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Fundamentally, draft picks can't be traded in MLB, so they can't be in HBD.

But I don't think that's your point....

Just feels "collusion-y" to me.

Seems like there will be a lot of discussion about draft picks, and how the owner giving up his picks should be ordering his prospects... which seems wrong.

What's to keep a guy from "getting busy" and accidentally punting the draft?
1/17/2012 2:41 PM
While I know of no rule against "a player or players to be named later" I think most owners would veto the deal. Too easy to abuse.
1/17/2012 3:01 PM
And on top of that if you were to agree to this deal in some form, you would seemingly want input on how he ranks his players in next year's draft, and even to an extent, what kind of budgeting he would do- which WIS would surely frown upon.  Walk away from the conversation with that owner.
1/17/2012 3:10 PM

+1 to what crickett said, I don't think there is a specific rule against it, I know that a trade like that wouldn't fly in any of the worlds I'm in. And I would def veto.

1/17/2012 3:12 PM

I'm not sure why anybody would even consider being on the "pay me later" part of a deal like that.  Too many potential downsides, not the least of which would be the other owner leaving the world before payback.

Early on in HBD, I was offered a deal like that for my stud hitter.  Dude said he would trade me his next two or three first round draft picks when they were eligible to be traded.  I politely declined.

1/17/2012 3:47 PM
Yeah, that's a mess just waiting to happen.
1/17/2012 4:00 PM
It's not me, it's a trade that a guy is trying to pull off in one of my worlds. Just wanted to see what the minds of HBD had to say about it.

And the draft picks would be from this season, then being traded next season, so the other owner would have no say in the distribution of budget because budgets are already set.

The owner in question claims he has done this before, but I've never heard about this in prior seasons.
1/17/2012 6:34 PM
Alas, since it's a public world and the owner in question likes to shout about how he's right and everyone else is wrong, the initial trade went through. I don't think I'll be around next season to see if he follows through with his draft pick promise.
1/18/2012 12:26 AM
The league chat over this trade makes really, uh, interesting reading.
1/18/2012 1:02 AM
There's a lot more to this than Ovechkin is revealing
1/18/2012 1:04 AM
Posted by nauds3000 on 1/18/2012 1:04:00 AM (view original):
There's a lot more to this than Ovechkin is revealing
Please do explain, then. Because players/picks/international to be named later seems like an automatic veto to me. And 'Dique's behavior on the message board is juvenile and repugnant.
1/18/2012 1:24 AM
Wow. Just wow. After reading the WC on that whole mess, I wouldn't be able to leave that world fast enough if I were you ovechkin. That is complete garbage. In any quality world, that kind of trade would not be allowed. It's a joke and completely laughable. Ian is spot on about the whole thing being "collusion-y."

Not only is the trade a joke, but dique's (and his two lackeys, dont know how anybody could side with that clown) posting in the WC basically bullying the trade through and berating anyone who disagreed with him was totally inappropriate, and, IMO, offensive and a clear violation WIS sportsmanship guidelines.

Good call on bailing on that league ovechkin, and, if I were in your spot I'd bring that trade business and dique's abusive posts to the attention of CS too. Hopefully, if nothing else, they tell him to cool it in WC.
1/18/2012 2:19 AM
Ok, lets just start this off by stating the obvious.

1) Ovechkin was whooped by Kansas City in last years world series.

2) Don't you find it odd that the only person in WC complaining about the trade is Ovechkin?

3) This all started when Kansas City tried to trade Wiki Santanya for Blake Bryant. Where Ovechkin stated that Wiki Santanya was too valueable to trade for Bryant and got the league to veto the trade.

4) The trade in question involved, Mel Colbrunn for Wiki Santanya, Timothy Workman and Omar Mota. It also includes Kansas City's #35, #50, #51, #54 and #80 draft picks in this years draft.

4) Do you see anything in the fair play guidelines saying you cant trade draft picks? In fact this happens in almost every single major sport.

5) Kansas City has honored previous trades in the past which involved draft picks, including a trade with myself.

Bottom line is, Ovechkin is a sore loser. After last year's world series Kansas City congratulated him on the world series and instead of returning the compliment. Ovechkin went on to say how "Sad" his team was in the locker room.

Good riddance Ovechkin, go find another league to stink up
1/18/2012 4:46 AM (edited)
I would always veto a deal involving draft picks.  As a commish, I'd like to thank ovechkin for drawing my attention to three owners that I'll never let in.
1/18/2012 7:05 AM
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