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If we pick a pitcher up with the season already in course, how are their IP and overall pitch count available affected by the time that has passed during the season.

I gather that any previous pitching they did for the team - possibly in a totally different league, does not affect their IP, but what about the advance of the season in course that they then join on waivers?

I just picked up Preacher Roe 1951 on waivers as a fourth starter, as I had previously had an unwieldy tandem in place.

The team has played 76 games already and is 36-40 and 8 games behind the division leader, but has been on a winning streak. 

The team scores a lot of runs (Coors Field - they have scored 72 runs in the last 7 games, winning 6 of 7), so I need a starter who can keep the team in the game and give me innings, not someone who pitches 5 2/3 innings and keeps the other team to 1-2 runs. 

Roe has 266 IP and 7.56 IP/G, which are both pretty high - he seems like just what I need. He will probably give up 4-5 runs a game, maybe more, but I think this team can deal with that. 

But how many of those 266 innings do I really have available at this point in the season ? If all of them, then I would calculate (using the simpler of the two methods explicated by contrarian23 in his thread on setting pitch counts): 

266 + 10% bonus = 292

292 times 15 pitches per inning = 4,380

Now here comes the hard part - in reality, he will likely, as one of four starters with 86 games left pitch in 22 of them, in which case:

4,380 divided by 22 = 199.1, so let's say 200 pitches which is ridiculous, so I assume the SIM calculates it per 162 even in this case, so lets say that as one of four starters he would have, had he started the season with the team, pitched in 41 games, in which case:

4,380 divided by 41 = 106.8 which seems pretty reasonable - that would be 7 innings a game. 

Since his IP/G is 7.56, which times 15 pitches an inning would come to 113.4 I would set his TPC at 105 and his maximum pitch count at 115. 

Have I miscalculated here? Can I use him for more because the SIM will know that there are not 162 games? Less because I have missed something?

Thanks whomever can give some advice here. 

4/13/2012 9:10 AM
In case it is relevant to anyone's advice, my setup and closer are Mudcat Grant '68 who has 95 innings, meaning 104 with the 10% bonus, but who has pitched 52 of them so far (though I had to start him once to rest the rotation, so that is not likely to happen again now that I have Roe) and - cross your fingers - so far a 1.73 ERA, and Goose Gossage '78 with 134, plus 10% bonus is 147 of which he has only pitched 51 and his ERA is at 2.44 so far. So the end of game relief has been excellent and if I don't have to overuse Grant should be fine. The middle relief is not in trouble for innings - I have one guy with 100 innings and two AAA long relievers, but their combined ERAs hover around 7.50, so these are to be used in Coors slugfests, but not in close games if possible. In other words, if my starters can get me to the 7th my team has a good chance of winning. If they can't Coors field starts to work against me. 
4/13/2012 9:16 AM
I think I've used the WW about 5 times ever, but my understanding is his IP will be pro-rated to the point when you picked him up. From your record, that would be game 76. So you get his pro-rated innings for the rest of the this case 86 games. So, 266 x 1.1 = 292/(86/162) = 155 innings for you the rest of the season.

in a 4 man rotation, he'll get 21 starts...155/21 = 7.38 IP/Start. So I'd set him on 110 - 120 per game.
4/13/2012 9:49 AM
Thanks very much frazzman80, that was very helpful. Yes, that comes to 110 right on the nose with a very percent left over. Since at 7.56, his actual IP/G total comes to 113, I will set him at 110 as you suggest, and 115 as max PC. 

I appreciate it. 
4/13/2012 12:40 PM
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Thanks both frazzman80 and contrarian23. In case anyone is interested, Roe pitched his first game for my Denver-based team, though in Yankee Stadium, not Coors. He pitched scoreless ball through six, gave up two in the 7th, but led 7-2 into the 8th when he gave up 4 and left a man on base. He threw 116 pitches. Which suggests I might have set the PC a little high, given the shutout over 6 and quality start over 7, then getting clobbered. 

But, Gossage came in and...promptly blew the save - except it was on a double by Ty Cobb, so it is hard to blame him. Tie score after 8, my guys score another run, Gossage stops them cold in the 9th, another win, 8-7. 

So while I may want to moderate Roe's pitch count to 7 innings, that is 105 with 110 as max ( I will wait for at least one more start to see if a similar breakdown happens after 6-7 innings) the strategy works - I got a decent starter to keep my team in the game and counted on their ability to score a lot of runs, even outside of Coors. 
4/13/2012 7:46 PM
Setting Pitch Count for Pitchers picked up on WW Topic

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