the Raptors ever becoming a powerhouse - the tax rate is just too high for guys whose earning power is extremely high for about a 5-15 year time frame and then drops to a small fraction of that afterwards (in most cases).
5/14/2010 11:18 AM
Quote: Originally Posted By tracyr on 5/12/2010
Quote: Originally Posted By moranis on 5/12/2010

Quote: Originally Posted By tracyr on 5/11/2010

how is that positive for Atlanta - thats total crap - Allen is out of basketball in 2 years

Allen has a good 3 years if these playoffs are any indication. He is an excellent 3 point shooter, a solid leader, and doesn't fade away down the stretch in games. He is the deadeye big game player the Hawks need and quite frankly just don't have.

Perkins is a siginficant upgrade over Zaza. Perkins at least can muscle Howard around and make it at least a little difficult on him. If your the Hawks, you have to find someone in the paint that can do something to Howard since you have to face him all the time. It also allows Horford to spend a lot more time at his more natural PF position and a rotation of Perkins, Horford, and Smith at the 4/5 positions would be among the best in basketball for the next ten years (if they kept them all).

you are smokin dope on Perkin
Howard was 1 of 7 when Perkins was in the game and never got into any sort of rythym, big reason why sheed could get under howard's skin so easily.
5/17/2010 9:10 PM
Where's the original JJ thread.  **** was classic.
2/13/2014 7:57 PM
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