What if someone is sitting on each side of you though?
10/17/2013 3:06 PM

Tough **** for them.  They made a poor life decision.

10/17/2013 3:34 PM
If I hire a Bench coach with a high fielding instructor rating, 79, will he effect defense as much as a FI with a 79 rating? Does that make sense? 
10/17/2013 3:56 PM
It makes sense but, as I understand it, no.
10/17/2013 5:09 PM
I thank you?
10/17/2013 6:54 PM
I suppose you do.
10/17/2013 7:13 PM
Thoughts on Clemson-FSU? One of my better friends in a Clemson alum, he thinks this team is a little overrated; he's not very optimistic about this game.
10/18/2013 7:48 AM
I think, on a neutral field, that FSU is the better team.   However, Clemson at night is a different game.  We're talking about 19-20 y/o players.  I think the outcome depends on how Jameis Winston handles the noise/pressure.  And, yeah, I think Clemson is overrated.  They're not the 3rd best team in the country.  Their only road test is SC and that's at the end of November.   
10/18/2013 8:26 AM
Can you give your thoughts on the loud owners who come in, scream that a 85-90 win young team is not built to win, tank, dump young talent for younger DH/1b talent, bail after two bad seasons, and leave having set the team back?   How about your views on those who have to follow them, playing with one arm tied behind their back because of the previous owner's arrogance and poor judgement?
10/18/2013 8:33 AM
Has the MikeT ever saved a franchise who had been gutted to the 40-50 win level by an arrogant but misguided owner?
10/18/2013 8:35 AM
I'm overly annoyed by owners who begin tearing teams down the very moment they enter the world.   Some teams need it, some don't but, either way, no one knows how a world plays when they first enter it.   It's called a "reclamation project" when one takes over a mess.

I've done a couple(although I know nothing about the previous owner):
1 reddevil19 ML 72-90 .444 4th No No      
2 reddevil19 ML 58-104 .358 4th No No      
3 mmacharg ML 42-120 .259 4th No No      
4 MikeT23 ML 66-96 .407 3rd No No      
5 MikeT23 ML 76-86 .469 2nd No No      
6 MikeT23 ML 75-87 .463 2nd No No      
7 MikeT23 ML 92-70 .568 2nd Yes No no no no
8 MikeT23 ML 90-72 .556 1st No Yes no no no
9 MikeT23 ML 93-69 .574 1st No Yes yes no no
10 MikeT23 ML 91-71 .562 1st No Yes no no no
11 MikeT23 ML 92-70 .568 1st No Yes yes yes yes
12 MikeT23 ML 107-55 .660 1st No Yes yes no no
13 MikeT23 ML 89-73 .549 2nd Yes No yes yes yes

1 halo23 ML 61-101 .377 4th No No      
2 shesaid ML 74-88 .457 3rd No No      
3 shesaid ML 78-84 .481 4th No No      
4 RubeRant ML 72-90 .444 4th No No      
5 kingdean ML 65-97 .401 4th No No      
6 MikeT23 ML 75-87 .463 4th No No      
7 MikeT23 ML 89-73 .549 3rd No No      
8 MikeT23 ML 91-71 .562 2nd No No      
9 MikeT23 ML 101-61 .623 2nd Yes No no no no
10 MikeT23 ML 109-53 .673 1st No Yes yes yes yes
11 MikeT23 ML 107-55 .660 1st No Yes yes yes no
12 MikeT23 ML 101-61 .623 1st No Yes yes no no
13 MikeT23 ML 113-49 .698 1st No Yes no no no
14 MikeT23 ML 112-50 .691 1st No Yes no no no
15 MikeT23 ML 90-72 .556 2nd Yes No yes no no
10/18/2013 8:45 AM
Is it unreasonable to think that once you have put in 21 years of service with a company that you should be able to legally drink alcohol on the job?
10/18/2013 9:02 AM
Please sure you can legally drink on the job.   Your employer might fire you for being drunk but it's not against the law(unless you drive for a living).
10/18/2013 9:08 AM
Who will win at Hell in A Cell, Randy Orton or Daniel Bryan?
10/18/2013 8:19 PM
I've never even heard of Daniel Bryan.    So Orton.
10/19/2013 6:17 AM
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