What teams make the world series this year?
2/15/2013 3:08 PM
How many versions of the Harlem Shake have you watched? What version is your favorite?
2/15/2013 4:54 PM
How does the draft formula builder work with regards to weight? For example if I value durability more than health, putting the weight at 2 on dur and 1 on health will that be similar to 6 on dur and 5 on health? It seems obvious but I'm confused as hell. I'm thinking dur will be higher in both scenarios but the 2-1 scenario would just have lower numbers, but I honestly don't know. 

2/16/2013 2:23 PM
The LA teams spent a ton of money.   One would have to think they're the favorites right now.   I think Detroit in the AL, Cincy in the NL.

I had to look up what you were asking.   So, right now, I've seen one version.   I guess that's my favorite.

I don't use the formula builder but, yes, the higher number places more weight on that category. 
2/16/2013 4:08 PM
Scenario: Your team is on the decline and looks like its "run" is ending. You have a future HOF SP with a year and a half on his contract. He will be filing for FA. Your team is a game over .500 with 30 left and is two out of the wild card. Its expected win % is .532.

Do you hang on to said SP and get the comp in a season and a half?

Or, ride out the season in hope of one more post season push (a year removed from losing in 7 in the WS after going 80-82), then trade him next offseason?

Or  trade him now for three solid if not spectacular pieces (a switch hitting lead off type LF, a 2b who can hit 2nd but has dur issues, and a starting southpaw who projects to be a middle of the rotation type starter), and get the rebuilding process started ASAP?
2/17/2013 7:00 PM
If I'm only a few games out at the A/S break, I always think I can make a run..  I'll worry about two seasons from now later
2/17/2013 7:49 PM
All other things equal, where would you put these 2 guys in CF and LF? - range/glove of 84/90 and 88/88.
2/20/2013 11:33 AM
If an 18 y/o pitcher is drafted in the supplemental round instead of the 1st round, will he still progress as much as a first rounder, or should I temper my expectations with respect to his development?  It's my understanding that 18 y/o's taken in the 1st round typically gain 20-25 points in their ratings, so should I expect only 15-20 for a supplemental rounder?   Hardball Dynasty – Fantasy Baseball Sim Games - Player Profile: Bo Ruebel is who I'm talking about.
2/20/2013 12:02 PM
88 range in CF.   84 range will get you plenty of + plays in LF and too many - plays in CF.

The round drafted has no bearing on development.   With no development pattern, I don't really know where he'll be.   But that 31 control is troubling.   With a standard 10/6/3/2 pattern, he's still just 52 control.   Which is good enough but I'm thinking you'll be expecting more. 
2/20/2013 12:31 PM
What is the most you have seen a FA ask for starting out?
2/20/2013 7:32 PM
How would you plan on managing this guy's development? Just drafted him. He could play for my big league team now. These projections are based on 20 scouting.
Brock Ellis
General & Fielding Ratings
Event Season Height Weight OV RA GL AS AA PC DU HE SP PA TP MK
Current - 6-1 185 73 3 39 42 70 0 25 78 56 63 55 76
Projected - 6-2 202 96 4 53 53 100 0 25 85 56 81 55 84
Time of Draft 11 6-1 185 73 3 39 42 70 0 25 78 56 63 55 76
Batting & Pitching Ratings
Current - 19 7 23 10 23 13 48 58 80 70 70 70 73 74 80 74 28 52 40
Projected - 27 8 32 13 30 18 69 64 93 100 92 98 88 88 91 90 40 70 56
Time of Draft 11 19 7 23 10 23 13 48 58 80 70 70 70 73 74 80 74 28 52 40
2/20/2013 7:34 PM
I'm thinking 10.8m but I might be thinking arb demands.  

It's all about your situation.  Despite your vicious traderape of the n00b, you're 33-34 and do not look like a playoff team.  If that changes, call him up at roster expansion.   If you think you can compete next season, give it 20 games.  If it's the season after before you can compete, bring him up at the start of the season(20 games is 1/8th of a season.  People throw them away to control payroll.  I think that's dumb).
2/20/2013 8:57 PM
what's the max contract tiebreaker if more than one team offers a player it?
2/22/2013 8:37 AM
Since I've only offered one max contract and won, I assume it's superior intelligence and stunning good looks.   If that's not it, I don't know.   I've heard coaches, parks, previous records and depth chart.   I tend not to buy into much of it because I've seen max contracts signed, when 2 owners claimed to have offered it, and one did not have a coach.
2/22/2013 8:43 AM
i assume you're talking aboot sam atchley?
2/22/2013 9:03 AM
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