10 year Vets who reject trade Topic

Will these players adjust the teams they consider as the season progresses? By game 30 or so, a team's current record is a much better indicator of postseason prospects than the previous season's results.
5/7/2010 4:42 AM
5/7/2010 6:34 AM
Thanks, Mike. Does it happen when WW priority adjusts to the new season, or gradually over the course of the year, or is it one of those things that is unknown?
5/7/2010 4:29 PM
It is based on WW priority. As soon as that changes, game 28, the rejection guideline changes.
5/7/2010 5:01 PM
6/22/2009 5:00 PM zbrent716
Can you please explain to me what criteria are used to determine whether a player will exercise a no-trade clause?

If it is solely based on record, will he accept a trade to a team with a worse record? How close would the other team's W/L record have to be to mine?
6/23/2009 10:02 AM Customer Support

It is solely based on the record of the two teams involved in the trade. If your team is much better than the team he is being traded to he will reject the trade.

6/23/2009 10:54 AM zbrent716
Is there a quick way to determine whether my team is "much better" than another team?

A cut off number of games ahead of or something?

Or do I have just have to try each of the other teams I might trade him to and see if he rejects the offer? (I hope it's not this answer, that seems like a big waste of time to me.)

6/23/2009 11:19 AM Customer Support

If 27 games or less have been played it's based off the initial rank (same as the amateur draft order). If more than 27 games have been played then the decision is based on the current winning percentage.

When it is based on initial rank the player will always reject the trade if the team he is going to is ranked at least 4 spots worse. When it is based on winning percentage the team he is going to can't have a winning percentage that is .02 less.

I hope that helps to clarify your situation.
5/7/2010 9:54 PM
8/11/2014 10:11 AM
Well, crap.  The dude should accept the trade based on that answer.
8/11/2014 10:28 AM
I guess it's worth a ticket.
8/11/2014 11:07 AM
It would better if there was some randomness.  After all, maybe someone doesn't want to play in the Big Apple regardless.  Why would anyone want to deal with New Yorkers, right Mike?
8/12/2014 7:29 AM
Well, it's my Honolulu franchise.    Aside from travel, who wouldn't want to play there?
8/12/2014 8:42 AM
Robbie Cano?
8/12/2014 10:31 AM
10 year Vets who reject trade Topic

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