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It isnt though.

you are actually paying parts of prescriptions. A little more direct.

Is this really that big a deal that Obama cant let this one thing go for the sake of religious harmony?
12/30/2012 12:57 AM

If I give you $20 to lick a dog turd and you use that $20 to buy crack, I did not supply you with crack.

If I give you some crack to lick a dog turd, I did supply you with crack.

See the difference?

12/30/2012 10:38 AM
12/30/2012 11:05 AM
When Company A pays an employee money, it's because the employee earned that money.
When Company B pays a health insurance company that provides plan B contraception/abortion pills, it's because the federal government has mandated them to do so.

That is a material difference.

Not to mention, health care insurance is not always fully paid for by the employer.  The employee often has to pay a good chunk of the premiums as well.  Employees who might have a moral objection to contraception/abortion might have a problem with being mandated by the federal government to pay money to a health insurance company that provides contraception/abortion pills to other people.  In essence, they are being forced by the government to subsidize what they believe to be immoral actions.
12/30/2012 11:38 AM


12/30/2012 11:51 AM
So just to review the beliefs of the left...

Paying for contraceptives and abortions shouldnt bother Christians...

Buying a Chicken Sandwich is Homophobic!
12/30/2012 1:32 PM

I'm paying for other peoples having children.  One of the dumbest tax breaks is children.By pushing an anti-birth control agenda, you are pushing higher taxes on those that don't have children...is that right?

12/30/2012 11:00 PM
if you decide to have children....why should you get a tax break?
12/30/2012 11:01 PM
This isnt an anti-birth control agenda.

This is about a small group of businesses that shouldnt be forced to pay for contraceptives and abortions.
12/30/2012 11:02 PM
What about us small groups of adults that are forced to pay for other peoples children?
12/30/2012 11:04 PM
I am open to any cuts in spending. I am open to any revenue neutral loophole elimination.

12/30/2012 11:40 PM
Posted by swamphawk22 on 12/30/2012 1:32:00 PM (view original):
So just to review the beliefs of the left...

Paying for contraceptives and abortions shouldnt bother Christians...

Buying a Chicken Sandwich is Homophobic!
i laughed. 
12/30/2012 11:43 PM
Cheers... here's to going off the fiscal cliff.  

I think if government programs are so good we should all be paying for them... not just the wealthy.  
12/30/2012 11:45 PM
I am going to go out on a limb.

And I was wrong about Romney and other things but...

I am going to predict a deal tomorriw. The TP and the Progressives are going to both be furious about it.

It will be a skeleton deal just to hit the basics.

Just to look good.
12/31/2012 1:12 AM
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Obama: Worst President Ever? Topic

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