9/3/2012 4:49 PM
Posted by antoncresten on 9/3/2012 4:49:00 PM (view original):
Well nothing it Romney wins. Seniors will keep their plan.

If Obama wins it is hard to tell since he has not viable plan to fix Medicare!

The left are now saying that there is nothing wrong with Medicare.
9/3/2012 4:51 PM
9/3/2012 4:56 PM
Cant think of another response to this absurd lie.

Guess I will just ask again...

If you are better off now then 2005 vote for Obama. The rest of America should vote for Romney!
9/3/2012 5:11 PM
9/3/2012 5:13 PM
9/5/2012 8:06 AM
9/5/2012 7:18 PM
Posted by antoncresten on 9/5/2012 8:06:00 AM (view original):
Ryan doesnt want to do anything to her. She is protected under the Ryan Plan.

Her greatest fear should be 4 more years of Obama letting SS and Medicare slide so it cannot be fixed when it collapses in 30 years!
9/6/2012 12:58 AM
9/6/2012 5:54 AM

Clinton found a new way to juggle the numbers so things were worse under Republicans.

So if you think back to Reagan and Bush and remember good times, you are crazy. Clinton found proof that you were actually doing bad. You didnt have a job and a home and 2 TVs, your life sucked. And if you remember being miserable under Carter and Obama you are also crazy. Times were and are good.

What President Clinton was avoiding for his whole speech was that Obama isnt him. Clinton worked with Republicans to pass welfare reform. He worked for bi-partisan support of NAFTA. He embraced business. There were a lot of things wrong with Clinton, but compared to the current Euro-Socialist he looks a lot better.

Obama wants to make sure everyone can get welfare without working, wants to make sure that the Western world is punished for success and wants to make sure that every business in America is doing things "His Way".

9/8/2012 1:48 AM (edited)
9/7/2012 12:16 PM
Posted by antoncresten on 9/7/2012 12:16:00 PM (view original):

A toilet is very symbolic of where America will be if we let Obama try to fix the economy again.

9/9/2012 2:11 AM
9/9/2012 5:59 AM
So how many people in America paid less in taxes than Romney last year? Did you?

What they want to do is tax people investing in the economy. Does that sound wise?
9/9/2012 1:16 PM
9/9/2012 7:17 PM
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