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All I'm sayin' is they have a HR/AB stat, why can't there be a SB attempt/AB stat?  After all, there's players that hit very few HR's in real life, but atleast they get some HR's in SIM.  Why can't steals be the same?  It would add more to the realism of things.  If it is true about the players being "runners" or "non-runners", it's not right.  There really is no point in having that in the SIM anymore than there would be a "HR hitter" or "non HR hitter"
7/2/2010 3:19 PM (edited)
Getting back to OF arms---------games like Strat-o-matic and APBA incorporate throwing arms(and pretty accurately as I recall), so the resources are out there somewhere.
7/4/2010 10:01 AM
Strat-o bases those ratings based on stats and rep, example Gene Richards had a +1 rating (increases runners chance of sucess by 5%) although he had 21 assits. Players like Yaz kaline and Clemente were always Minus 3 or better.(decreasing runner by 15 %)
7/4/2010 11:58 AM
Thanks for the input guys.  I know there has to be somehow to incorporate it into the game somehow.  There hasn't always been all of the stats on players that there are now, but WIS has been able to still incorporate alot of things into the game anyway.  I'm sure they can somehow put this in as well.
7/4/2010 8:11 PM
Two items in this thread:

OF Arms -- With the next SLB update (extensive UI redesign that will put us in great position to add more features down the road with a wider format and much cleaner framework), we'll be adding OF position for each player now that we have some more data tied to LF/CF/RF rather than just OF. Adding OF arm ratings will be a natural progression after that.

SB Attempts -- there is a hard cutoff that adjusts based on user setting.I personally don't like it this way, but we received too many complaints when players would end the season going 4/12 or 6/16.  We can always go back the other way -- it's more realistic that way but folks just don't like seeing average runners get thrown out.
7/5/2010 4:23 PM
Thanks tzent, but I would rather have a guy that went 12 for 12 in real life and set at 4 not have zero attempts for a whole season in WIS.  Plus if guys have a poor percentage in real life we should have them down for a 1 or 2 setting anyway.
7/6/2010 6:03 AM
Old thread -- wanted to let you guys know the SB part of this discussion has been addressed and will be part of next engine update coming very soon.
12/14/2012 5:02 PM
Posted by grayfoxx on 7/4/2010 10:01:00 AM (view original):
Getting back to OF arms---------games like Strat-o-matic and APBA incorporate throwing arms(and pretty accurately as I recall), so the resources are out there somewhere.
This is interesting, that the "client-base" here recalls games, such as mentioned above...

There was a simplicity in Strat-0-Matic, that wasn't attainable w/ APBA... All of that stuff of
legends (among our peers, & within our mind's images) & who was the best "whatever"
was always an issue... Strat-0-Matic was user friendly simply because they gave lots of
attention to their "client-base"... They paid attention to Roberto Clemente's arm, because
everyone else around them ALSO revered that right-fielder... The same can be said about
a similar defenseman in the WiS NHL database, named Doug Harvey... Back then, when
Strat-O-Matic originated, there was no hockey among their products initially, but that still
did not stop anyone from declaring that Doug Harvey was the greatest at that time...

Point is, despite capturing all the awesomely complicated nuances of legendary players,
in any sport, ---these games here are still somewhat a proving ground that some aspect
of legendary performance can be accomplished, in a simulated place, much like & in the
same manner with which our ("the "client-base") mind's also work...

Strat-0-Matic did all of this relying on the simple mathematics of all possible combinations
of what happens when you roll 3 'six-sided' dice... 1st off, ---the dynamics of 2 simple dice,
produce 36 combinations... Although each number stands alone randomly, the number '7'
has the highest frequency of appearing in each roll... However, once U add that 3rd dice, it
increases to 648 combinations of ways to hit a number...  

Relating this to the simplicity of complex legendary performances, wherein we all EXPECT
to come to this place, knowing that Babe Ruth hits homeruns like no one else, & ---Roberto
Clemente's arm is as legendary as Ruth's bat, but somehow the numbers generated by all
modern computers these days, ---well, am for sure convinced if you can't make Clemente's
arm as good as "legend" & the "client-base" deem it should be, then keep trying other math
applications, until you get it right... The goal is to make Clemente's arm the best arm here...

Lastly, ---Strat-0-Matic's rating system was simple... According to their 'charts', an attempt
to steal was (of course) the manger's choice... Their game evolved in the early 70's, & you
did not run on Johnny Bench, or Clemente... The odds of the dice didn't favor success, & it
was meant to deter the attempt... The 'king' arm-of-the-gods was minus-five (-5) which had
already been attached to previous seasons of Clemente... The Strat-0-Matic card that came
out after Clemente died, ---epitomized what he would be remembered most for (his deadly
accurate cannon-like arm), & changed the highest arm-rating to a minus-six (-6)... Recall a
a bunch of those games w/ my peers, & guys like Dave Winfield & Barry's dad, Bobby, were
also feared arms with (-4) ratings, but, ---nothing compared to the confidence of a Roberto
Clemente there in right-field...

The minus number of the arm was simply subtracted from a runner's rating... Strat-0-Matic
also invented a twenty-sided dice piece... On a scale of 1-20, the best that Lou Brock or any
other runner could acheive, was a rating of 1-17 (85%) as a success rate on the next roll, if
you decide to steal, or take the extra base, on a single... Against Clemente's (-6) arm though,
that Brock is now down to a 1-11 (55%) success, & 9 other numbers in your next roll will get
him thrown out... That particular season also had Reggie Jackson's highest arm rating, at a
(-4), but now the odds are more favorable, as Lou Brock would advance, 2 out of 3 times...

Here's the side note to dwell upon... Say the SIM-world is perfect, & magically Fred Lynn has
stolen 10 bases in 13 attempts, after 160 games, everytime, ---just because there are MORE
Clemente's being used, instead of Canseco's... The success of 12 SB's in 12 attempts, often
can be remedied by something we called "Stolen-Base-Attempts-In-Reserve"... Rounding off
a few numbers, the overall regular season is 6 months long, meaning that Fred Lynn tries to
steal a base, twice-a-month... September is more intense than June... Let's give him a stolen
base attempt every 12 games... He can steal one now, or you can save those attempts, to use
in September... Yes, & great if he has stolen 1 base in May, and 1 in July... But, the situation is
bound to arise... You may need him to take advantage of "classic" mid-September SB stealing
opportunities, twice in his next 7 games... His stats that year show 5 of those stolen bases in
September... The SIM here won't allow abuse with over-running strategies...

It's like the NBA's 3-point offense, playing catch-up with a few minutes to go... If a player like
Elton Brand makes 1 (Hail Mary!) '3-point' basket in his career, the computer logs him in as
a 1,000% shooter... The SIM here then allowed him to score more than 50 points in the last
5 minutes of the game, on something like 13 out of 13 shooting 30 footers... Whatta glitch...

Whether yourself, or Sparky, am looking forward to ANY changes in the new update to show
a tendency to preserve the top-quality of those legendary players, above all others... 4-sure...

12/28/2012 5:08 PM (edited)
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