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I had a little burnout and left for a couple seasons but am back at Pace with a C+ prestige.  I think I did a fairly good job with my first 5 man class:
Charles Huston
Franklin, TX
Total Pts: 532
Athleticism: 33 High
Speed: 67 Average
Rebounding: 11 Low
Defense: 30 High
Shot Blocking: 14 Average
Low-post: 35 Low
Perimeter: 69 Low
Ball Handling: 56 Low
Passing: 34 Average
Work Ethic: 39
Stamina: 71 Average
Durability: 73 Average 
I just signed him to be a space filler but he's got better potential than I hoped (didn't scout him), so, he's probably going to end up starting his 2nd season.

Gary Emery
PG-Freshman-5'8''-172 lbs
Putney, VT
Total Pts: 498
Athleticism: 45 Average
Speed: 69 Average
Rebounding: 1 Low
Defense: 37 High-High
Shot Blocking: 1 Low
Low-post: 11 High-High
Perimeter: 55 High-High
Ball Handling: 66 High (unknown if high or low)
Passing: 51 High-High
Work Ethic: 55
Stamina: 57 High
Durability: 50 Low
FT: D+ High
I really like Emery.  He will be my backup pg this year and then probably start for the next 3 years.

Charles Evans
PG-Freshman-6'0''-179 lbs
Wallingford, CT
Total Pts: 521
Athleticism: 51 Average
Speed: 60 Average
Rebounding: 11 Low-High
Defense: 30 High-High
Shot Blocking: 10 Low
Low-post: 11 High-High
Perimeter: 34 High-High
Ball Handling: 55 Average
Passing: 45 High-High
Work Ethic: 48
Stamina: 67 High
Durability: 99 Low
FT: C+ Low
I like Evans too (although he did go from high to average in speed potential as soon as I got him).  I still don't know what position he plays.  Hopefully I can develop a lineup where he plays the sf.  I am redshirting him.

Randy Price
PF-Junior-6'6''-209 lbs
Quapow, OK
Total Pts: 556
Athleticism: 51 High
Speed: 25 High
Rebounding: 38 High
Defense: 55 Average
Shot Blocking: 37 High
Low-post: 54 Low
Perimeter: 33 Low
Ball Handling: 40 Low
Passing: 40 Low
Work Ethic: 63
Stamina: 77 Average
Durability: 43 Low
FT: C+ Low
I promised him a starting spot and 15 mins a game.  He's not that good but could end up good as a sr if his rebounding or athleticism potential is very high.

Stanley Jolley
Salem, NH
Total Pts: 503
Athleticism: 37 Average
Speed: 20 Average
Rebounding: 58 High-High
Defense: 53 Average
Shot Blocking: 53 Average
Low-post: 67 Low-High
Perimeter: 36 High-High
Ball Handling: 32 Average
Passing: 11 Average
Work Ethic: 38
Stamina: 61 Average
Durability: 37 Average
FT: C Average
He's not athletic enough to be a center for a final four team but he's fine for a rebuilding team.  He's going to start immediately.  My hope is that I can get a better post player than him to play center and I can make him into a super sub who can score in bunches.  

As far as my ranking system for my team Edwards and Owensby rate as Quality Backups.  Everyone else falls in as a role player.  This team is a 14 overall and is awful. I'll try to get to a full world preview tomorrow with my ranking system, but I dont know if i'll have the time.
12/28/2013 11:20 PM

Here are my rankings for my team:

1)      Role Player

2)      Quality Backup

3)      Capable Starter

4)      Good

5)      Star

PG) Charles Huston (Sr) Role Player

Ronald Groom (Jr) Role Player        

Gary Emery (Soph) Quality Backup

Charles Evans (Fr) Role Player

Dennis Stanley (Fr) Role Player

SG) Raymond Litherland (Jr) Quality Backup

SF) Bobby Olsen (Fr) Role Player

PF) Randy Price (Sr) Quality Backup

Michael Woo (Jr) Role Player

Stanley Jolley (Soph) Quality Backup

Joseph Rowe (Fr) Role Player

C) Chester Grammer (Sr) Role Player

That adds up to 16

My recruiting class involved a lot more battling than I am accustomed too but I was pretty smart with my funds and was able to get most of the guys I wanted.  I had to offer a lot of mins/starts so I will probably stink for one more season but the following year we should be strong (although I will lack frontcourt depth).

Ronald Groom/JR/PG/6'4''/206 lbs
FT-C minus-high
I am going to play him at SG this year as he has been promised a start (an F in both of my system so that will suck for awhile).  As of now he's not a very good player but I think by the time I am trying to make a tourney run next season I think he can make a successful SF in my system.

Dennis Stanley/FR/PG/5'6''/151 lbs
My best teams have always had 2 elite pgs.  I think with Emery and Stanley I will eventually have that.  I offered Stanley mins/starts and will have to start him at pg this season (again f's in both of my systems).  Next year he will likely be my backup pg/sg.

Raymond Litherland/JR/SG/6'0''/181 lbs
FT-B minus-average
He'll play SF this year considering that I only have a couple guys who can play that position.  The hope is to move him to SG for the following season.  Either way he might be the best defender i've ever had once he gets his speed up a decent deal.  With his already high defense rating and all the other guards on my roster having high potential in defense, I think I could have some scary perimeter defense next season.

Michael Woo/JR/PF/6'7''/208
Woo is woeful.  Woot woot a pun.  High fives for pun lovers.  Oh no one.  Woo just shows how badly I needed bodies.  He was cheap and might be kicked off my team before next season if I have some decent recruiting cash lying around at the end of the season.

Joseph Rowe/FR/PF/6'9''/225 lbs
I had to spend 8k to beat a sim for this local guy.  I was really surprised about that.  Usually I can beat sims with 3-6k.  He's a couple seasons away but because of the needs of my frontcourt will have to play 15 or so mins a game immediately.  Usually these low post high potentials for bigs are very large so I wouldnt be surprised to see 50pts of growth there.  If that happens he will be a terrific pf/c.

2/16/2014 10:09 AM

There are 22 teams with the grade of 25 or higher in my ranking system.  Usually I determine a team that starts at 25+ to mean they have a chance at a championship.

1-#1-Arkansas, Monticello-36


3(t)-#4-N. Alabama-32

3(t)-#7-W. Alabama-32


6-#3-Sonoma St.-31

7(t)-#6-Colorado School of Mines-29

7(t)-#14-Valdosta St.-29

9(t)-#5-Shippensburg U.-28

9(t)-#10-Mount Olive-28

9(t)-#12-Florida Tech-28

9(t)-#22-St. Mary’s-28

13-#11-N. Greenville-27

14(t)-#13-Bemidji St.-26

14(t)-#19-Tarleton St.-26

14(t)-#23-Cal. Poly Pomona-26

14(t)-#24-Fort Lewis-26

18(t)-#9-Fayetteville St.-25

18(t)-#25-Cal. San Diego-25

18(t)-NR-Colorado St., Pueblo-25




2/16/2014 10:10 AM
May I propose that the tie-breaker for this edition of your rankings be "most westerly"?
2/18/2014 4:37 PM
Are you going to update your list thewas47?
3/2/2014 8:01 PM

Below are the rankings for my team.  I will update the list of contenders some time this week.  I havent had time to finish it and have to run tonight. 
The rankings are:

1)      Role Player

2)      Quality Backup

3)      Capable Starter

4)      Good

5)      Star

PG) Ronald Groom (Sr) Capable Starter

Gary Emery (Jr) Good

Charles Evans (Soph) Capable Starter

Dennis Stanley (Soph) Quality Backup

Albert Menzies (Fr) Role Player

SG) Raymond Litherland (Jr) Capable Starter

Charles Haynes (Fr) Role Player

PF) Michael Woo (Sr) Role Player

Stanley Flowers (Jr) Role Player

Stanley Jolley (Jr) Capable Starter

Joseph Rowe (Fr) Role Player

Edwin Jennings (Fr) Role Player

That adds up to 24

4/8/2014 9:47 PM
There are 26 teams with the grade of 25 or higher in my ranking system.  Usually I determine a team that starts at 25+ to mean they have a chance at a championship.
(Note:the rankings listed next to the team names are from the preseason rankings)
2-#5-N. Alabama-34
3-#4-CSU, Los Angeles-32
4(t)-#1-Arkansas, Monticello-31
4(t)-#11-Missouri, St. Louis-31
6(t)-#7-N. Florida-29
6(t)-#12-CSU, Dominguez Hills-29
9(t)-#3-N. Greenville-28
9(t)-#18-Valdosta St.-28
11(t)-#10-Tarleton St.-27
11(t)-#13-Metropolitian St.-27
11(t)-#22-St. Mary's (TX)-27
15(t)-#6-Shippensburg U.-26
15(t)-#14-Florida Tech-26
15(t)-#15-USC Aiken-25
15(t)-#17-Indiana U. (PA)-26
15(t)-NR-Mount Olive-26
21(t)-#19-Angelo St.-25
21(t)-NR-Alaska Anchorage-25
21(t)-NR-OK Panhandle St.-25
4/9/2014 7:26 PM
Love it! Thanks for your time!
5/14/2014 8:51 AM
NT predictions (upsets in bold)
1st Round
1. N. Alabama vs. 16. Lander-N. Alabama
8. Eckerd vs. 9. Adams St.-Adams St.
5. S. Dakota St. vs. 12. Henderson St.-S. Dakota St.
4. CSU, Bakersfield vs. 13. Bemidji St.-CSU, Bakersfield
6. Lincoln University vs. 11. Tarleton St.-Lincoln University 
3. Pace vs. 14. Missouri, St. Louis-Pace
7. UMass, Lowell vs. 10. St. Edwards-UMass, Lowell
2. Humboldt St. vs. 15. St. Thomas Aquinas-Humboldt St.
1. W. Alabama vs. 16. U. of Indianapolis-W. Alabama
8. Cal, San Diego vs. 9. St. Rose-Cal, San Diego
5. Fayetteville St. vs. 12. Tampa-Fayetteville St.
4. N. Florida vs. 13. Clarion-Clarion
6. Metropolitian St. vs. 11. W. Florida-W. Florida
3. West Georgia vs. 14 Assumption College-Assumption College
7. Cal. Poly Pomona vs. 10. Central St.-Cal. Poly Pomona
2. N. Kentucky vs. 15. Green Mountain-N. Kentucky
1. San Francisco St. vs. 16. Davis and Elkins-San Francisco St.
8. Seattle vs. 9. St. Mary's (TX)-Seattle
5. UC, Colorado Springs vs. 12. Le Moyne College-UC, Colorado Springs
4. Coker College vs. 13. N.M. Highlands-Coker College
6. Slippery Rock vs. 11. Texas A&M, Kingsville-Texas A&M, Kingsville
3. Bellarmine vs. 14. Central Arkansas- Bellarmine
7. Oakland City vs. 10. Florida Tech-Florida Tech
2. Rockhurst vs. 15. Missouri S&T-Rockhurst
1. Christian Brothers vs. 16. Mercyhurst College-Christian Brothers
8. Mount Olive vs. 9. Merrimack-Mount Olive
5. Shippensburg U. vs. 12. Valdosta St.-Shippensburg U.
4. CSU, Los Angeles vs. 13. Winston-Salem St.-CSU, Los Angeles
6. Lynn vs. 11. Wisconsin, Parkside-Lynn
3. Abilene Christian vs. 14. CSU, Dominguez Hills-Abilene Christian
7. Wayne St. (MI) vs. 10. LeMoyne Owen-Wayne St. (MI)
2. Drury University vs. 15. Wilmington College-Drury

2nd Round
1. N. Alabama vs. 9. Adams St.-N. Alabama
5. S. Dakota St. vs. 4. CSU, Bakersfield-CSU, Bakersfield
6. Lincoln University vs. 3. Pace-Pace
7. UMass, Lowell vs. 2. Humboldt St.-UMass, Lowell
1. W. Alabama vs. 8. Cal. San Diego-W. Alabama
5. Fayetteville St. vs. 13. Clarion-Clarion
11. W. Florida vs. 14. Assumption-W. Florida
7. Cal. Poly Pomona vs. 2. N. Kentucky-N. Kentucky
1. San Francisco St. vs. 8. Seattle-San Francisco St.
5. UC, Colorado Springs vs. 4. Coker College-Coker College
11. Texas A&M, Kingsville vs. 3. Bellarmine-Texas A&M, Kingsville
10. Florida Tech vs. 2. Rockhurst-Florida Tech
1. Christian Brothers vs. 8. Mount Olive-Mount Olive
5. Shippensburg U. vs. 4. CSU, Los Angeles- CSU, Los Angeles
6. Lynn vs. 3. Abilene Christian-Abilene Christian
7. Wayne St. (MI) vs. 2. Drury-Drury

Sweet 16
1. N. Alabama vs. 4. CSU, Bakersfied-N. Alabama
3. Pace vs. 7. UMass, Lowell-Pace
1. W. Alabama vs. 13. Clarion-W. Alabama
11. W. Florida vs. 2. N. Kentucky-N. Kentucky
1. San Francisco St. vs. 4. Coker College-San Francisco St.
11. Texas A&M, Kingsville vs. 10. Florida Tech-Florida Tech
8. Mount Olive vs. 4. CSU, Los Angeles-Mount Olive
3. Abilene Christian vs. 2. Drury-Drury

Elite 8
1. N. Alabama vs. 3. Pace-N. Alabama
1. W. Alabama vs. 2. N. Kentucky-N. Kentucky
1. San Francisco St. vs. 10. Florida Tech-San Francisco St.
8. Mount Olive vs. 2. Drury-Mount Olive

Final 4
1. N. Alabama vs. 2. N. Kentucky-N. Alabama
1. San Francisco St. vs. 8. Mount Olive-Mount Olive

Championship Game
1. N. Alabama vs. 8. Mount Olive-N. Alabama
6/16/2015 11:53 AM
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