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I have been hearing threw the grape vine that there is going to be quite a few Wilk IA coaches leaving the game. I guess that this is going to be what? The 3rd time since the new engin came out.

Any thoughts on this?
7/25/2012 11:35 PM
Bone and Viz decided to hang it up, which were two hall of fame type coaches.  Glen played Houdini a couple of seasons ago which was a third but I can't say he went out as a hall of famer would/should, as he blazed the ND roster to the ground in the process.  There hadn't been much movement in the last 10 seasons in Wilk IA, I think that this is all just hitting at the same time especially as people run themselves out of free seasons due to the change in reward points that also happened with the new engine.  I have to wonder, with a new engine on the near horizon, whether all of this movement in all levels of Wilk (DII is a ghost town) is related to the new engine or the change of the reward points or if there is a third (or more) catalyst in play.  After being a new coach that learned the ropes during the old engine and against the teams who loved its always run features and rotational depth charts (and there were just as many complaints then as there are now about the engine), I have to admit, it was nice to see some balance injected in the game.   It wasn't to say that I was overly enthusiast about the product that was initially launched by JConte and how he chose to just dump it onto the populous making us Beta Testers on our own expense (a taste I can't help feel lingered in a lot of tenured coaches mouths).  I don't mean to turn this into a debate on engines as there have been numerous bumps in the road because of how it was rolled out without obviously being tested and I have to think that JConte paid for it with his job, as well he should have.  With that said, I think with Norbert at the helm and his communication style and willingness to listen that there is a much better horizon and outlook than was had with JConte and the old engine.

Just my two Lincolns
7/26/2012 2:42 AM
Well put.
7/26/2012 5:30 AM
the logic behind the firing process for non-elites needs to be looked at. i got fired from Oklahoma state after 39 wins in 4 seasons in a conference with 3 elites, 2 of which happened to be in my division of the conference. in the last 2 seasons i had built my team enough to beat OU and Nebraska in the same season, and Viz's A&M team this season. I won more games in my tenure there (6 seasons) than the previous 14 seasons combined, let the team to 4 straight bowl games (1 win) which is more that the previous 65 seasons combined.

oh, well.....
7/26/2012 5:19 PM
Chainsaw, if you haven't found a team yet, we could use a good coach like you in the Big East. We lost two coaches to Texas and Notre Dame
7/26/2012 7:30 PM
thanks, but i applied to a non-bcs and got the job (Rice). this was my first time at D1A and didnt really know how the process worked. i should have waited to see what opened up...i will look at my options after this season is completed.
7/26/2012 10:09 PM
I agree with tke, at times the engine is enjoyable. Like I said on the Big E board though... I still find myself losing to sims, which I don't think should happen since they aren't even controlled by humans. Also I want gameplanning to be relevant, when I can take a team to a cc without ever gameplanning what is the point.

I also think, as tke said that there is a sour taste in my mouth for having to pay for a flopped game and now rewards points are very minimal. I would like to see more of a "thank you" from WIS than just one free season.
7/27/2012 12:41 AM
Well put.
7/28/2012 12:33 PM
I've been at TSU for a while now.  I tried the 1A level just about the time jconte made us his test dummies.  So I was fired before i could even stop losing to sims.  Since I had the opportunity to come back to TSU I did. 

Like hookemhorns said though....  I don't think the "thank you" from WIS was enough.  They destroyed the rewards point system.  I won a NC at 1AA this season and received 374 points.  Not even a quarter of a season.  I think if you put a good enough team together to win it all then you should be given a season for that.  Instead you are penalized for staying at a level.  The name of the game is Gridiron Dynasty.  Not Gridiron Dynasty at 1A.  Reward us for building one.
8/9/2012 9:59 PM
If I get fired from Nebraska, i'm done.  My job status has unfairly dropped and i'm tired of the excuses and problems.  They can see the mistakes but refuse to override glaring problems...citing that it wouldn't be fair to those affected by the same problems.  My position is, if it is brought to your attention, especially when they can do something for that coach. fix it.  
8/26/2012 10:09 PM
Well, I got fired.  They admitted the the engine for job status had a couple major problems.....for instance, dropping me down to "in jeopardy" after a 13-2 season.  Then they admitted that there was a problem with the game engine....for instance.....having my team give up a safety to lose the game with 9 seconds. That game cost me a trip to the CC and very likely 7-10 spots in the poll.  Both of which would have saved me from being fired.  BUT I SHOULDNT HAVE EVEN BEEN IN THAT SITUATION!  I should have been at "secure" rather than "in jeopardy".  They admitted to the problem but said they cant override it because it would ruin the integrity of the game.  Guess what WIS???   The integrity was ruined by your bogus engine that you  tweaked.  im ******
8/29/2012 7:36 PM
And I think they are still tweaking it.  My Miss Valley St team in Heisman is just getting killed when it is one of the top 15 teams at that level.  My QB goes from throwing 41 TDs in one season to 7 the next with the same plan.  Granted the WR position was a little weaker, but 34 TDs weaker???  I don't think so. 

Like I said on the CC in Heisman....  I played test dummy on my own dime once.  Don't know if I will do it again.

8/31/2012 1:39 PM
Wow, not qualified for most of the D1 jobs. This is a joke.
9/1/2012 5:39 PM
There have been a few coaches not qualified this time arround. A few coaches with better every thing were left behind in faver for less qualified coaches. Does not make any sence to me.
9/6/2012 3:27 PM
IA coaches leaving Topic

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