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So far as I can see - this does not appear to be the case in any situation other than SUA - all my other reliever roles are not balanced the same way
7/16/2012 12:50 AM
So we need setup A men whose names start with A. B, or C ? Last name right ? 
7/16/2012 4:08 AM
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Posted by contrarian23 on 7/16/2012 6:38:00 AM (view original):
Thanks crazystengel.  I am 100% sure the deciding factor is not alphabetical order (though frankly, that wouldn't bother me - if you're putting multiple people in the same role, you are effectively telling Sparky "hey, I consider all of these guys to be roughly equivalent.")

I use Toney and Nehf as my Set Up As fairly commonly.  In every case, Toney appears in many more games than Nehf.  And in games when both are used, Toney is invariably brought in first.
It does seem that this is just a coincidence, which is a relief.  I don't agree that if you put them both in SUA that you are saying they are equivalent.  Maybe I have to much faith in the sim, but if I have two SUA relievers, I expect sparky to use some sort of statistical factor to decide who to bring in, in addition to fatigue.   

I typically don't have the luxury to have multiple SUA pitchers that I consider roughly equivalent - and in this specific case I wasn't necessarily mad because, well both choices are good choices - I was/am more curious as to what the process is - and why a inferior (albiet slightly) pitcher was used in 22 games more to this point.
7/16/2012 12:38 PM
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So it does look like dibble was the "go to guy" - due to a higher pitch count he was throwing more innings but not able to pitch as often....hence why orosco has more gp
7/16/2012 11:36 PM
This boxscore confirms that your "if no other options" list is pretty much correct:

(My bullpen situation for the game: Jackson SUA, Hoffman SUB, Shaw MOP, Devine CLA, Rivera SUA/AutoRest, Burns LA/AutoRest, Powell Rest, Sierra Rest)

(That said, why Powell at 41% was brought in over a 100% Sierra is odd, but meh. I probably lose there either way. This is what I get for not checking my SP's "relief" boxes. At least I won the series anyways.)
7/22/2012 11:52 AM
Not terribly crucial for most people, but I believe LHS/RHS are brought in before Setup B in most situations.  For example the situation you outline in Section 5.
7/23/2012 9:12 PM
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Posted by soxdoc on 3/6/2012 3:23:00 PM (view original):
With regard to Setup A vs B ...

I typically set all of my relievers to Setup A, forgoing a closer and LH/RH specialists. I also use a mop-up. I chart every game and keep track of how many pitches are thrown by every pitcher so I don't go over the allotted maximum until near the very end of the season, if at all. So even if one of the pitchers is still at 100% rest, I try not to throw them more than 2 games in a row, especially if they can be used as a spot starter at the end of the season/playoffs.

So occasionally, I have games where I may only actually have 2 or 3 available relievers. In that situation, I will sometimes set one of the guys I would prefer to not pitch as Setup B, in the hopes that the game will be over before I use the starter and 3 relievers. Most of the time, this works like a charm, and my guy gets a second straight day off. But I have seen on some occasions that the Setup B comes in before the Setup A.

This usually occurs when my team is losing, or in the 8th or 9th inning when my starter has reached his MPC and I am winning by greater than 5 runs. I wish I had boxscores to confirm this, but I don't.

So for the most part, Setup A will come in before Setup B, but I think that Sparky looks at Setup A as a more elite pitcher, and chooses Setup B when the game is not as close and an easier victory is at hand.
I tended to agree with the above quoted post until after one of my AM games this morning.  It was a 1-1 tie in the 9th inning with 2 outs when Sparky lifted 88 Elton Chamberlain after he gave up a 2 out single.  While I would've obviously preferred that Elton stayed in for the final out, I was ok with him being lifted after giving up that hit because for one, he had reached his pc and two, I had several good relievers ready to go who were all available pursuant to their "inning available" settings and were at 100%. This included 1919 Ray Caldwell, 1904 Chick Robitaille, 1915 Chet Hoff, 2006 Brandon League, and 2005 Kyle Farnsworth.  But instead of bringing in one of them, what does Sparky do?  And for the life of me, I can't fathom a reason why.  He brings in my 85% mopup AAA pitcher who promptly threw 95 pitches and gave up 11 runs in two innings, and of course, cost me the game. Any explanations????????
10/1/2012 1:58 AM
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Contrarian, your explanations make a lot of sense, until something comes up that is completely unexplainable.  In my most reason league, my starting pitcher got ejected from the game in the second inning for arguing balls and stikes.  I have never seen that before.  SParky cycles through my relief staff until it gets to my second to last relief pitcher - a fatigued long reliever (85%) with a MPC of 10 pitches.  Sparky lets him pitch 2 innings, allow 16 runs and throw 75 pitches before bringing in another pitcher.  I do not understans this at all.
1/4/2013 8:26 AM

I don't believe there is ever an "unexplainable" decision.  In every single case I am aware of in which (a) Sparky has made an "unusual" decision and (b) a support ticket has been sent inquiring as to why - it has always turned out that there is a very logical explanation.  The most common ones are (a) pitchers were fatigued and therefore not available (b) the settings were not what the owner thought they were (forgot to check a relief box, forgot to set a pitch count, etc).

If I could give newbies one piece of advice on the bullpen it would be this: if you find that your relievers are being used in unexpected ways, or counter to your instructions, there is always a logical reason for it.  There are absolutely no documented errors to the algorithm - no instances where Sparky says "I know the instructions say to use Pitcher X, but I'm going to use Pitcher Y anyway."

I say no "documented" errors deliberately.  If anyone has concrete evidence of an error in the algorithm - and has the support ticket response from admin to prove it - please post that here so that we can understand what the error is.

2/16/2013 9:03 PM
Bump for:
(a) relevance
(b) an update as to how Sparky chooses between 2 pitchers with the same setting (appears to be based on OAV)
(c) to thank sincerely the kind soul who deemed it necessary to negative-rate all of my recent posts.  So clever of you.  Your generosity, maturity, and contributions to the site are an inspiration to all of us. 
3/7/2013 6:10 AM (edited)
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FAQ: How Sparky Uses His Bullpen (2012 Update) Topic

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