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What about the kid from Cincinnati?

I think he has some pretty serious upside, and could be a great bargain for someone in the middle to late rounds.
4/8/2010 12:37 PM
Quote: Originally Posted By wrmiller13 on 4/08/2010

What about the kid from Cincinnati?

I think he has some pretty serious upside, and could be a great bargain for someone in the middle to late rounds.

Pike isn't going to do anything in the NFL. The only thing he has going for him is his height, and unlike Bradford, who was also thin as a rail, Pike doesn't have the frame to bulk up. His upside ends as a backup. I'd wouldn't be surprised if he's out of the NFL within 3 years.

If Colt McCoy gets in the right system, he'll be the next best QB after Bradford and Clausen. Also, look for John Skelton to eventually be a pretty good QB.
4/8/2010 2:47 PM
Quote: Originally Posted By colonels19 on 4/08/2010
Quote: Originally Posted By moranis on 4/07/2010

Bradford is the better pro prospect and I don't think it is close (a few months ago, I did, but not now, and I know that sounds strange since neither has played a real game, but Bradford has shown to be healthy and has done better in drills and what not). That's funny, because am I going to trust the guy's health in drills or in a game...hmmmm. He played what, 4 games last year? and had 2 injuries to his throwing shoulder...yeah, he'll be just fine....

I guess I would ask this question. Would anyone even be asking this question if Bradford hadn't gotten hurt? Yes, like kidd points out, he stands back in the shotgun all day, he was incredibly scrawny, and didn't get hit much. He doesn't strike me as the greatest leader, thus I don't understand all the hype.

Bradford really only had one injury, he just came back to soon and reinjured the shoulder. It was a part of OU trying to get him back for Texas and the rest of the Big 12.

And guys heal. You don't have to play in a game to get healthy, in fact the opposite is true, you get healthy by not playing in a game.

As to the mental aspects, pretty much everyone says he has every bit the leadership and mental aspects to be successful in the league. No one questions that side, all the questions are related to his health, not his physical or mental skills.
4/8/2010 3:46 PM
Quote: Originally Posted By disaacs on 4/08/2010
Bradford is a significantly better prospect than Clausen. But, with that said, I don't think either one has the upside of Jake Locker and Ryan Mallett, both who will eligible next season.

colonels and kidd:

Bradford actually didn't run shotgun all the time. Yes, he did quite a bit, but he also played quite a bit under center. He's not the typical spread or system QB like Jason White was. The Oklahoma offense was modified to suit Bradford's skills, and that involved more snaps under center than White or Heupel did.

While Clausen did perform out of a pro-style offense, I have significant questions about his leadership skills. While I think he's a better NFL prospect than his predecessor at Notre Dame, who I absolutely thought was overhyped, there is still something missing from Clausen which doesn't make me believe that he's going to be a star that his skills suggest he should be.

I have heard more than one analyst compare Bradford to White, ala "system QB."

Also, I have heard analysts question Clausen's leadership skills and his punkish demeanor.
4/8/2010 4:18 PM
For what it's worth, I'm not a fan of the label, "system QB."

Also, what offense is not suited to a QB's skills? Don't say Mike Vick's Falcons, either.

4/8/2010 4:21 PM
This all BS. Bradford will be taken first by the Rams! I guess they feel he can get the ball from under center if they want him to.
4/12/2010 8:36 PM
Whats all this "he operated out of the shotgun" crap??? What % of snaps was P Manning and T Brady in the shotgun this past season??? about the same as Bradford.....Plus OU had 2 1000 yard backs 2 yrs ago and got most the handoffs from Bradford being under the center....Trust me, Ive watched a few OU game the past 10+yrs
4/19/2010 7:38 PM
this thread is funny.
10/25/2012 3:35 PM
I'll take Kafka.
10/25/2012 4:52 PM
10/25/2012 7:25 PM
Yes, him.
10/25/2012 9:47 PM
I don't think he'll be very good.   Jerry Lawler whipped his ***.
10/25/2012 10:05 PM
Bradford is expected to miss most of the season for the Cards now.
3/13/2018 2:34 PM
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