Random Rookie Class - Season 12 (Need 2) Topic

Each season a random year is drawn and those rookies are the next seasons draft class.

The Following Teams Need Owners:

Oakland Bulldogs
Montreal Acadians
9/15/2012 11:56 PM (edited)
Random Rookie Class Progressive
Each season one random year will be selected between 1900 and the most current WIS Season – 10 for the next seasons Rookie Class (selection of season will take place at the All Star Game); only first year players, that are not currently in use, will be added to the draft pool.  Each year one more random year will be selected, with that year being placed on a “blacklist” for 20 seasons after it has been selected.  Each year the players on your team progress one year, same with undrafted players that remain in the pool. If a player retires and the next season his “first year” is pulled he is eligible to return.  He may not return as long as he is active with a team or in the draft pool.

Every fifth season one more random stadium will be added. If you change your stadium, you may do it but must reside in that stadium for 5 seasons.  If you draft a stadium you release your original stadium back in to the draft pool, which is blacklisted for 3 seasons. Changing a stadium will not change your division.

If a player on a team is still active, but does not have his current season in the WIS Database, he will remain on his teams DL until that season is released.  Free agents that do not have their current season available will be removed from the free agent pool and must wait for their season to be drawn to return to the league.
7/18/2012 11:16 PM
The first two rounds of the draft will be based on a formula that uses Performance against League Salary.  Rounds 3 and on will go worst to first by winning pct. (WS winner is last pick in the draft, runner up second to last).  Rounds three on will be in order of winning percentage, lowest to highest, if two teams have the same pct the team with the lower salary will draft first.

Draft Formula for following seasons will work as follows (Avg. Salary/Avg. League Salary) * Wins.  This will give a worst to first look with some teams moving up or down a few spaces based on how much salary they are carrying, and over or under performing. Commissioner will draft to make up picks as needed, and not let a team fall behind (no more than 2 picks). Should an owner miss three picks in a row without any communication to any owner in the league a replacement owner will be sought ASAP.  Before each draft a team must cut down to draft a maximum of 25 players (not including DL). If you have 23 after cuts you are able to draft in the first two rounds, you may not trade picks that your team is not receiving. Drafts will only take place during week days and not on weekends. 
7/18/2012 11:16 PM

Team Names:  
In order to keep with the spirit of the franchise aspect of this league, all teams will need to use the city/state name where their stadium resides, followed by a team name.  Once a name is taken (drafted with the stadium/or changed when a team moves) it is yours.  If you want to add the year to your team name to keep it separate from other teams; that is fine by me.

Roster Structure:
25 man team with no limitations on salary, innings pitched or at bats.
If a player has combined/split seasons you can use whatever you want.
Unlimited spaces for DL players.
Must have less than 25 players to participate in the draft.
Players may play out of position with no penalty.

Alternate WIS Format E – 162 Games 16 Teams, 4 Playoff Teams 
No salary cap – league will set higher than the highest team so there is room to make trades in season.
AAA/DH – None
Trades – Highly encouraged.  Player Draft picks may be traded for the current and/or following season only.  
Live Play – Limited to next series
Split/Combined Seasons – Owners choice, use what you want to.
Clones – Players are exclusive to one owner and only 1 instance of a player may be used on your team.

Rule Additions/Deletions/Changes:  
Over time, the league may decide to add, delete, or change the league rules.  To add a new rule will require a simple majority vote (of owners who voted).  To delete or change an existing rule, a 2/3rds majority vote (of voting owners) will be required.

7/18/2012 11:16 PM
Oakland Bulldogs
Oakland Coliseum

1997 Lopez, Javy - C
1974 Allen, Dick - 1B
1978 Driessen, Dan - 1B
1976 Kuiper, Duane - 2B
1989 Molitor, Paul - 3B
1938 Bartell, Dick - SS
1916 Cobb, Ty - OF
2000 Gonzalez, Juan - OF
1994 Greenwell, Mike - OF
1997 Martinez, Dave - OF
1978 Grubb, Johnny - OF
1999 Johnson, Randy - SP
1994 Cone, David - SP
1970 Messersmith, Andy - SP
1979 Koosman, Jerry - SP
1970 McAndrew, Jim - SP
1998 Jones, Doug - RP
1976 Miller, Dyar - RP
2010 Nathan, Joe - DL
1976 Perzanowski, Stan - DL
9/1/2012 12:21 PM
Montreal Acadians
Keep 23
Need 2 picks
C Ted Simmons  1981
C Sandy Alomar Jr. 1999
1B Nate Colbert 1970
1B Tom Paciorek 1978
2B Frank White 1978
SS Scott Fletcher 1987
SS Bucky Dent 1978
3B George Brett 1985
OF Phil Bradley 1987
OF Ellis Burks 1994
OF Roberto Kelly 1994
OF/3B Bill Melton 1970
OF Merv Rettenmund 1970
OF Hal McRae 1970
P Dave Stewart 1992
P Stan Bahnsen 1970
P Marty Pattin 1970
P Charles Hudson 1987
P Luke Walker 1970
P Hoyt Wilhelm 1968
P Dave Veres 1997
P Steve Trachsel 1997
P Rick Rhoden 1976
Craig Reynolds  1976 SS (1977)
Hank Greenberg  1944 OF (1945)
9/15/2012 11:55 PM
Drafting from 1914, either team can be moved to any open stadium.
9/20/2012 1:57 PM
Where are these teams picking?
9/21/2012 1:26 AM
The Montreal team traded away it's first pick, but picks #1 in the second round and #2 in the 3rd round on.  Oakland picks #15 in the first 2 rounds and the 13th in each following  round.
9/21/2012 10:57 PM
Still looking !
10/17/2012 10:44 PM
Random Rookie Class - Season 12 (Need 2) Topic

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