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12/13/2012 3:42 PM

These are hard to answer because it depends on roster and team construction.   Neither guy is a "OMG!!!  I GOTTA HAVE HIM!!!"   Jacome will be a decent hitter but can only play 1B.    Perez will be a decent back of the rotation or long reliever type.   I expect Perez will have a better, yet much shorter, career because he's not going to produce "firstbaseman" numbers..   Perez wil stick around because he can eat innings and will be available in FA late because no one will give him big money.

12/13/2012 4:18 PM
Hardball Dynasty – Fantasy Baseball Sim Games - Player Profile: Jeremie Aubrey   17 errors?!?!  For real?

Hardball Dynasty – Fantasy Baseball Sim Games - Player Profile: Rico Paniagua  28 hrs and .287?  Seriously?  I thought I had a stud hitter here, but apprently I ended up with this dude.  Who isnt leading my team in anything. 

12/13/2012 5:51 PM
Both seem a bit off but it happens.   Of course, you know this.
12/13/2012 8:48 PM
i think i asked this in this thread before, but i'll be damned if i'm gonna go thru 687 pages to find it. when calculating a player's arb asking price (long term), do they go by overall rating or performance or some combination of both? for instance, if i have a player who is not rated very high overall yet performs at a higher level because he has good ratings where they need to be to be effective, will he ask for less than a guy who is rated better overall yet produces approximately the same stats?
12/14/2012 8:32 AM
I'm probably going to change my answer due to more recent experiences.   I'm almost positive it goes by OVR but, at times, a player who got virtually no playing time will ask for the previous season's salary.   So, it seems to me, that there's a minimum amount of playing time required for the OVR rating/arb number to kick in.
12/14/2012 8:37 AM
so that would lead me to believe that finding guys who are worth more than they appear are even more valuable? which is what i try to do at all times.
12/14/2012 8:40 AM
High health, high durability guys are often accompanied with OVR that doesn't indicate their true worth.
12/14/2012 8:49 AM
Applying the previous questions to pitching... seems to me that everyone looks first for great vL/vR splits.  What factors, if any, might compensate for poor-to-average splits?   Control?  Velocity?  GB/FB?  Or five pitches?
12/14/2012 9:05 AM
I've not found anything to compensate for poor splits(sub 50 average).  I've had some success with 50ish splits and excellent ratings in the other categories(vel/gb/pitches).   Hardball Dynasty – Fantasy Baseball Sim Games - Player Profile: Esteban Mercado   Control definitely helps.   Or you could stick him in a pitcher's park with a great D and work around splits(see: deathinahole with his craptastic RP that he always tries to trade). 
12/14/2012 9:27 AM
5 years, $80 mil. is that a reasonable salary given the 'market' for anibal sanchez? since no high paid player ever seems to be 'worth' what they eventually sign for as free agents.
12/14/2012 11:47 AM
Yeah.  If you could get him to change his name to "Dirty" and have him do porn in the off-season so you could market it.
12/14/2012 2:08 PM
So I inherited a team with 10 mil advanced scouting.  Do you consider 10 mil to be somewhat useful for projected ratings?  Or should I just ignore it while I work down to 0 advanced?
12/14/2012 4:50 PM
I'd probably just ignore it.  I used to leave 10m for one season when I took a new franchise but I was never "surprised" by a player going apeshit crazy in development.   Meaning I didn't have a guy I thought was trash that suddenly looked much better. 
12/14/2012 6:46 PM
Posted by MikeT23 on 12/2/2012 3:24:00 PM (view original):
You only have 15m in medical but he will get another injury recovery bump.

how long does it take to get the second bump?  Hardball Dynasty – Fantasy Baseball Sim Games - Player Profile: Laynce Mullins

12/14/2012 11:33 PM
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