tark season 72 (checked all teams/confs) -
d2 conference rpi, GLV - .6170
9/27/2012 12:53 PM
Knight Season 53:

.7379   Michigan State University,  coach robdoc3
10/12/2012 10:19 AM
Rupp Season 61

D1 - Texas:  .7259

coach jdno2
10/15/2012 5:29 AM
I'll update, er, at some point.
10/31/2012 2:04 PM (edited)
Posted by isack24 on 9/11/2012 9:56:00 AM (view original):
Posted by alblack56 on 6/16/2012 9:34:00 AM (view original):
Posted by oldwarrior on 5/22/2012 3:54:00 PM (view original):
I propose an * next to a conference that schedules over half it's non-conference games against sims on the road in an attempt to inflate it's RPI.
No * needed for Crum Heartland.  We only played 38 Sim teams, 16 of them on the road.   20 of those games (8 on the road) were from new coaches, who had no control over their scheduling.

Pardon the boasting, but our non-conf record was 120-31 (79.4%).  Our national champion, Lincoln, played it's last 3 games vs. conference mates.

Our NT record was 23-7 and we earned $159,000 for recruiting
Gulf South Allen, with two teams in the championship game tonight, will end with $162,000 total recruiting money ($13,500 per team).

14-0 through the first two rounds.  4 in the E8.  3 in the F4 (the one eliminated was done so by anothe GS team). 

I believe that's a new record.
Don't worry about us.  We just continue to break our own records...

10 teams in.  $166,000 (upping our old money record).  All-GS final for the second straight season.  And we will be setting a new RPI record.

I have to believe billyg will have to stop calling Tark GLV the best D2 conference at some point.  I can't really imagine any objective measure going back 10 seasons in which we aren't pretty obviously the best.  But I'll leave that to the mathematicians :)
10/31/2012 8:56 AM
isack, that's a terrific collection of coaches that you guys have.
10/31/2012 10:20 AM
Thanks, girt.  Wouldn't be many conferences in which I am a middle-of-the-road coach.

And I really wouldn't be this obnoxious about bragging, but I see GLV Tark often come up as the best D2 conference in billy's drunken rants :)  Just pushing them to get even better.
10/31/2012 10:44 AM
yeah, i pretty much have stopped calling us the best non d1 coach of the day. we are still the best non d1 conference dynasty ever, from a long term standpoint, and i dont think that is up for debate, either. and i am glad you guys exist - we are always only a little bit better than we need to be to be #1. when the MIAA came along to challenge us, we were in a slump too (i dont know that id call right now a slump, we did sent 10 to the NT and 2 to the PIT last season, but we are shorter in the top 5 in the country department than we have been previously). but that pushed us up to our greatest even. my hope is you guys being around will do the same for us, too. i suspect us being around helps make you a little bit better as well.

the one thing i will suggest as the only reason we might be a tougher conference than you even in the recent sense, is, who do you have nipping at your heals around you? the MIAA is in our backyard, and at one point, id put them at the #3 short term d2 conf in all of HD, behind us and you guys. they really were doing awesomely for a while, lead by aejones, the top d2/d3 coach by success in the new engine. our territory and theirs overlap to a very significant degree, and if they weren't there, its unquestionable IMO we would have better teams, with better recruits. plus, without them, i think it would be easier at the high end - so i wonder, even not in your region, is there a great conf? for example, a season or two ago, in the f4, there were 2 GLV teams, and 2 from the miaa - and they both won. outside the MIAA, there are not many teams, maybe like 6 or 7 who i could rattle off without thinking, who really could give a good GLV team a run for their money. having a great conference to battle harden teams unquestionably makes them tougher late in the NT, and really if it wasn't for the MIAA, i think we'd have more than 1 more championship than we do right now (and we have pretty many, like, in the 20s i think now).
10/31/2012 5:46 PM
Strength of opposition is something that cannot be controlled by the people in GLV/GSC. 

At this junction, I think it's pretty clear GSC is ahead of GLV in terms of conf strength. GSC has 7 teams in the A/A+ range in prestige, with probably 2 more breaking into the A- territory. Every season, the GSC is putting up conf rpi north of .6000. If I have to pick the best D2 conf in the game right now, it would be GSC by a mile. 
10/31/2012 9:06 PM
while it is true, no conference can control the strength of opposition, would you not consider a d3 3peat in the days of hyper competitive d3 conference to be more meaningful than a 3peat in one of the weakest worlds today? or even, d3 wooden today vs the weaker d3 worlds? i think context is everything when you look at greatness. another example, could OR control, that when he was at uconn in tark, the world and the big 6 conferences were only partially full, being a new world (partially full compared to other worlds) - could he control the level of competition? i dont think so, but it still has to weigh in when you consider the greatness of the one and only 3 peat ever accomplished in HD in d1. unquestionably, its still great, and maybe the greatest accomplishment ever. but i would consider it MORE great if someone else had a d1 3 peat in a fuller, more established world (generally speaking). this environmental context factors are why i personally feel its relatively impossible to say for sure what the greatest HD accomplishments are, what the greatest team dyansties are, and what the greatest conference dyansties are, when its close.

my dynasty lists have always taken into account world strength, which is why you will see OR's uconn 10 year not at the top at the list (well, its still at the top, but not #1) - where as if you only went by rpi and NT success, which are the only 2 factors in the dynasty lists outside of world strength, you would definitely consider him #1. now, even in my world strength calculator, which IMO is sort of unprecedented and allows me to publish cross-world lists, which nobody has even tried before (to my knowledge), it doesnt do anything to calibrate beyond the entire world granularity. i suppose its possible, but it gets REALLY messy.
10/31/2012 11:16 PM
I don't disagree, billy.  I think both you and tianyi have good points.

To answer your questions, no, there isn't really a power conference that challenges us geographically.  There are a couple of really strong conferences (WVIAC and CalCAA).  There are also some really elite teams (Findlay, U of DC, UCSD, UCD).  It's actually those teams, among some other, great second-tier schools that prevented us from pure domination for a while.  But we have kind of moved past that.
10/31/2012 11:26 PM
When it comes to competition, all it takes is one or two team to put a dent in the major conf. I have been stealing NCs away from power conf for 10-20 seasons already with Menlo/Drew on half the recruiting budget, the same way that Aejones took a few NCs from GLV in Tark. Along this line, UDC, UCSD, UCD all had teams in different seasons that in my opinion, were superior to the GSC teams. 
10/31/2012 11:49 PM
for what its worth, i do think you guys have objectively beaten us in the last 10 seasons. however, i will continue to post about us being the best long term conference dynasty outside d1 in HD history, unless you guys continue to beat us for another 10 seasons (or so)  :)

you guys are also 1 a day, which makes it a lot slower to have the length (in terms of seasons) of greatness that we've had, so its not exactly a fair measure. and its also been said (by a GSC coach) that being 1 a day makes it harder to be consistently excellent for the reasons of, keeping a coach for a year or two is probably about equally difficult in 1/day and 2/day worlds, but thats a LOT more seasons for us. but on the same token, you probably have less coaches outside the GSC who have coached their team for say, 10 seasons, and i think it takes coaches at least 1 cycle (4 seasons), and often 2, to really get their program all the way established (its true, a good coach only needs 2 to turn a program around, but that doesnt mean they are at their peak). so im honestly not sure how those things all weigh in.

i have been meaning to run the dynasty list stuff for a long time, although i wish i did it like a week ago, before you guys had your best season ever :) there was a different GLV somewhere who had an insane single season, they still were ahead of us in single season when we owned (destroyed it really) in the 5, 10, 20, and 30 year lists. i think the last time i ran those, we had bigger margins in the list than the top conferences in any other divisions, which is why i continue to call the GLV the best non ACC allen (well, i say non d1, its hard to compare) conference dynasty ever, in the long term sense of the word dynasty. i only ever created 5 season lists so newer coaches could participate, i never felt that meant dynasty, and honestly i always leaned towards the 20 season list, not 10 season list, to determine "best dynasty ever". but "best run ever", i would go with 10 seasons, because that seems more fitting for a "run", which does not necessarily constitute a "dynasty". but anyway, i guess where i was going is, im curious if your single season takes the top spot on the list, now. also, id like to make sure the GLV is at least #2, because if not, its time to raise the battle standards and hit the sitemails to start recruiting some coaches to our cause!

im also curious, you guys have an INSANE group of coaches there. we used to have a lot higher pedigree among our coaches, you really are not competing with us at our prime (we have sent more teams to the NT, but thats partially because of an increased scheduling focus on making the NT - but in terms of dominance at the high end, we are really a lot weaker than we had been - largely, i think, because i was SO out of it for so long there - you know i only made 1 NT in 4 years, at my low? it was bad, so bad, i dropped my dream school UK and all others (except siue), so that i could try to rekindle some passion, and get my team back to respectability. plus i felt bad for not helping the conference at all. and i think i wore off on some of our other top coaches/programs, especially one i mentored from struggling to make the NT to winning 3 titles, he really doesnt seem into it like he was when i was pushing him towards greatness all the time). wow, i am really bad tonight - TERRIBLE actually, in my digressions. in my defense, i had a back procedure, a minor one, and my back was KILLING me earlier today, so i had to take a couple extra pain pills, and then a nap, but im really out of it. whoops, there i go again. anyway, how many coaches do you guys have with multiple championships? at our prime, i think we had 10, but last season, we were down to like 5 or something =( although with tianyi and zbrent joining us, thats 2 more! very exciting.
11/1/2012 2:11 AM
season 59 Allen - D III Conference. NAC .6345
11/1/2012 5:44 AM
And to Season 59, Allen, you can also add:

D1: ACC - .6459

D2: Gulf South - .6259

I checked all teams.
11/1/2012 9:02 AM
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