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3/17/2010 3:47 PM
Hi everybody,
I have compiled some lists. For example, I compiled a list of the greatest 10 year dynasties across all worlds in the last 10 seasons. I also compiled lists such as, the longest streaks of national tournament appearances of all time, across worlds. This thread is meant to be an index of all of them, and also a discussion point. I am open to suggestions on how to improve these lists, as well as other lists to compile. It takes a fairly significant amount of time for me to mine the data and compile these lists, so I will probably only update them every couple months - so please have patience when you have a great year and are lower in the last list than you should be!

The purpose of all this is fun. I always wanted to see these lists myself, and they are meant for the enjoyment of others. They are not meant to be the authority on the greatest program of all time or anything like that. But, I am still open to discussion of how to improve them. I just don't want anybody to feel slighted or anything along those lines.

Also, I hope this is a motivator. There are sufficiently many lists, and some are for single worlds only, that a ton of coaches have a shot of making the lists. I hope it will become a goal for many coaches, to make and improve their ranking on these lists. And hopefully it becomes a point of personal pride.

In each post below will be all the lists I generate with a specific set of data. Here are the kind of lists I am generating:

Current dynasty lists. These come in a variety of flavors. They will be based on the last 5, 10, or 20 seasons included in the data set. The lists will either be weighted or unweighted. Weighted lists count the more recent seasons as more. Unweighted lists count each season equally. Lists can either be cross-world or single world. Cross-world lists are 100 long, and include a concept of world strength. Really, world strength is strength of a division in a world, based on the number of coaches and how long they have been there. Single-world lists are 50 long, and also include world strength, but it is the same for all teams, so it doesn't have any impact on the ordering. These are team-based lists, meaning it is based on a team's history in a given period of time, regardless of if it was the same coach or two coaches or whatever. Any team can only make each list once.

All-time dynasty lists. Similar to the current dynasty lists described above, but will always be unweighted. World strength is the factor that makes it reasonable to compare dynasties across eras. I know it is not perfect, but I think it does a pretty good job.

All-time streaks. This includes things like, who made the most consecutive sweet 16s of all time. These are team-based lists as of right now, but I will probably come out with a coach-based list in the near future that will exclude simAI.

World strength lists. This shows the world strength figures I use in weighting seasons, and is a good approximation to a toughest world list.

Conference dynasty lists. Current and all time dynasty figures are basically a sum of the member school's dynasty scores. World strength is included, and seasons are unweighted. When each member school's season is being added to the total, the season score (including world strength) is then put to the power of .8. This helps reduce the effect of inflated single scores, and creates a better measure of actual conference strength, which is based more on a high quantity of good schools than the high quality of a couple.

Misc lists. I am not sure what all these will be, but I'm open to ideas. It will probably include things like, most championships by coach (multiple IDs not aggregated), most championships by coach by world, by division, etc. I have some other ideas but will hold off on sharing them until the list is ready.

3/17/2010 3:47 PM
this is from the first set of data, mined around 2/1/10.

this is the first list i came up with, and all-time cross-world streaks lists. it includes some discussion on the lists and how they can be improved
all-time cross world streaks

this is the original discussion thread on dynasty lists. per this discussion, i excluded CT success in the dynasty rankings. this gives you an insider view of how the rankings were compiled.
dynasty rankings discussion
3/17/2010 3:47 PM
from the second set of data, mined around 3/14/10: note these are my first set of dynasty lists, so if you know a world well and wouldn't mind looking for errors, that would be great!

current 10 year dynasty lists, unweighted

current 20 year dynasty lists, unweighted

current 5 year dynasty lists, unweighted
3/17/2010 3:47 PM
3/21 update. still on same data as last time. please ignore the last set of lists, they had a bug ignoring the last season. this data should be correct this time (i hope) :)

all time 10 year dynasty lists

current 10 year dynasty lists, weighted

current 20 year dynasty lists, weighted

current 5 year dynasty lists, weighted

world population data
12/30/2010 12:02 PM (edited)
3/17/2010 3:47 PM
3/17/2010 3:47 PM
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3/17/2010 3:48 PM
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