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OK, so it looks like we'd be starting the Hardwood Challenge in season 49.  Starting in season 50, we'd be leaving slot 5 open, but for the moment, we're going to take what we can get.

5/10/2011 9:07 PM (edited)
For our first-season pairings, I'm keeping it simple by using prestige, with recent success as a tiebreak.

Season 49 Challenge Power Rankings:

Pac 10:
1. Stanford (A+, NT in last 5 seasons, NT Championship Game twice in last 3)
2. Arizona (A+, NT in last 6 but no Elite Eights in last 3)
3. USC (A, 10 straight NTs, second round or better in 3 of last 4)
4. UCLA (A, 11 straight NTs, first-round exit in 4 of last 5)
5*. Cal (B+, no postseason last year but 6 NTs in 7 previous)
6*. Oregon (B+, PIT, NT 2nd, miss, Elite Eight in last four, more coming with crazy 793 OVR this year and no seniors)
7. Fresno St. (B+, Elite Eight last year but PIT, PIT, miss before that)
8. Hawaii (B) 
9. Washington (C, roger's in his third season, school has no postseason in last 7 but finished 16-12 last year)
10. Arizona St. (C, aubie's in his second season, school has no winning seasons in last 5 or postseason in last 15) 
11. Washington St. (C, Sim)
12. Oregon St. (C- Sim)

Big 12:
1. Kansas (A+, Sweet 16 last year, Elite 8 or better 3 of last 4, NT last 10 years)
2. Texas (A+, ump's in his third season (NT champ game last year), school has an NT win in the last 7 seasons and postseason in 30 of the last 32.  Last NC was in season 41)
3. Oklahoma (A-, NT in 4 of last 5, postseason in 21 of last 22, RPI 16 last year)
4. Oklahoma St. (A-, NT in 4 of last 5, nothing before that for a long time, RPI 32 last year and only went to an A- because of the draft)
5. Missouri (B+, NT in last 3 seasons, second round last year)
6. Colorado (B+, last four: win in NT, win in NT, miss, miss)
7. Nebraska (B+, PIT Final Four last year, NT in 3 of last 5)
8. Texas A&M (B+, first-round NT exit in last 3 seasons, slip's in his third season)
9. Iowa State (B)
10*. Kansas St. (C)
11. Texas Tech (C+)
12*. Baylor (B-)

*Switched for scheduling convenience.

3/26/2011 4:58 PM (edited)

Season 49 Results:

Stanford Kansas week 9: #9 Stanford 76-72 #4 Kansas
Texas Arizona week 5: Arizona 86-81 #6 Texas
Oklahoma USC week 5: #15 USC 83-73 Oklahoma
UCLA Oklahoma St. week 5: #17 UCLA 75-57 Oklahoma St.
Cal Missouri week 2: Cal 74-57 Missouri
Colorado Oregon week 7: #7 Oregon 84-70 #25 Colorado
Nebraska Fresno St. week 5: Nebraska 58-44 Fresno State
Hawaii Texas A&M week 3: #9 TAMU 83-73 Hawaii
Washington Iowa St. week 5: Washington 67-55 Iowa St.
Kansas St. Arizona St. week 1: ASU 90-76 KSU
Texas Tech Washington St. week 3: Tex Tech 78-54 Wash St.
Oregon St. Baylor week 7: Baylor 76-60 Oregon St.

5/19/2011 2:10 PM (edited)
are we allowed to schedule against the PAC 10 for additional games...outside of the challenge? i owe Fresno State something yet.....
3/26/2011 5:10 PM
Yes, absolutely.  But these are the ones that count for the challenge.
3/26/2011 5:16 PM
good for Cal - 
Missouri scheduled.
3/27/2011 11:54 AM
 Season 50 power rankings:
last Pac 10:
1 1. Stanford (A+, Elite 8 last year)
4 2. UCLA (A+, should be very good next year if the draft treats bkdries gently)
2 3. Arizona (A+, four seasons with nothing past the Sweet Sixteen)
3 4. USC (A)
5 5. Oregon (A-)
6 6. Cal (B+, plenty of upperclassmen for S49/50 and a win in the S48 NT)
7 7. Fresno St. (B+, no postseason in S48 but will likely do well in S49)
8 8. Hawaii (B) 
10 9. Arizona St. (C+) 
9 10. Washington (C)
12 11. Oregon St. (C-, human)
11 12. Washington St. (C-, Sim)
  Big 12:
2 1. Texas (A+, two consecutive Final Fours)
1 2. Kansas (A+, great resume but not Texas good)
6 3. Colorado (A-, an NT win in each of the last 3 seasons and will be older than TAMU in S50)
8 4. Texas A&M (A-, Sweet Sixteen last year and NTs in three before that)
3 5. Oklahoma (A-, two PITs in last four seasons)
7 6. Nebraska (B+, last four: NT2, PIT4, NT2, NT)
4 7. Oklahoma St. (B+, last four: nothing, NT2, NT, NT)
5 8. Missouri (B+, last four: nothing, NT2, NT, NT; will be young in S50)
9 9. Iowa State (B+, last four: NT2, PIT3, PIT3, nothing; one NT in recent memory)
12 10. Baylor (C+)
11 11. Texas Tech (C, looks better than KSU for S50)
10 12. Kansas St. (C, young in S50)
5/10/2011 9:39 PM (edited)
Hey look, it's... heavily modified... pairings for season 50!

HOME AWAY Status week 5 open?
Texas Oregon scheduled for week 4
UCLA Kansas scheduled  
Arizona Colorado scheduled  
Texas A&M USC scheduled  
Oklahoma Stanford   yes (both)
Cal Nebraska scheduled  
Fresno St. Oklahoma St. scheduled  
Missouri Hawaii scheduled for week 4
Arizona St. Iowa St. scheduled for week 1
Baylor Washington yes (both)
Oregon St. Texas Tech scheduled  
Kansas St. Washington St. scheduled  
5/13/2011 3:18 PM (edited)
S49 Challenge Results:

Only three ranked teams lost in the Challenge, and those teams were #4 Kansas, #6 Texas, and #25 Colorado.  The Pac 10, the home conference for the inaugural challenge, takes 4-2 at home and 4-2 on the road (overall, the home team went 6-6 in the challenge), and the challenge falls convincingly in favor of the west coasters.

Overall Score: Big 12 4-8 Pac 10
5/19/2011 2:14 PM (edited)
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If it makes THAT big of a difference to Cal, then I'll play him at his place. We'll play anywhere and I am sure he can return the favor (or to KU) the following year. 
5/11/2011 7:47 PM
Yeah, I have about 6 home and away series that have continued for many seasons.  My rpi is high enough with those.  I do not mind taking losses.  Kansas is one of the teams I have one of these series with.  I like what you are doing, and I appreciate making HD have other twists.  I also am not sure if it is a very good idea for the Pac10 to have us matched up across the rankings like that.  It looks to me that you would on paper have maybe an 8-4 advantage.
5/12/2011 2:21 AM
Cal - In order to keep everything roughly seeded correctly while not having the same matchups in seasons 49 and 50, I have to occasionally break parity.  If you hold the home/away here, I promise that everyone that's had two home games will have an away game next year and vice versa.

This means that UCLA, Cal, Oregon St., Texas, Oklahoma, and K-State will be on the road next year, while USC, Oregon, Wash St., Kansas, Oklahoma State, and Iowa St. will be at home.
5/12/2011 2:19 PM (edited)
As for the matchups: I honestly seeded the conferences 1-12 based on recent success and estimated strength going forward.  In Season 49, the Big 12 was home in games 2, 3, 6, 7, 10, and 11.  In Season 49, we're home in 1, 4, 5, 8, 9, and 12.  I genuinely think that's fair.

If you'd like, you or someone else from the Pac 10 could submit the power rankings for your conference - I know that's how the NAC and the Capital used to do it in DIII.
5/12/2011 2:11 PM (edited)

 In terms of Stanford, you had a home game against Kansas last year, a road game at Texas this year, and next year will very likely be a home game against Texas.  That doesn't seem so bad.

5/12/2011 2:31 PM (edited)
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