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Oh, I think you have set it up fairly corn.  I am just saying that for myself I do not need this series to build my rpi, and that I play Kansas already every year.  The other point was that the top 5-6 teams in each conference are well matched up.  But then you dominate the bottom half.  So the overall series outcome is pretty much predetermined.
5/12/2011 3:15 PM
The other thing is that I hate Texas, since they stole the Rose Bowl in 04.  And I have tried to avoid playing them even in SIM.
5/12/2011 3:17 PM
Just count the Kansas/Stanford matchup for the series every year, and work around it.  I have a series basically with a school in most of the big 6 conferences.  A lot of other coaches do not, so this thing is mostly for them.
5/12/2011 4:02 PM
I'll play texas
5/12/2011 8:02 PM
UCLA could play Oklahoma then.
5/12/2011 9:14 PM
Lots of complaining it seems over a genuinely nice act on the part of corn...but whatever floats your boat. 
5/12/2011 9:34 PM
Gentlemen lets finish this schedule so i can work on mine
5/12/2011 10:12 PM
Pairings changed.
5/13/2011 3:15 PM
Aaaand we're all set.  
5/16/2011 3:34 AM
The S49 Hardwood Challenge is over, and it's a 8-4 win for the "home" team, the Pac 10.  Congrats to the winners!

...and we'll get you next year!
5/19/2011 2:16 PM
Here are the Pac-10 power rankings for S51:

last Pac 10:
5 1. Oregon (A+, NT final last year)
2 2. UCLA (A+, last four: F4, E8, NT, NT)
1 3. Stanford (A+, last four: S16, E8, NT2, NT final)
3 4. Arizona (A+, last four: NT2, NT, S16, NT2)
4 5. USC (A)
6 6. Cal (A-)
8 7. Hawaii (B+)
7 8. Fresno St. (B, last four: PIT F4, 15-13, E8, PIT2)
10 9. Washington (B, last four: PIT final, 8-19, 16-12, 9-18)
9 10. Arizona St. (B-)
11 11. Oregon St. (C-, last four: 22-86, sophomore coach)
12 12. Washington St. (C-, last four: 22-86, rookie coach)
6/28/2011 5:45 PM
And those for the Big 12:

  Big 12:
2 1. Kansas (A+, national freakin' champs)
1 2. Texas (A+, last four: S16, F4, NT final, NT2)
4 3. Texas A&M (A+, last four: F4, S16, NT, NT)
3 4. Colorado (A-, last four: NT2 x4)
5 5. Oklahoma (A-, last four: NT, PIT3, NT2, NT)
6 6. Nebraska (B+, last four: NT, NT2, PIT F4, NT2)
7 7. Oklahoma St. (B+, last four: NT2, 9-19, NT2, NT)
9 8. Iowa State (B, last four: 12-16, NT2, PIT3, PIT3)
8 9. Missouri (B, last four: 8-19, 9-18, NT2, NT1)
12 10. Kansas St. (C+, last four: PIT, 7-20, [sim 14-40])
10 11. Baylor (C+, last four: 11-17, 12-16, [sim 12-42])
11 12. Texas Tech (C)
6/28/2011 5:52 PM
Now I just have to get the pairings set up.  My first priority is making sure that no team plays home-home-home or away-away-away: second priority is conforming loosely to seed while avoiding rematches when possible.  Let's ssee what I can do.
6/28/2011 5:53 PM
Pairings are ready pending Stanford's OK.  Pairings for the first three years have been very slightly in the Pac-10's favor home/away wise, but we've gotten through that with only one rematch (I think Kansas and UCLA are going to play again in S51) and no one playing everything at home or away.

S52's challenge will balance out the home/away problem, too.
6/28/2011 6:50 PM
PAIRINGS FOR SEASON 51 are up!  Please schedule for week 5 unless otherwise noted.

HOME AWAY Status week 5 open?
Oregon Texas   yes yes
Stanford Texas A&M   yes yes
USC Colorado   yes yes
Arizona Oklahoma   yes yes
Oklahoma St. Cal   yes yes
Washington Kansas St. PLEASE SCHEDULE FOR WEEK 3
Tex Tech Arizona St. scheduled for week 10
Wash St. Baylor   yes yes
6/29/2011 3:10 AM (edited)
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Big 12/Pac 10 Hardwood Challenge Topic

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