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7/28/2014 4:21 PM
Posted by 0bigzeke0 on 7/6/2014 9:01:00 PM (view original):
Posted by caesari on 7/5/2012 6:47:00 PM (view original):
Courtesy of ozzzball19 and katzphang88

Great potential

1. Sky's the limit (in the AC scouting rreport)
2. Incredible upside potential (in the AC scouting rreport)
3. A truly gifted athlete (in the HC scouting report)
4. Tremendous Potential - He could be a star!
5. World of Potential - Huge upside!
6. a very special player

Good potential
1. Above average potential (in the HC scouting report)
2. He's got the potential to improve his game a lot over 4 years with us. (in the AC scouting report)
3. I'm sure that your guys took some good notes about my game, and recognized that I have an amazing upside to my game. (message from recruit)
4. Upside is my middle name (message from recruit) 
5. "improve a lot" (from AC scouting report)
6. "room to grow".
7. "With a little work, he could be a very good player" (from HC scouting report) 
8. "Good potential for improvement" (from the HC scouting report)
9. "He's not the most gifted athlete . . . but not bad at all." (from the HC scouting report).

Average potential:
1. Looks like he has a hard time making adjustments. (from the HC scouting report)
2. He's made good strides towards reaching his potential over the past couple years. (from the HC scouting report)
3. I think his growth potential is pretty average - nothing special. (from the AC scouting report)
4. My motor never stops running (message from recruit)
5. I give 110% out there (message from recruit)
6. I'm sure that your guys took some good notes about my game, and recognized that I've worked really hard and lived up to my potential. (message from recruit) - This should actually be low potential.
7. "Some room for improvement, but not much." (from HC scouting report)
8. "Probably won't see huge improvements." (from HC scouting report)
9. "He seems slow to pick things up in practice." (from HC scouting report)

Low potential
1. "he's worked really hard in high school and has about reached his potential (from AC scouting report)
2. "tapped out" (from AC or HC scouting report, I forget which -- it's been a while since I've seen this message).
3. Not sure he has the ability to get much better...
Here is the more complete list of potentials:
I've probably sent out 200 AC/HC visits to players.  Off the top of my head I'd say the results were..

Great- Zero players
Good- 75 Players
Average- 120 players
Low- 5 players

I know its a relatively small sample size but are great and low really that rare?
7/28/2014 11:53 PM
Not sure about Low, but Great is rare.  I've only seen 2 in 8 seasons.  Others have reported similar findings. 
7/30/2014 9:32 AM
Posted by dvgagz on 7/28/2014 11:53:00 PM (view original):
Not sure about Low, but Great is rare.  I've only seen 2 in 8 seasons.  Others have reported similar findings. 
Thanks for the info.
7/31/2014 3:51 PM
This season I noticed more of my RBs getting playing time. Even my backup QB usually got about 10-15% percent of the plays. It looks like stamina/fatigue may have creeped in. Has anyone else noticed or confirmed this? If so, what kind of sub rate should I set and is stamina rating now a factor in recruiting targets?
8/1/2014 9:04 PM

Fatigue is in play and has been for some time now.  I think your sub rate is a personal choice.  If you want your backups to get more snaps/playing time, then set your starters sub level at a higher rate like 90 or 95.  if you only want your starters playing, then by all means, set the sub level at 60. 

8/26/2014 7:58 PM
Posted by horndorf on 2/13/2014 10:39:00 AM (view original):
Not going to worry about it, thanks though. I have decided to stop playing.  The new format has no appeal to me and in all actuality it's not even true to real college recruiting which allows for recruits to be recruited at any age per say and attend official visits and non official visits way before their senior seasons end.  Recruiting should be fair to all involved not having to compete against sims that already have a recruit green at 1201pm on the first day.  We should be able to recruit prior and attempt to get greens also to make it fair and balanced. 

3.0 has really turned me off and I have lost the desire to play, love the soccer though so I'll still be there.  Thanks!!
Hadn't really thought about being able to follow/scout players prior to SR year. I agree though that having to battle so much against SIMS is annoying. Most of the time I have to spend all but a few $ of my recruiting budget. It would be nice if SIM's were less involved and we didn't always have to spend so much, especially when a player shows interest. I HATE it when one says I'm at the top of their list goes elsewhere. Then I have to go after somebody whose skill level is MUCH less. I'm  not new either & have won several conference titles in several worlds. It's not like I'm a newbie. I'd REALLY like to see recruiting & spending made a little easier. If it keeps up I'll likely quit when all my seasons end.
12/22/2014 2:16 AM
Since all the worlds are pretty empty now does anyone have any advice for recruiting when sims are on 90% of the recruits?
12/24/2014 1:52 AM
Unfortunately you're just going to have to expect to battle Sims for top recruits. Hopefully there are a good number of quality recruits within your 360 mile radius worth battling for. Budget your recruiting dollars accordingly and save some for after the signing period for recruits that become undecided.
12/26/2014 10:13 AM (edited)

I have noticed something about recruiting that is mostly common sense, I suppose.  Still, I managed to miss it for several seasons.  I built a team from bad to decent, then got lucky and took over a NC-contending program.  As a general rule, I did not battle for players when trying to move from the non-playoff to playoff level.  I just moved on to my second or sometimes my third choice.  Once I was in the playoffs, I still did pretty much the same thing, especially if I was competing for the same recruit with a Top Ten team.

It seems much of my problem keeping a team at NC-level is making the transition from a mindset of  "I don't want to battle them" to one of  "they don't want to battle me."  Several times I have backed off a recruit that was considering another school, and offered a scholarship to my #2 guy...only to find out that the other team had done EXACTLY THE SAME THING, and the guy we both wanted reverted to undecided and later signed with a team that had the patience to wait for the smoke to clear before finalizing their scholarship offers.  

Learning patience is a tough thing to do, for most of us anyway.


12/26/2014 8:12 PM
Yes, learning patience is tough when recruiting but necessary to build a perennial contender.  Also, don't be afraid to not fill all your scholarships and take on AC Recruits.  You can just cut them after the season and have more scholarship money for the next recruiting season.  Yes your reputation will take a hit but as long as you don't cut more than 3 recruits you'll only lose half a letter grade that you'll regain at the end of the season.  Knowing this should give you more confidence to just go "All-In" with your top recruit targets.   
12/27/2014 1:04 PM

Saw a strange one today, and I'm wondering if anyone else has ever seen this.  

Recruiting in Wilkinson, signing started at 12:01 today. I'm in D-II, and two really strange things happened that I'd never seen before:

1)  A WR  in my vision signed with a SIM AI school on the first signing cycle.  I thought SIM AI signings usually happened on the second or third day of signing.

2)  Second weird thing, same guy - he signed with Oregon State, a D-1A school.  I understand that some really good D-II recruits may sign with D-1AA schools, and I've seen that before.  But, I've never seen a guy sign two levels up.  





12/28/2014 12:48 PM
RE: 1) I've seen this happen during the first signing cycle. It's usually when there's only 1 SIM school being considered from the start.
RE: 2) I've seen this happen as well at the D3 level where a D1AA school signed a D3 recruit within my vision. Again, the school was the only one being considered by the recruit from the start. 

1/3/2015 6:35 PM
Brand new to Gridiron dynasty.  I took over Wilmington College in the Warner world.  I have a quick question... how many players do you typically try to have at each position every season?
1/4/2015 9:54 AM
Robins, it would depend on the caliber of players on your roster and they type of gameplan you are using.  Normally I try to have no less than 6 and at times 8 or 9 OL 7 DL 7 LB 7 DB 2 or 3 QB 3 or 4 RB 4 to 6 WR 3 or 4 T 1 K 1 P and the best available of whatever else is out there to fill the roster.  
1/8/2015 8:09 PM
Does it really matter since it appears Health and Injuries have been turned off ?

You want players to fill positions but reserves don't get into game much if the setting is at 85% -- I have it set at 95% and backups only get in 5 to 10% .

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