6/16/2012 9:36 PM
Selig has his back?  MLB fired the arbitrator that overturned the drug findings; that's not very supportive of juicing, methinks.
6/18/2012 2:58 PM
Of course, that still doesn't mean he isn't juicing again ... shouldn't have won the MVP anyway.
6/18/2012 4:43 PM
6/5/2013 6:43 AM
6/5/2013 8:50 AM
6/6/2013 8:04 AM

Ryan Braun, who has repeatedly denied using performance-enhancing drugs, refused to answer questions during a recent meeting with Major League Baseball about his connection to Tony Bosch and the Biogenesis clinic in Miami, sources told "Outside the Lines."

The meeting took place June 29, a source said, and is one of several that MLB has conducted with players connected to the clinic. A source said Alex Rodriguez has not been interviewed, but a meeting is expected to take place within the week.

Commissioner Bud Selig's office is expected to suspend Braun and Rodriguez, along with as many as 20 players sometime after next week's All-Star break, several sources told "Outside the Lines." As OTL reported, MLB started building cases against the players last month after Bosch agreed to cooperate with investigators.

The question is the length of the suspensions.

Sources said the commissioner's office was considering 100-game bans for Braun and Rodriguez, the punishment for a second offense, even though neither player was previously suspended for violating MLB's drug policy.

The argument, one source said, would be that they -- and possibly other players -- committed multiple offenses by receiving performance-enhancing drugs from Bosch and by lying about it.

Bosch's attorneys have met repeatedly with MLB officials over the past month, turning over numerous documents to substantiate his connection to the players named in company documents, sources have said.

While sources would not detail what Bosch has turned over, he was expected to provide phone, text, email and other records.

Representatives of Braun could not be reached Tuesday by ESPN.

7/9/2013 6:23 PM
They must have some really concrete evidence, because if all they have is Bosch's word and some documents from the clinic, the Players Union will have a field day with these suspensions.

Makes sense for Braun to keep his mouth shut either way. I'm sure his agent or lawyer told him to keep quiet.
7/9/2013 6:37 PM
FWIW, this is why MLB sucks at PR.    A/S game coming up and what breaks?   Suspension news.    Tom Brady could kill Gisele during Super Bowl week and the news wouldn't get out until the Monday after. 
7/9/2013 6:44 PM
Did these players learn nothing from the Mitchell Report, McNamee saga, etc.? Why in the world would you use a guy like this for PEDs, with all these records and evidence kept? Braun and ARod should be suspended for stupidity.

Makes you realize how much Bonds really lucked out with BALCO.
7/9/2013 6:46 PM
I've actually been saying "How stupid do you have to be to get caught again?"   I really thought Bosch's evidence had to be some fucknut saying "Yeah, this is for A-Rod" and not some concrete, written evidence that Braun/A-Rod were actually getting something from them.   For ****'s sake, don't those guys have enough money to send some lackey to do the dirty work?
7/9/2013 7:01 PM
Either that, or they paid Bosch to keep his mouth shut and he ratted anyway.
7/9/2013 7:12 PM

Why even bother meeting him?   Seriously, I hear people talking about 'roids in my gym all the time.    I realize they're not MLB players but they're not getting caught.  But they don't have the funds to pay someone to risk it either.

7/9/2013 7:21 PM
I'm sure it's arrogance. "Here's $100K, keep your trap shut."
7/9/2013 7:29 PM
Suspended for the ret of the season.
7/22/2013 5:48 PM
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