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Recruit #1: David Ware

I needed two guards for this class, primarily to play SG.  Ware was not a top option to begin with, but he became our best option.  With high-high potential in defense, he will be a good enough defender to play in the ACC.  He'll be a good shooter and passer, but his handles aren't what I would hope for.  Overall, he's pretty good, but not great.
7/16/2012 1:22 PM
Recruit #2: Michael Eckhart

He has some big weaknesses, like his very low defense and his low rebounding (it's low-high so it'll never be great), but he also has great strengths; high-high in athleticism, low post, and perimeter (not sure about BH).  He'll be a great athletic shooter off the bench for (hopefully) the next 3 years, although he may end up starting earlier if Christian goes pro.  
7/16/2012 1:27 PM
Recruit #3: Thomas More

With high-high potential in LP and Per (and speed unknown), I think he could develop into a stellar PF for us.  He's not going to be overly athletic, but he should end up being able to score and rebound.  Like Ware, he's a guy who's going to be good and not great.  
7/16/2012 1:30 PM
Recruit #4: Tim Braden

An unranked C from MD, Braden may be my favorite player in this class.  He has high-high potential in Ath, Reb, SB, and Def, which means he should get to around 90+ in all of them.  I like to think of him as a Tyson Chandler-type players: tons of defense and his offense is coming off of dunks and put backs.  Also, he'll be taking a RS this year because More is more ready to play and I already have Neil Kelley who is going to be in this class (inel last year).  
7/16/2012 1:42 PM
Recruit #5: William DuBois

Since we're going to be bad again this year, he might actually start to get his lowly 25 WE up.  He has high-high potential in rebounding, defense, and ball handling, low-high in speed, LP and Per (obviously).  I am really hoping ath is high-high, although I didn't scout enough to find out because I knew he was good enough anyway to be a backup SG, which is all I really need from him.  If he is high-high in ath, he could really be a gem, possibly even get drafted (if it gets in the 80s).  

7/16/2012 1:48 PM
This year's recruiting class was obviously not as highly ranked as last year's, but they have a lot of potential and could end up being very good.  Plus, most of them will be backups for three years and these are some damn good backups.  
7/16/2012 5:16 PM
This was supposed to be in the recruiting diary, but I can't figure out how to hyperlink in excel google doc and I don't have any damning info here, so it's going on the forums!

Player State Pos. Signed with Prediction 8pm Notes 11pm Notes 2am Notes 8am 11am 2pm 11pm 11am 5pm (poaching time) 8pm 11pm 11am 2pm
Elite Recruits                                 -      
Stacy Smith NC C  UNC Duke/UNC UNC   UNC   -       UNC       UNC      
Michael Arend NC SF  UNC

Duke/UNC UNC   UNC   -       UNC       UNC      
Melvin Bunger NC C  Duke Duke/UNC Duke   Duke   -       Duke       Duke      
Ronald Stransky NC PF  UNC Duke/UNC UNC   UNC   -       UNC       UNC      
Brandon Bowman NC PG  UNC Duke/UNC…G'Town? Duke   Duke   -       Duke     UNC, Duke UNC, Duke   UNC  
William Delapaz SC SF  South Carolina USC will try and lose to Duke/UNC Duke and USC   Duke and USC   -       Duke, USC       USC, Duke   USC, Duke  
Richard Jones TN SG  Indiana Kentucky B+ sim Missouri No one thinks he's quite good enough to battle for yet Missouri, Indiana, Ill   Indiana       Indiana       Indiana      
Douglas Neer TN SG  Miami Tennessee Miami and UNC Woah!  Did not see Miami going 700 miles to get him Miami   -       Miami       Miami      
James Jackson FL SG  Miami Miami 100% Miami   Miami   -       Miami       Miami      
Robert Keyes FL PF  LSU Miami LSU   LSU   -       LSU       LSU      
Good Recruits                                 -      
Robert Stokes NC PF  Wake WF/Clem/Maryland/Char None   WF and Charlotte Looks like I got this right -     WF WF       Wake      
Marc Wilson NC SG  Louisville WF/Clem/Maryland/Char None   Tennessee   -       UT UT, Louisville Louisville   Louisville      
David Ware NC PG  NC State WF/Clem/Maryland/Char None   None Gonna throw my hat in the ring here, I expect 2 or 3 others as well Charlotte, UVA, Tennessee High-high in Def, I'm gonna watch to see if I could jump in late here NCSU, UVA, Tennessee NCSU NC St.       NC St., UVA NC St, UVA NC State  
Terry Tremper NC SG  Clemson NC State! NCSU, Clem, Duke, UGA  Evals came back not so hot, gonna wait on him NCSU, Clem, UGA Hmm no one making a move yet Clemson       Clemson       Clemson      
Thomas More NC C  NC State NC State! NCSU, Duke He's not worth enough to Duke for them to battle me NCSU   -       NC St.       NC State      
Stephen Branham VA C  WVU   WVU   WVU   -       WVU       WVU      
Donald Teter SC SF  UNC Clemson UNC Oh well UNC   -       UNC       UNC      
Vincent Smith  SC SG  Wake   Wake   Wake   -       Wake       Wake      
Henry MacGregor SC PF  Tennessee Clemson None   None   -       Tennessee       Tennessee      
Robert Boyle TN SG  Kentucky SEC School None   UK and Charlotte   UK       Kentucky       Kentucky      
Ali Forman TN PF  Kentucky Kentucky None   UK, Tenn, Illinois   UK, Illinois       Kentucky       Kentucky      
Steven Lilley FL PF  ND Florida or Fla St. None   None   Tennessee, ND       ND       Notre Dame      
Roger Robinson FL C  Florida Maybe Miami b/c he's from there WF Good for uglyskunk WF   -       WF       NC St. Florida Florida  
Edward Hildreth FL C  Miami Florida St. South Florida   USF   -       USF, OK St.       USF, OK St. USF, OK St. USF, OK St, Arkansas, Miami  
Decent Recruits                                 -      
Steven Cunningham NC C  Duke Big 6 Duke I guess he's a decent pick up for them Duke   -       Duke     Wake Wake      
Bradley Hamburg NC PF  Winthrop Interested to see if big 6, prob MM None   Winthrop, Tenn Tech   -       Winthrop       Winthrop      
Patrick Surface NC SF  Davidson low mid-major None   Davidson   -       Davidson       Davidson      
Kevin Olivarez NC SG  Clemson WF Georgia   Clemson   -       Clemson       Clemson      
Bobby Wetherell MD SF  Penn St. Maryland Penn State   PSU   -       Penn St.       Penn State      
Henry House MD SF  Georgetown NC State! Georgetown Didn't see this one coming, not gonna battle though G'Town   -       G'Town       Georgetown      
Tim Braden MD C  NC State NC State! NCSU, Maryland, Shipp (D2) HOLY CRAP amazing evals, 4 high-high in his cores NCSU   -       NC St.       NC State      
Terry White MD SF  UMES   Sam Houston State (sim)   SHSU   SHSU, UMES       SHSU, UMES       SHSU, UMES SHSU, UMES UMES  
William DuBois VA PG  NC State NC State! NCSU as expected NCSU   -       NC St.       NC State      
Stephen Johnson VA SG  Ohio   Ohio coached by mchristman! Ohio Can't talk myself into him yet -       Ohio       Ohio      
Thomas Lingenfelter VA C  Richmond   Ohio   Ohio   Ohio, Richmond       Ohio, UR Richmond     Richmond      
Mike Dorsey VA C  Quinnipiac great value for low-MM (D range)
None   None           Xavier       Undecided Richmond Quinnipiac Quinnipiac
John King VA C  Bluefield St. Same as Dorsey, maybe D None   None   None       None       Undecided   Bluefield State (C+, D2)  
John Carroll SC PF  Alabama   None (I think)   Alabama   -       Alabama       Alabama      
William Lewis SC PF  Tennessee Tech   ?   Tenn Tech   -       Tenn Tech       Tennessee Tech      
Phillip Thompson SC PF     None   None   -       None       Undecided      
Michael Eckhart SC SF  NC State Big 6 None He's my new SF target now that House is gone NCSU Damn, great evals -       NC St.       NC State      
Brent Bragdon SC SF  Eastern Kentucky Decent MM None   None   -   E. Kentucky   EKU       Eastern Kentucky      
Gregory Campbell SC C  Clemson Starting right away at MM or WF None   None   -     Clemson Clemson       Clemson      
Kyle Grove SC C  Clemson WF or Clemson  None   None   Clemson Nice     Clemson       Clemson      
Richard Turner SC PF  YSU   Youngstown St (C+ sim)   YSU   -       YSU       Youngstown State      
Michael Kaiser SC PG Clemson    None   Clemson   -       Clemson       Clemson      
David Farrell GA C  Winthrop   Winthrop   Winthrop   -       Winthrop       Winthrop      
John Dietz (JUCO) GA PF  YSU   Youngstown St (C+ sim)   YSU   -       YSU       Youngstown State      
Sean Joslyn TN PF  GT   None   UK   UK, GT     GT GT       Georgia Tech      
Christopher Taylor TN PF  UTC   Butler   Butler   -     Butler, UT-Chatanooga But, UTC       Butler, UTC   UTC  
Timothey Delvalle TN C  Mississippi St.
  ?   Miss St., Butler   -       But, Miss St.       Butler, Mississippi St.   Mississippi State  
Jonathan McKenna FL SG  Florida B or less None   None   -   Miami   Maimi   Florida   Florida      
William Billips FL SF  GT Decent team, no Ds here None   None   -       None GT     Georgia Tech      
William Emmons FL C  FAU
good mid-major from FLA Florida Atlantic   FAU   -       FAU       Florida Atlantic      
James Smith FL PG  FAU good mid-major from FLA Florida Atlantic   FAU   -       FAU       Florida Atlantic      
Robert Bryant FL PF  Wake good mid-major from FLA None   None   -       None       Central Floria Central Florida Wake Forest Wake Forest
Harry McAleer FL C   low, but I'm interested to see where None   None   -       None       Undecided Undecided Undecided  
7/17/2012 5:00 PM (edited)
We went 9-18 this year, but we won 5 games in the ACC and upset a ranked FSU team towards the end of the year.  We did make some good progress towards the end of the year.  

Eckhart's ATH and PER just turned black and Braden's ATH just turned black.  Christian's LP cap is 99 and PER is 93.  Glanz LP cap is 88 or 89 (I believe).  I am very excited about Christian's development (obviously, hope he doesn't leave, I think there's a very slim chance of that).  Moore's improvement has also been awesome, hopefully he can get 95 LP or so.  He reminds me a lot of Gilberto Romano of my old Nevada team.  

8/6/2012 1:55 PM
Recruit #1: Richard Slater

I knew I wanted to cut Neil Kelley this year (signed by Richmond) and I’d have to bring in 2 guys with one scholarship’s worth of money. I ended up scouting a few guys and decided that my best play was to go with Slater. He came cheap, I had to spend a whopping $1k to scout him and then bring him in. He’s low-high in athleticism, which isn’t ideal, but he’s high-high in LP, which is what I needed to know before I recruited him. I wish there was a way to know that his LP would cap at 95 instead of 60, but it’s a risk I’m going to have to take. Also, his defense is lower than what I would hope for, so I know he’s not a great recruit, but he has the upside (albeit way down the line) to be an athletic rebounder and scorer who can block shots, and that is a valuable piece to have when you only had to spend 1k to bring it in.
8/19/2012 4:50 PM
Recruit #2: Steven Rogers

Unlike Slater, Rogers did not come cheap. I spent 31k on Rogers (battling Richmond), which was the majority of my budget. I believe I had 38k or so to start, spent a bunch on scouting-and by scouting I don’t just mean FSS…too many people think that’s all scouting is. Scouting is FSS as well as sending evals to a bunch of potential recruits to see where their high-high potentials are. If you’re not finding guys with high-high potentials, you’re not finding the guys who are going to help you make deep runs in the tournament. Rogers is a guy with a lot of high-high potentials. Every high potential is a high-high (except for PER, but that will be in the 90s without high-high so I didn’t really need it there), which will make Rogers into a great scorer by the time he’s done at NC State. Obviously I wish his rebounding were better, but I really don’t have any other complaints. Overall, I’m extremely pumped to get a guy like Rogers with such little money available.

EDIT: ACC POY, not bad for the 70th ranked SF. 
1/13/2013 3:26 PM (edited)
Player Pos State Prediction Signed With 8pm 11pm 2am 8am 11am 8pm 11am 8pm
Elite Players                        
Ivan Henry C NC UNC Indiana UNC UNC UNC UNC     UNC, Indiana Indiana (leading), UNC
Randy Stahl SF WV Pitt West Virginia WVU WVU WVU WVU     West Virginia Signed
Frankie Dailey SG NC Duke  UNC Duke Duke Duke Duke   Duke, UNC UNC (leading), Duke UNC (leading), Duke
Robert Calabro C DC Pitt/UNC/Duke Providence Providence Providence Providence Providence     Providence Signed
Joseph Laboy SG NC Duke/UNC/USC UNC Duke UNC and Duke UNC/Duke UNC/Duke     UNC, Duke Duke (leading), UNC
William Thompson SG SC South Carolina South Carolina USC USC USC/Clemson USC/Clemson     USC (leading), Clemson USC (leading), Clemson
Randy Mitchell PG SC South Carolina South Carolina USC USC USC/Clemson USC/Clemson USC   USC Signed
Good Recruits                        
Michael Ludwick (JC) SF NC Duke Duke Duke Duke Duke Duke     Duke Signed
Karl Lewis (JC) SG MD Duke St. Joe's St. Joe's St. Joe's St. Joe's St. Joe's     St. Joe's Signed
Phillip Henderson SF WV WVU/UVA Pitt UVA UVA Pitt/UVA Pitt/UVA   Pitt/UVA Pitt Pitt/UVA
Lonnie Hamilton C NC Duke/UNC/UVA/Clemson Virginia Tech VT (sim) VT VT VT     Virginia Tech Signed
Earl Burrell C NC Wake/GT/UVA Clemson Jacksonville St. (C+) JSU/Richmond UR/Clem UR/Clemson     Clemson (leading), Richmond Clemson (leading), Richmond
James Tuohy SG WV NC State/WVU/Pitt/UVA West Virginia WVU WVU WVU WVU     West Virginia Signed
Steven Rogers SF MD NC State/Maryland/UVA NC State NC State NC State NCSU/UR NCSU/UR     NC State (leading), Richmond NC State (leading), Richmond
Richard Slater C MD Maryland NC State None None None NC State     NC State Signed
Martin Reynolds PG WV B-ish Charleston So. Charleston So. (sim) Charleston So. Charles So. Charles So.     Charleston So. Signed
Decent Recruits                        
Jonathan Boyd SF MD Hopefully nobody good Penn None Penn Penn Penn     Penn Signed
James Shaw C VA …Richmond? Dayton None Dayton Dayton Dayton     Dayton Signed
Daniel Grant SF VA Richmond Kansas State Kansas St. (B) KSU KSU KSU     KSU Signed
Jeremy Ruddy PF MD GW? Penn None None Pitt/Penn Penn     Penn Signed
Thomas Covington SF SC Winthrop Tennessee Tech None None Tenn Tech Tenn Tech     Tenn Tech Signed
Michael Broomfield C SC Davidson Tennessee Tech Tenn Tech © Tenn Tech Tenn Tech Tenn Tech     Tenn Tech Signed
Charles Minjares (JC) PF MD D from the north Drexel None Drexel Drexel Drexel     Drexel Signed
Zane Malcom (JC) PF MD D range from the north Penn State Sacred Heart (sim) Sacred Heart Sacred Heart Sacred Heart   Penn State Penn State Signed
Brett Brown PF NC UNC Greensboro Tennessee Tech None None Tenn Tech Tenn Tech     Tenn Tech Signed
Larry Hewlett PG VA Richmond Maryland None UVA/Maryland Maryland Maryland     Maryland Signed
Charles Barfield SG VA C- mid-major Alabama None None None None   Alabama Alabama Signed
Brian Portillo PF NC Charlotte Ohio None None Flo. A&M, X, Oh F A&M, X, Ohio F A&M, Ohio Ohio Ohio Signed
Mark Tipton SG MD C mid-major Ohio None Ohio Ohio Ohio     Ohio Signed
Otto Unger PF SC Decent mid-major Vanderbilt None None None Vandy     Vandy Signed
Nestor Clem SF SC Decent mid-major Jacksonville Jacksonville (C-) Jacksonville Jacksonville Jacksonville     Jacksonville Signed
Erick Rhee (JC) C NC High D low C NCCU Paine (A+ D2) Paine and NCCU NCCU/Paine NCCU     NCCU Signed
Tracy Davis PG SC D+ Clemson Winthrop (D+) Winthrop Winthrop Winthrop     Winthrop Clemson/Winthrop
Henry Jerowski PF VA D range southern GW None None None None   GW GW GW…no committ
Jonathan Hughes PF SC D range southern Jacksonville None None None None     Jacksonville, Navy Signed
Clayton Phillips PF NC D- or D, no higher St. Francis St. Frances (sim) St. Francis St. Francis St. Francis     St. Francis  Signed
Shane Callihan SG NC D- or D, no higher Duke Troy (sim), DUKE?? Troy and Duke Troy, Duke Troy, Duke     Duke, Troy Duke (leading), Troy
Tommy Perkins PF SC D range (b/c of inel) Murray St. Murray St. (sim) Murray St. Murray St. Murray St.     Murray St. Signed
Robert Dabbs PF NC D+ to C- school Catawba Catawba (A D2) Catawba Catawba Catawba     Catawba Signed
Chris Albert SG NC D range NC school Duke DUKE??? Duke Duke Duke     Duke Signed
Stephen Fenn PG VA Damn good D2 FGC None None None None   FGC FGC Signed
Manuel Thompson PG SC D range southern school ECU ECU, Winthrop ECU ECU ECU     ECU Signed
8/19/2012 6:39 PM (edited)
We had a good run this year, going 14-2 in the ACC and getting a 5 seed.  We barely won our first game against Navy and then upset 4 seed Pitt on a half-court shot at the buzzer.  We went down to 1 seed Michigan State in the sweet 16, but making the sweet 16 with no seniors in quite an accomplishment.  Now the real question is, will 1st team all-american and ACC POY Jimmy Christian return for his senior season?  He's the difference between finally being a contender to go deep in the tournament and being a 1st round exit type of team next season.  Here's this year's team:

9/8/2012 5:13 PM
Jimmy Christian declared for the draft last night, leaving my hopes and dreams of a deep NT run shattered.  It's not like this was unexpected though, I have two SFs on the roster for expressly this scenario.  Unfortunately, Eckhart is a marginal starter (at best) and while I expect Steven Rogers to be very good down the line, he's just not ready yet.  We'll still be good next year, but we have a bunch of guys who are #2 and #3 scorers and no one to really carry the scoring load.  I think JC has been my favorite NC State player so far, so here's to hoping he goes high in the draft!  Here are his final ratings:

9/10/2012 11:02 AM
Recruit #1: Robert Steverson

Recruiting this year was very uneventful.  With only one open scholarship, I knew I needed to get a guard because my roster is very big man heavy right now.  We have two quality SFs who won't be leaving soon, so a guard was our only need.  I decided to stay local (10 miles) and ended up getting on Steverson on the very first cycle and I encountered no resistance whatsoever.  I didn't do my normal recruit-tracking this  year because I didn't need to scout many states to find a good target and without a comprehensive look at the area, there's really no point in closely examining recruiting.  Steverson has high-high in Per and BH, so he'll definitely be able to score down the line.  He won't be the fastest, but I'd say he's a pretty good recruit for only having 1 opening.

9/18/2012 3:33 PM
We had a decent year, all things considered (namely a strong ACC and a lack of Jimmy Christian).  We had several solid non-conference wins, which helped us when we started to struggle a bit in the ACC.  We went 10-6 in the ACC and finished 2nd in the division.  We ended up with an 8 seed, matched up with St. Joe's in the first round.  We won fairly comfortably, but in the 2nd round we faced 1 seed Texas Tech, who handled us with ease.  WIthout Christian, I am happy we were able to win an NT game, I just wish I could have seen what we would have been with him.  Some of our graduating seniors from my best class ever finished up there in the NC State Record books: Glanz and Johnson finished 4th and 5th in rebounds and 12th and 5th in blocks, respectively.  Glanz was also 12th in FG%.  John Conner is the all-time assists leader by a large margin as well as 12th in steals.  As of right now, junior David Ware (1st-team all-ACC this past season) is leading in all-time 3pt% and is 6th in FT%.  I'll miss this class and I look forward to reloading in this upcoming recruiting class.  
10/9/2012 2:57 PM
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