Welcome ACC and BIG 10 coaches! The ACC will host the Season 36 challenge. I randomized the matchups and below are the Season 36 Matchups.  If there are any issues, please let me know. 

Game # Away   Home
6  Iowa  @ Virginia 
6  Michigan St.  @ Boston College 
6  Purdue  @ Georgia Tech 
6  Notre Dame  @ Clemson 
6  Ohio St.  @ N. Carolina St. 
6  Indiana  @ Duke 
6  Northwestern  @ Virginia Tech 
6  Wisconsin  @ UNC 
6  Illinois  @ Florida St. 
6  Minnesota  @ Wake Forest 
6  Penn St.  @ Miami (FL) 
10 Michigan  @ Maryland 

3/18/2011 4:09 PM
Thanks for putting it together, Coach!
3/19/2011 2:50 AM

What does the schedule look like for Season 37?

4/10/2011 2:24 PM
For Season 37 and possibly moving forward, Professor and I discussed and feel this is a fair way to set the pairings.  So we used total conference wins over the past 2 seasons, using average RPI for those 2 seasons for any tie-breakers. If we do that, here's what the conference rankings would be:

1. Duke (24 wins; RPI tie-breaker: 5)
2. Florida St. (24; RPI tie-breaker: 7)
3. Boston College (22)
4. NC State (18 wins; RPI tie-breaker: 14)
5. Georgia Tech (18 wins; RPI tie-breaker: 31.5)
6. Maryland (17)
7. North Carolina (16)
8. Wake Forest (12)
9. Virginia (11 wins; RPI tie-breaker: 54)
10. Clemson (11 wins: RPI tie-breaker: 56.5)
11. Miami-FL (10)
12. Virginia Tech (9)

Big 10
1. Michigan St. (30 wins; RPI tie-breaker: 6.5)
2. Illiniois (30 wins; RPI tie-breaker: 11.5)
3. Michigan (22)
4. Iowa (20)
5. Northwestern (18)
6. Penn St. (16)
7. Purdue (15)
8. Minnesota (14 wins; RPI tie-breaker: 57)
9. Indiana (14 wins; RPI tie-breaker: 58)
10. Notre Dame (7)
11. Ohio St. (4)
12. Wisconsin (3)

Next we paired the 1 vs. 1, etc. creating the pairings.  I then took the team with more conference wins (low rpi as a tie breaker) as heads and then flipped a coin with the outcome determining HOME court. 

ACC-Big Ten Challenge Season 37
1: Duke @ Michigan St
2: Florida St @ Illinois
3. Michigan @ Boston College
4. NC State @ Iowa
5. Northwestern @ Georgia Tech
6. Maryland @ Penn St.
7. Purdue @ North Carolina
8. Minnesota @ Wake Forest
9. Indiana @ Virginia
10. Clemson @ Notre Dame
11. Ohio St. @ Miami
12. Virginia Tech @ Wisconsin

The coin-flip gods determined an even 6 home games for each conference. 

** To avoid confusion the HOME team is responsible for issuing the challenge (Game 6).

Thanks again to Professor who helped with the majority of the pairing criteria.

4/16/2011 7:33 PM
im not going on the road wake forest.....
4/16/2011 7:40 PM
again...AND it should be conference record...
4/16/2011 7:41 PM
In order to be fair, I would suggest that all the Big Ten teams get the home games since we all went on the road the first time.
4/16/2011 7:50 PM

sully doesn't have week 6 open, so I offered week 5

4/16/2011 8:06 PM
My suggestion on scheduling. 

This season all Big Ten teams get home games... 

Starting next season, matchups are two season commitments, a home and away series.

Each new rotation of matchups, the east division of one conference is the home teams, the west the away teams.  The second season would be vice versa obviously since it would be the second matchup in a home and away.

I really don't like the idea of a coin-flip determining home teams.

4/16/2011 11:38 PM (edited)
I like waha's idea
4/16/2011 11:48 PM
i'm all for this challenge. didnt mean to seem so negative. i just dont feel like i can afford to go on the road to wake again. =/
4/17/2011 2:45 AM
I don't like home games for another reason. Rpi win or lose gets a bigger boost with away games hence why I schedule away games for non fond almost exclusively. There has to be a set rotation in place. Otherwise we will keep playing the same teams over and over for the most part.

I haven't seen this type of scenario for a conference series ever. There has to also be a fair home away set up as suggested before otherwise one conference can be on the road for a while though the law of averages will mean also the other conference can be on the road for a while too at some point in time.

From a fair standpoint I'd say at least ditch the coinflip idea. Additionally I would suggest wins alone are not the best determining factor for seeding if we go that route. Rpi is more important or at least as important. Just some thoughts. I'll participate either way though I'm just trying to make it more consistent and fairer.
4/17/2011 3:15 AM
I hate my Droid sometimes. Meant non conf not non fond.
4/17/2011 3:16 AM
scratch most of what I said.  I'm on my computer now, it's late and may have had a couple.  :)
4/17/2011 3:23 AM
I like and endorse the idea of making the match-ups a home-and-home series. That guarantees that all teams get an equal number of home/road games in the challenge. So new pairings would be generated only every 2 seasons. In the intervening year, only the home teams would switch. 

We should ensure that 6 ACC and 6 Big Ten teams are the home team each season. I know the ACC got all home games last season, and I didn't like that, but in the interest of fixing things going forward, I'm OK with a 6-6 split this season and going forward, recognizing that others may disagree.

The only "tricky" part is determining which 6 teams get the home games in the 1st season of the 2-season home-and-home. Ideas? 

For those who haven't scheduled their challenge game yet, I would humbly suggest holding off until we iron out the remaining issues, so we can fix any wrinkles.

These are only ideas/suggestions, of course. What do others think? 
4/17/2011 7:53 AM
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