Hardball Dynasty – Fantasy Baseball Sim Games - Player Profile: Neil Griffin

I cant ever remember having a player with single digit make-up, let alone a pretty good prospect ( Dude looks awesome given 20M HS Scouting )

But... what type of development pattern can I expect from a 4 makeup? 
3/28/2014 8:59 PM
I can't recall having a single digit make-up guy.  But my guys in the 20s have been disappointing.   Where I might expect a 10, 5, 3, 1 development, the 20s got 6, 3, 1, 1.   So that's what I'd expect from him more or less.
3/29/2014 8:19 AM
Trying to better understand the engine and late game pitching choices. Unless I have an odd pitcher with extremely low stamina, I don't use Closer A and have my best relievers as Setup A. Here's the scenario: Taking field in a 9th inning save situation. Already have stud Setup A in game with 20 pitches left. Will my setup A stay in, or will it put in someone labeled closer B? Trying to decide if I should change the setting for my closer B to set-up B only available in the 9th.
3/30/2014 10:10 AM
If I'm understanding your question correctly, SIMMY will use the CLOSER option available in a save situation.   Since you have no CLA, SIMMY will treat it as if he's already pitched or is unavailable due to fatigue.    So CLB should get the call.
3/30/2014 2:09 PM
So I left Hardball Dynasty – Fantasy Baseball Sim Games - Player Profile: Rod DeJean on the DL as you suggested, but instead of getting another recovery bump, he just had a "Regular Season" with no improvement.  Have you ever seen that before?  I presume I should just take him off the DL now?
3/30/2014 2:50 PM
Yep.  I think it was the demotion before the DL.   Two moves instead of one.  I probably should have looked at it.    He won't get another recovery cycle.
3/30/2014 6:50 PM
Playing in the National League, the pitcher bats so that's one automatic low-output batting slot. If I sacrifice offense for premium gloves at the two most important defensive positions, SS and CF, that's three weak bats in the lineup. Do you think it's better to space them out, or leave them at 7-8-9?

3/30/2014 8:35 PM
I appreciate you clearing that up. To get my Setup A to finish games, I should move my closer B to a setup B position, correct?
3/30/2014 11:10 PM
3/31/2014 8:32 AM

On one of my teams I am using a closer A and a closer B , have you ever done that configuration?  The purposes are because I have a ton of bullpen guys on that team and because I am studying how simmy decides to use them. I set CLB available in 8 and CLA available in 9, and simmy tends to use CLB first whether it's the 8th or the 9th, and he lets CLB go hogwild until he runs out of pitches or until he gets into trouble, and then CLA mops up the mess. CLA has 8 saves and CLB has 3 saves, they've combined for 2 ER in 20.1 innings so far

3/31/2014 12:16 PM
I don't use closers but I imagine it's the inning available.   By using 8 on B and 9 on A, you're saying "I want this guy pitching last."   And that's what you're getting.  Set them both for 8 and I bet CLA pitches first. 
3/31/2014 12:21 PM
Does a fractured leg on the opening day ceremonial first pitch signal bad mojo?
4/1/2014 10:20 AM
It doesn't signal good mojo.
4/1/2014 11:00 AM
did you know that you missed a question above?
4/1/2014 12:11 PM
I do now. 

I hit my three crappy players together unless one has some outstanding rating(like eye/power) in addition to his other crappy ratings.  I'd rather clump my outs.  In other words, I'd rather have 3 up, 3 down than out, single, out, single, out.
4/1/2014 1:08 PM
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