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I've been doing my own little Hardball Dynasty News show for a few months now and have had help from a group of bloggers and co-hosts. Everyone ends up wanting to try thier hand at the radio and we've decided to get together and just team up to do a radio show/blog together for Hardball Dynasty.

Right now tomjames, kneeneighbor, & myself have agreed to work together on a new version. We feel this will improve the show and possibly draw more people over into Whatifsports at some point. If you are interested in being an admin on the blog and/or a radio host on the station then sitemail me. We'll start working out whatever details in a week when tomjames returns from vacation.

I will continue to run my regulary scheduled Harball Dynasty News until that point. My player is located on the hbdnews.blogspot.com blog or most of the leagues Im in blog.

The show runs everyday 5:30pm-7:30pm Pacific. Check it out. If you would like your league covered then you can sitemail me for that too. Thanks.
6/30/2010 10:54 PM
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Hi guys FW_Kekionga is back at it after a short break. Understand that its summer and the guys are busy with real life and vacations. TomJames is still on vacation so the team awaits him returning. I've been doing the show most days through my own station, but all that will change whenever the details are worked out. We'll have to replace all the players with our new stations player/button.

FW_Kekionga is going to be adding RSS feeds from all the blogs and is planning on making a poll on the best blogs. They will have the dates/times things are posted and we will use the info on our show. If your blog hasn't been used or has had no activity then chances are you won't be covered by the station at least right now. All the info from all the blogs that we include will be on our own hbdnews.blogspot.com blog.

So far we have the same 4 guys that will work on it. FW_Kekionga will do most of the blogging. I'll do mostly radio and TomJames & kneeneighbor will do both. That may change over time. We still are looking for guys who want to have a hand in it. We'll be hammering the details out soon so step up and get involved.

The Player for the station are in most of my leagues blog and maybe Pete Rose & Long Haul R Us also. Barring that you can go directly to Blogtalkradio and sign up and do your own. They have free accounts that only require an email. You also need an account to listen AND be able to chat on the BTR chats during the live shows. We do have the kRadio chat in most of the blogs also but we are trying to lean towards using the btr one for shows because its easier to use.

Anyways until we get started full bore we are looking for more guys to help out on the radio & blog. Sitemail me. Until then I will be running the show through my own blogtalkradio.com/knucklebones station as I've been doing right along for over 3 months now. The show runs at 5:30pm-7:30pm pacific (sometimes 6 days, sometimes 7- you can see when I have them on the schedule and also listen to podcasts) Only the episodes that include HBD news on the show name are related to this site.

So in a nutshell we're covering your league if you have a blogger. With the amount of leagues we'll be doing the most recent news from the blogs. If theres too much we'll pick the best news. I made an effort to follow everyones blogs before but that didn't work out. This RSS feed idea is great. Anyways come listen or join up with us or do your own thing.

7/7/2010 6:12 PM
I was wondering why you were following my world's blog, when it's been quite a few seasons since you played there.
7/7/2010 6:52 PM
Yeah that is why I was following. Now with the help of FW_Kekionga we can follow everyones blog through the RSS feed. I will edit the description AFTER every show so you guys can see what was on the podcast and not have to search through to find news on your leagues. If you would like to help with the station you still have time before we get going. This goes out to everyone.

I wish I could play in all 200 leagues but I dont have time or money for it. Through our station I'll know whats going on in most of them. If owners give me a heads up I can help you recruit on the air. If you would like a special episode done just hit one of us up in sitemail. :)
7/7/2010 10:46 PM
Todays episode: Clarkson - playoff predictions (halfway point), Cobbfather - Power Rankings (39 games) Alexander - 15 season win totals per franchise
7/7/2010 10:59 PM
Updated the site with the master list of RSS feeds, and started a new feature - the HBD Blog Post Hall of Fame.  Check it out and get involved!
7/8/2010 7:38 PM
HBD Blog Post HoF - Devils Ball(Submit your HoF Post candidates to FW_Kekionga and we'll get them on the hbdnews.blogspot.com HoF) ~Ballpark Franks Owner Illustrated II(Great hot chicks in baseball garb and x-rated humor) ~ Clarkson League Pat Sutton 300 Ws!!! ~Cobbfather James Haselman Press conference (no.1 Pick) ~ Doubleday 10th anniversary baseball card (Check it out) ~ Mantle Tecs useless trivia (16 season W-L and Playoff appearances per franchise) ~ Rizzuto Playoff News Wildcard Round ~ Shoeless Joe All Star Snubs (Great Blog!) Music by edward meeker(take me out to the ballgame), Payday Monsanto (Various), Valley Lodge (Hey)  

We will run news as you blog it and as time permits.

Submit your best blog posts for our HBD News blog post HoF - hbdnews.blogspot.com
7/8/2010 10:55 PM (edited)
This is such a great community project - thanks knuck. 
7/9/2010 10:01 PM
Appreciate you listening soxfan121. Remember to check out blogtalkradio.com/wistomjames for his first solo episode.

In todays Hardball Dynasty News we ran the following: Ballpark Franks - HBD Musings, observations, & ancedotes, BillyBeane - Getting to know anml34, Clarkson - Diva Las Vegas (Great Story), Evangeline - Season 16 Record Breaking Ws?, Fingers - All Star Game & More, Griffey - League Rules amended, Long Haul R Us - Wichita wins the DD Cup!, Plumpy - Corey Hart gives up singing to play ball, Roy Hobbs - (Great Blog) - Season 9 projections, Ruth - weekly power meter??

Opening music by Ed Meeker (1906?) - Take me out to the ballgame - classic!  As always I play a handful of songs from Payday Monsanto myspace.com/payze.

The new & improved HBD News is on its way. The blog gets better and better each day thanks to FW_Kekionga. TomJames returns this weekend and we'll get the details on the new station hammered out any day now. I plan on taking a couple weeks off in July from the radio and will return beginning of August, but will be on Air until we get the station started.

I am willing to do owner interviews or any interesting stories you may have and want to get on air. Just sitemail me. It can be outside of HBD concerning your business, charity, or anything else.

7/9/2010 11:13 PM
Todays HBD News: Doubleday - Jacksonvill firesale!!, Warning Track World - Draft review 1-20, Ryan - Divisional Round Playoff Preview/Predictions
7/10/2010 10:35 PM
HBD News 7/11 - The Bigs - The War Cry Gazette & Top 3 AL/NL, Clarkson - Trade Happenings, Doubleday - Cleveland Franchise news, Kenny Powers - Season 1 WS preview, Ryan - Season 16 Playoff Preview/Predicitions Divisional Round

Remember to check out our blog hbdnews.blogspot.com. Listen to the show!! Simply push play on the player in the blog 24/7. If red light is blinking, we're on air.
7/12/2010 5:21 PM
Good stuff guys! I listen to the archived stuff after you guys do it. I don't normally have time to get on when you're doing this. 
7/13/2010 1:16 AM
It sounds like you guys are very busy already, but a world chat post on days you are broadcasting about that league would be great.
7/13/2010 11:03 AM
I dont think I can post in individual world chats. Most can't catch us live anyway. I think after a little experience at doing it that editing the shows after I do them will be the best bet. Listening on podcast is just as well. I shouldn't make such a big deal over having people listen live. Too many different time zones.

Im willing to do league specific news by request. I'd need some blog material complete with links to the players you want mentioned. Including the different owner names in the blog also helps. Just sitemail me if you have something big going on and an active blogger.

I'll be on infrequently the next couple of weeks.  
7/13/2010 10:02 PM
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