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6/18/2012 9:28 PM

11-1, 2.00 ERA  99IP  103K

6/18/2012 9:56 PM


6/18/2012 10:19 PM
I read his book and am a fan of the guy.  I hope he gets the start.
6/18/2012 11:36 PM
Best pitcher in the NL thus far. Hope he gets it.

Who catches him though? Could be interesting.
6/19/2012 5:28 AM

6/19/2012 8:42 AM
Posted by MikeT23 on 6/18/2012 9:56:00 PM (view original):


6/19/2012 9:49 AM
6/19/2012 10:21 AM
Dickey-Sabathia Sunday night.  I may go just to watch that matchup.
6/20/2012 5:01 PM
It's pretty amazing what Dickey is doing.  He's been awesome.  But I think Greinke has been better.  Strasburg and Gio Gonzalez have also been better.
6/20/2012 6:50 PM
I'm not sure what you mean by better. None of the pitchers you named has a 2.00 ERA and a sub-1 WHIP.
6/20/2012 6:58 PM
True, they don't have those numbers.
6/21/2012 2:53 AM
But they have the top three FIPs?
6/21/2012 2:54 AM
And their War's are higher!
6/21/2012 2:55 AM
But their stats aren't as good...... Weird.
6/21/2012 7:11 AM
Ahhhh that's what you meant. Why didn't you say so?

FIP is a fun stat I like to look at when trying to determine if I think a pitcher may be getting unlucky/lucky or not. I recently traded for Lincecum in my fantasy baseball league for "cheap" because I'm hoping his 3.89 FIP is a sign that he will begin to get better again. But there are significant issues I have with your argument:

1. Advocates of those who think FIP is Gods Gift of pitching stats believe that any ball hit by a batter has an equal chance of being a hit, regardless of who is pitching. If you believe a ball hit off my 70 mph fastball and loopy 55 mph curveball is just as unlikely to be a single as Aroldis Chapman's 102 mph fastball and 90 mph breaking stuff, you're an insane person.

2. RA Dickey has consistently had a significantly lower ERA than FIP. Why is this? Is he crazy lucky? Or is it more difficult to square a knuckleballer dancing in all directions than it is a straight fastball? Zach Greinke has had a higher ERA than FIP in the last few years. Is he very unlucky? Or is an anxious pitcher who allows more hits in tight spots because he begins to miss with his pitches, thus allowing more line drives?

3. When we talk about the most successful pitchers, or people in general, we talk about what someone actually accomplishes, and not what we feel they should have accomplished. Are you the guy who goes "Well I worked just as hard, I should have gotten the same results, wahhhhhh?" You didn't get the same results. You lose. Deal with it. The Boston Red Sox had a Phytagorean W/L record that was higher than Tampa Bays. Should we have had put the Red Sox in the playoffs because they SHOULD have had a better record than the actual Wild Card team?

11-1, 2.00 ERA, 0.89 WHIP - best pitcher in the NL thus far.
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