McClutchen's 2012 WIS price? Topic

With my Pirates competitive for the first time in a few decades, I'm paying attention to real MLB news now.

I have to wonder what McClutchen is worth over a full season in WIS?

Assume a little drop off, let's call it 625 PA, .350 average, .410 OBP, .600 SLG, with 30 HR and 25/8 SB/CS ratio.  Call his fielding range a B- , and his fielding rating an A (1 error so far).  Closest I can see to him is 1997 Larry Walker and that's about $9.5m with worse D, but more power and OBP. 

I'm thinking low 9m range... Call it 9,200,000. 

Other opinions?
7/9/2012 12:57 PM
1992 Barry Bonds costs 8.21M and might be comparable.
7/9/2012 5:26 PM

Maybe the Suggestions section wasn't the best place to put that idea.  I know people like to guess at what players will cost right before they are released, but I like the idea of being able to keep track and project guys throughout the season as their stats change.
7/9/2012 10:22 PM
$1300 / PA = $8,125,000 - imho
7/11/2012 9:21 PM
Based on your projected stats and D ratings I'd put him around $8.2-$8.25 million.
7/11/2012 11:06 PM
$8,422,161 - $8,422,229
7/14/2012 4:11 AM
One dollar Bob
7/17/2012 8:47 PM
Two dollars. Yeah, I'm that guy. Good fielding will really drive the price up, huh?
7/18/2012 12:53 PM
Posted by teaparty on 7/14/2012 4:11:00 AM (view original):
$8,422,161 - $8,422,229
Damn...$13,000 off
10/8/2012 1:33 AM
I've never really delved into the intricacies of pricing, but I have to ask - why is McCutchen priced higher than Trout?  Defense is probably a wash (A/A- vs. B+/A+); Trout's power and SB numbers are better; AVG and OBP are a wash.  Are 34 more PAs enough to offset Trout's better numbers?
10/8/2012 1:55 AM
The extra PA is the difference. Trout has a (very) slightly higher $/PA, so WIS considers him a hair better than McCutcheon overall. It's striking how similar almost all of their numbers are.
10/8/2012 6:14 AM
McClutchen's 2012 WIS price? Topic

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