Most hangovers, regardless of origin, put people in bad mood.  Or, at least, grumpy.

Cardinals pitcher.  I don't understand why they'd let certain players walk and give him 20m a year.

WifS says it happens.  Seems like it's happening more since they claimed it did.   Maybe there's been an unpublicized engine change.

Pretty regularly with players I don't necessarily HAVE to have.   In his case, due to injury bug, I'm not sure I'd take a chance.

2.5-3m bonus.   If "all-in" is in that range, sure.  If not, you're likely to find an all D SS on the R5.

3/31/2013 6:45 PM
When a minor leaguer says, "I'm getting better offers from other clubs." What does that mean? I offered a spring invite and we're not allowed to change their salary or offer a bonus.
3/31/2013 6:52 PM

If they're not being offered BL deals by someone, it means nothing.  Well, you lost whatever crazyass tie-breaker system that's in place.

3/31/2013 7:13 PM
Thats what I thought, but I recall getting messages in the past that something more along the lines of, "I'm received a similar offer from another franchise that has more depth..." Wouldn't that sort of message be more applicable than one implying he's receiving more $$$?
3/31/2013 10:02 PM
It would be.
4/1/2013 9:23 AM
Does it seem odd, that while I'm the only person in my league spending 20 Mil on College Scouting (next closest is 17 Mil), there we're 3 college players selected in the first round before me (at pick #33) that I couldn't even "see", including the #1 pick and 2 of the the top 5 players drafted?  Really, I'm the only person maxed out in scouting and I can't "see" the #1 overall draft pick?
4/1/2013 3:26 PM
It's always been that way.   Think of it as your scouts didn't think much of them not that you didn't see them.   If you want me to explain the logic behind not seeing all the players, I will.  But you'll have to ask.
4/1/2013 3:32 PM
Why is my wife such a b-itch?
4/1/2013 3:42 PM
Will you explain the logic behind not seeing all the players?
4/1/2013 3:50 PM
She's quite attractive, Tony.    It's a birthright for attractive women.  But, after that deal you just got, it seems like she'd STFU for a couple of days.

Logic dictates that the owners with 1m in scouting would see the best players.   If that's the case, no one would budget 20m.  And, if all it took was 1m to see the 10 best, it would be very easy for the owner with 20m to collude with the owner with 1m to tell him how to rank those 10.
4/1/2013 3:54 PM
So is my 20 Mil really buying me the ability to see more players at the bottom of the available pool...basically the guys that will never reach the bigs?  Or does everyone just get to see a random number of players, but my 20 Mil gives me more accurate projections?
4/1/2013 3:57 PM
The higher your scouting the more players you'll see and the more accurate their projections will be.    But it's random.    Say 20m allows you to see 250 players whereas 1m allows you to see 20.   You might see 7 of the best 10 or you might see 4 of the best 10.   The 1m guy might see 7 of the best 10(but with horrible projections) or he might see none of those 10.
4/1/2013 4:03 PM
So if Owner A had 20M on HS scouting and 0M on college, whereas Owner B had 10M on each one, would they both see the same number of players?
4/1/2013 4:59 PM
Not necessarily.   I think there are more college players on the whole.    I had 20 HS/0 College and saw just over 200 players.   Pretty sure I see 350ish with 20 college/0 HS.
4/1/2013 5:27 PM
How can you tell the ballpark effects of minoreague stadiums?
4/3/2013 1:26 AM
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