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This is getting kind of depressing since have no clue whats going on with the hockey dynasty.  Let us know what is going on and even it means telling us its not going to work beats keeping our hopes up for it.
11/20/2010 8:11 PM
I for one would definitely jump into this. (especially now that they ruined my favorite gridiron dynasty with their latest update that has all but destroyed the league). Hockey was what got me to WIS in the first place and I played hockey for a number of seasons before starting the college football.
11/26/2010 9:01 PM
Same with me traflan. I played sim hockey exclusively when I discovered this site. Now I haven't had a sim hockey team in over 3-4 years, or maybe longer. The only reason I still come to WIS is because I have a dynasty baseball team that I'm running into the ground.( not on purpose either) I have been waiting for dynasty hockey since I joined WIS about 6-7 years ago.
12/3/2010 1:59 AM
This is my ticket:
12/4/2010 2:33 AM shobob
Tell your boss that plenty of people want an update regarding a hockey dynasty game.
12/4/2010 5:12 PM Customer Support
Way ahead of has already been done many times. Thanks.
12/5/2010 9:18 AM shobob
Umm, What has been done many times? The telling the boss part or the update part? The last we heard from mwelch on the hockey dynasty status update thread was way back in June. We are hungry for some noticeable progress.
12/5/2010 3:22 PM Customer Support
Thanks for the follow up. Everybody would like to do a dynasty game. The boss is Fox Sports. WIS works for them and they tell WIS what can, or cannot, be done. WIS has advised them many times that they would like to do a dynasty game. They are not yet ready for them to do it. They'll keep mentioning it but until they feel that they want them to do it their hands are tied on the subject.
12/5/2010 7:12 PM shobob
OK thanks for the explanation. I think it would help if someone from the site posted something like that in the hockey dynasty update thread.
12/6/2010 1:00 PM Customer Support
I'm not an employee of either WIS or Fox. I'm a lot older than you are and I don't think that I have ever seen a company in all my years post its internal priorities in a public forum. Especially these days with how the corporate world functions.

Does anyone else think that this is a weird response?  How does this person know how old I am?  I really don't think that late thirties is all that young.  Is this person 70 or something?  "internal priorities"?  I'm just asking for a progress report!  WiS needs to come on here and admit that they're not making a hockey dynasty, or give us an update as to it's progress.  I don't give a rat's *** about Foxsports' "internal priorities".  I'm not sure that I asked for an editorial about how the corporate world functions nowadays.  I just want mwelch (or any staffer for that matter) to tell us if we should have any reason to hope for this or not.
12/15/2010 11:12 PM (edited)
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I'll keep supporting the DYNASTY products.  I'm not into simleague, but I'm a big-time hockey fan
12/16/2010 12:02 PM
FOX Sports doesn't want to put any money into developing a Hockey Dynasty game because that would get people interested in hockey. And since FOX doesn't televise hockey, they can't see any upside. To their warped minds, creating a Hockey Dynasty game would only help Versus and NBC...

Of course, they have no sense of the real world and what people actually think. The ONLY game that I have played on this site in the past 2-3 years is GRIDIRON DYNASTY. And I don't even like football! I play it because I like (well, liked) the game. I haven't watched a college football game on TV since the 2009 Army/Navy game (didn't even watch this year's). The only sport I watch on TV is hockey, and it is pretty much the only sport I pay any attention to. I watch the Super Bowl each year, but mainly for the commercials. (I watch the commercials and then get  up and leave during the game...)

They really do under estimate the hockey market. I remember a few years back that one of the WIS employees said that SIM Hockey was their second biggest money maker. I stopped playing that game because the DYNASTY games are much better, and I am sure many people think the same thing. If they made Hockey Dynasty, I have no doubt it would make more than Gridiron or Hoops Dynasty!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
12/20/2010 7:04 PM
i've tried all the main sports, as well as gridiron, hoops, and hbd.  hockey is my favourite simleague.  partially because i love hockey, but also because you really get your best bang for your buck, IMO.  HBD however is the best game on the site.  gridiron and hoops are okay, but i hate developing a guy for four seasons and watching him walk away.  and i don't care at all for college sports.  i don't even watch college hockey.  ironically, saying HBD is the best game on the site, and currently having three teams in HBD, i don't watch baseball at all.  but hardball dynasty is just the most amazing concept that i got hooked.  so i'm with sluggo, even people that don't watch hockey will play a hockey dynasty if it's done right.  and lets face it, the simleague hockey has been losing long time patrons for a couple years now.  and SLH is probably still the third best money maker after HBD and SLB.  another avenue to pump our hard earned (and tighter spent in recent years) money into could never be a bad thing.  people who play the hockey dynasty might end up watching a few games on versus, but they'll still be spending the money on WIS, so it's not like FOX loses out.  :>
12/22/2010 5:58 PM
I'm with GM on this one. Really, I am not a big baseball fan, I think the last time I was into baseball was back when the blue jays won back to back world series. The lockout the year after killed baseball for me.

That being said, I think the HBD is by far the best game that WIS has on this site. The depth that they go into, the various ratings of the players, signing of the coaches, developing minor leaguers. I probabally have the worst team in my league this year and I'm still loving it every day because I can go in and scout international prospects, see if any of my minor leaguers are ready to be moved up for a tase of the majors, see who is injured and who I want to sign on for next year.

This being said, imagining this as a hockey dynasty has had me drooling for months now (hockey dynasty has always had me drooling but getting back into HBD has just made it even more so). Drafting a much needed goalie in the first round, looking to sign undrafted college players or players from Russia and Finland, swapping out lines and goalies when they are going through slumps.

Here is the thing, as much as I L.O.V.E progressive and regressive hockey leagues in SLH its just not the same as a dynasty, your team is doing well, your team isn't doing well you can auto-pilot it for a while, its only those teams in the middle that get the joy of watching their team and making switches every day. Would your team take Mario Lemeuix, Wayne Gretsky or Steve Yzerman off of the top line? Probabally not because you know their stats for the year. Would your Hockey dynasty take their top line 40 goal scoring all star off of the top line? If you have a rookie that has been on a 6 game point streak then probabally.

The hardest part for me is seeing just how good HBD is and how good a hockey dyansty could be. I can honestly say, as I have before that if they were to make hockey dynasty simiar to that of HBD I'd probabally have 3-5 teams running at all times.

Earth to WIS thats between 300 and 500 a year. From one person!
12/29/2010 2:42 PM
So I guess this idea is dead.
2/14/2011 7:06 AM

It simply isn't happening.

2/19/2011 12:59 PM
Much like the rest of North America, they simply don't care aboot hockey so it won't happen. Which sucks because I am with hockey1984, I'd have a handful of teams going at once, on top of my four hardball teams. I skated junior a hockey so I'd love to see how a hockey dynasty would translate.
3/2/2011 6:32 PM

A little bit of the Devil's A  here:

I've got 3 teams presently in HBD as well (had 4 but felt that was too much).   Like H1984 has said, while Prog/Reg Theme Draft leagues are all good fine and dandy..they lack one main thing....THE UNKNOWN FACTOR.    This is where HBD has it all over any these theme leagues (no matter what sport).  

That being said etc, it's not to say HBD isn't without it's flaws. They have done numerous updates/improvements/changes to the game over the time it's been on WIS. The have also had to discontinue setting up new leagues due to there being too many leagues and not enough demand (still somewhat of a problem).  So it's not like they can just develop the game and say "Here it is ENJOY".   There is a on going support to the game etc.   So FOX does have to look at the BIG picture...Fine when it first launches it could be REALLY popular but how long will that last... At what point will interest settle to (where new owners coming in offset the ones leaving) and is the Level point enough to make it profitable?  Therefore making it worth the $$$ that went into first developing it and then maintaining it....  Also, not mention some of the headaches that have arisen in HBD. From 'tanking' issues, to owners finding ways to cheat the system or exploit it AND MANY MANY OTHERS...

Still I'd love to see an IHD (Ice Hockey Dynasty) but it's looking more and more like a real pipe dream...chances are better at seeing WHA players in the database than seeing a Hockey Dynasty..


3/9/2011 4:59 PM
Sad but true...
3/9/2011 10:42 PM
I agree that this probably won't happen. The appearance is that the WIS powers that be are putting zero into this and just milking it for what it has left. The hockey sim is dying on the vine. There are still dedicated and passionate owners but they are leaving at a faster rate than new ones are arriving. There is the occasional minor update or tweak but, as far as I can tell, zero marketing to attract new players.
3/9/2011 11:00 PM
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