Regarding the Parnell/McCarthy fatigue issue - as an A's fan I very much thought you were talking about Brandon McCarthy. He's been a very interesting case of fatigue management. He has a nagging injury and basically only pitches when he "feels it", which could be on normal rest, or 9 or 15 days later. It's actually very similar looking to an understocked SP in WIS. Sometimes the guy just can't go.

Also, since I'm talking about him, Brandon McCarthy is a Hall of Fame worthy twitter poster.
7/23/2012 1:16 PM
Bump...just because.
8/2/2013 11:40 AM
Posted by contrarian23 on 8/2/2013 11:40:00 AM (view original):
Bump...just because.
Much appreciated
8/4/2013 9:21 PM
Bump for 2014
8/1/2014 4:22 PM
This comes from the realm of collegiate (well, sort of) athletics... To "Coug It" refers to having victory almost assured, only to lose at the end. In this tournament, that could refer to a player who's team gets to the "Magic Number" of 2 or less, only to miss out on the playoffs.
8/1/2014 8:36 PM
ANY possible way we can work Latrell Spreewell into this "Lingo"????? Any ideas will be welcome.............
8/1/2014 9:16 PM
I made my first ever appearance in the top 24 today and thought to myself, "I'm in the Cage!" in the voice of Andy Samberg playing Nic Cage on SNL. Thanks contrarian23!
8/18/2014 6:17 PM
Aaaaaand a Mauch overnight throws me out of the Cage. I'm finding this forum post very helpful.
8/19/2014 11:41 AM
Annual lingo bump
7/13/2015 1:29 AM

I checked the standings for the first time today and was pleased to find myself in The Cage.  PM1 and PM2 games I went one loss short of a Double Schwarze (1-11)...

I propose calling this a Schrodinger.  I opened the box and now the cat is dead. 

8/10/2015 6:40 PM
A forum thread with quantum physics is a good forum thread!
8/11/2015 1:31 AM
Posted by kyleb63 on 8/10/2015 6:40:00 PM (view original):

I checked the standings for the first time today and was pleased to find myself in The Cage.  PM1 and PM2 games I went one loss short of a Double Schwarze (1-11)...

I propose calling this a Schrodinger.  I opened the box and now the cat is dead. 

I believe that would be one loss short of a double-mauch.  Perhaps a double mauch-iato (extra WHIP!)
8/12/2015 5:05 PM
You're right, slainte.  That's what I get for not referring back to the original post!
8/13/2015 11:44 AM
Posted by contrarian23 on 8/24/2010 9:19:00 PM (view original):

Wide awake at 3AM this morning as a result of jet lag coming back from Australia, and I decided we need to introduce some WISC lingo to talk about the various idiosyncrasies of this tournament....weigh in with suggestions that will no doubt be an improvement over these:

The Cage - Refers to the top 24 in the standings.  Partly because round 2 of the WISC resembles a steel cage match (fight to the death) and because "cage" has a nice secondary baseball meaning (as in batting cage).  Usage: "I've been flirting with The Cage so far, but have not won consistently enough to secure my place in it."

Schwarze - To go 6-0 in any particular set of games.  Named, of course, after the illustrious founder of the event.  Variations include "double schwarze" for consecutive 6-0 rounds, "triple schwarze" for going 18-0 across any given day, etc.  Usage: "I schwarzed the PM2 round today to get back in The Cage."

Mauch - Inverse of Schwarze: 0-6.  Thought about naming this one after my least favorite WIS owners but decided too many people out there would rename it "The Contrarian."  Went with Mauch in homage to the 1964 Phillies, even though I think he got a bit of a bad rap for that season.  Has a nice ring to it, plus it allows for variations like Mauch 2 and Mauch 3.  Usage: "I needed a triple schwarze today but I pulled a Mauch 2 instead."

Spider - When you totally screw up a team, with a record so abysmal it potentially sinks any chance you have of advancing to round 2.  In homage to the glorious 1899 Cleveland Spiders, of course.   Usage: "I spidered my 80M team and have no chance of getting to The Cage."

It appears that some people are getting confused on what an 0-6 session is called.  It's not called a "schwarze". 

Although, I have no qualms about calling an 0-6 session, where all six losses are by 1 -run a "schwarze".
9/3/2015 2:30 PM
An "EJ" - The ill-advised misuse of WIS lingo.
9/5/2015 7:20 AM
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