Yep.  I didn't see 8-4.   Nor do I see it next year.  Or the year after.

11/26/2012 6:34 PM
They got a big lift from the whole conference being way down.  Let's not forget they opened with losses to Ohio and Virginia.  That being said, Bill O'Brien still did a heck of a job.   I live a couple hours from State College and I also think under different circumstances you'd be hearing a lot more talk about how this season validated those who had been saying for years that Paterno's refusal to leave was holding the program back, especially on the offensive side of the football.

It's certainly not roses from here on out though - the scholarship limits get worse, current players can still transfer without penalty until the start of next preseason, and I while I expect he stays, I think the odds of O'Brien going back to the NFL are something > 0.
11/26/2012 7:25 PM
Is it just me or does anyone else still seeing Penn State having success feel bad about it? I know Paterno is dead, Sandusky will rot in hell, I mean jail, and anyone associated with the program is gone but something just doesn't feel right. Again, it's not free cars and tattoos.
10/14/2017 10:04 PM
D*mn, I hate to ever agree with Mike on anything, but as someone who lives in PA, I agree. I see far, far too many Penn State supporters who are seeing their current success as some kind of payback for the sanctions. Sure none of the current kids, or even staff, had anything to do with all the Jerry stuff, but it seems to have all been too easily forgotten by on-field success. H*ll, some people are still refusing to admit Joe knew and are trying to get his statue back. People that blinded and insensitive should have no program to enjoy.
10/14/2017 11:22 PM
10/29/2017 5:01 AM
PSU-OSU is like reverse Sophie's choice......I'd prefer they both lose
10/29/2017 5:57 AM
I always feel bad when I hope OSU wins.
10/29/2017 10:18 AM
Most watched game so far.

2 Giants. Exciting.

Everybody made money. Kids get more support.

Sponsors. Network. College. Kids. Families and community.

Normal people look at it as a WIN - WIN.

Some people can find **** at the entrance to a gold mine.
10/29/2017 4:07 PM
Choke job.
10/29/2017 4:30 PM
Posted by bronxcheer on 10/29/2017 4:30:00 PM (view original):
Choke job.

10/29/2017 5:31 PM

And then I said...."fake bronxcheer...stop touching yourself."
10/29/2017 5:35 PM
11/4/2017 8:45 PM
For some reason, this came to mind when the talking heads were yapping about Nassar. And it struck me as to how little media coverage, by comparison, has been given to Nassar. I get that CFB is much more popular than women's gymnastics but this is more a story of despicable human behavior with the institution ignoring the problem for years than a sports story. Much like PSU, MSU and the USOC should be looking to purge a lot of people from their systems. And authorities should be looking into criminal charges for more than just Nassar.
1/25/2018 12:40 PM

Amended to say that today's revelations about other things happening at / around MSU show that there IS a much, much bigger problem of sexism there. Now that money-maker sports are being brought into the issue, I'm sure the depth of the investigations will be greater.
1/26/2018 6:11 PM (edited)
It took awhile but it looks like the state of Michigan, and possibly feds, will be looking for more criminal activity in this.

What is it with the B10?
1/29/2018 12:46 PM
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