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Posted by ashamael on 8/17/2012 7:15:00 PM (view original):
I did.

No, I'm not doing evals.
wow shirking your responsibilities? tsk tsk     
8/17/2012 8:04 PM
My Top 5 favorite teams (Not in any order)
9) scudmissle - Charles Barkley, Dirk Nowitzki, Bill Walton, Nick Anderson, Maurice Cheeks,
---yikes...chuck, dirk and walton front court!

11) malone9975 - Magic Johnson, Buck Williams, Wes Unseld, Grant Hill, Willis Reed,
as much as I want to hate on malone, I mean this team lol...just cant--good luck vs this team everyone!!
 14) dh555 - Karl Malone, Oscar Robertson, Robert Parish, Cedric Maxwell, Brandon Rush
this looks a lot like an ash team (minus the big O), which = beast!!!
15) ashamael - Kevin Durant, Tyson Chandler, Carlos Boozer, Terry Porter, Bobby Jones,
really..porter in the 4th round?!?!? in the words of larry bird "who's finishing 2nd?"

20) eleibowitz - Jason Kidd, Tim Duncan, Hakeem Olajuwon, Serge Ibaka, Michael Redd
make the dream a winner!!!!!!!

honorable mention:
21) mikee1 - Dwayne Wade, Dikembe Mutombo, Brent Barry, Pau Gasol, Lamar Odom,
I really, really like this team!

My 3 least favorite teams (no order)
 7) natenoy - Dwight Howard, Paul Pierce, Kobe Bryant, Darrell Walker, Damon Jones,
i had howard last year and won 50 games in a division with ash and nc...my team looked a lot different!
5) bluenote75 - Wilt Chamberlain, Ryan Anderson, Andrew Bynum, Andre Iguodala, Kenneth Faried,
i just dont understand this team...
1) banditone - Moses Malone, Mike Mitchell, Stephen Curry, Sleepy Floyd, John Beasley,

honrable mention:
3) ljemd - Dennis Rodman, Shawn Kemp, Mitch Richmond, Tree Rollins, Joakim Noah,
rodman and kemp, awesome!!! mitch, tree, and joakim.....i dont know

8/17/2012 8:07 PM
PG: Mookie Blaylock
SG: Tracy McGrady
SF: James Worthy
PF: Ben Wallace
C: Jerry Lucas

PG/SG Kyrie Irving
PF/C Omer Asik

I like it. There were a couple guys I preferred to Worthy in a vacuum, but went with Big Game James for salary reasons. So the bottom of my roster won't be total dregs.

I was intending to have 1-2 fewer usage points in the starting lineup (15.5 now - when TMac is out it will be 13.5) to see how far down I could go without hurting myself. I'll be wasting usage for the few minutes that Kyrie and TMac are on the court together, but shouldn't be too bad.

Obviously with TMac as the top dog it's not super efficient. But D is solid, rebounding is really good, assists are good, pretty low turnovers and fouls. So no real weakness. I think this should be a playoff team, but we'll see.
8/17/2012 8:51 PM
required evals are a funk52 thing.  I'll be glad to do some commentary/analysis of anybody's team that wants it, but no, I'm not gonna run down the list and grade you and all that.
8/17/2012 9:19 PM
I want it, lay in to the team.
8/17/2012 9:27 PM
I would be uncomfortable if Ash wasn't hating on my team.  So eval away!

And I just grabbed 3000 minutes of boards, defense, and in the paint scoring so I think I helped my team out.
8/17/2012 10:11 PM (edited)
Posted by ashamael on 8/17/2012 9:19:00 PM (view original):
required evals are a funk52 thing.  I'll be glad to do some commentary/analysis of anybody's team that wants it, but no, I'm not gonna run down the list and grade you and all that.
haha I can never remember which is which. you're off the hook.
8/17/2012 11:35 PM
Please let me know what you think ash, make me feel better about this team....

19) theyard2 - Artis Gilmore, Deron Williams, Elton Brand, Kris Humphries, Bruce Bowen, Nicolas Batum, Michael Smith
8/18/2012 7:04 PM
PG-Rondo (just seemed like a good fit next to Lebron)
SG-Lebron (shocked he fell to #4)
SF-Battier ( just like IRL, he should compliment Lebron well for 3's, D and low usage)
PF-H. Grant (low usage PF's that rebound and shoot well and play D are at a premium. What's not to like?)
C-Mourning (an inside scoring option for Lebron)
Bench-Ginobili (Wow, Ginobili off the bench. Wow)
Bench-Silas (Don't know why he's not more popular. 70D, great reb%. Low fouls and TO's. Only real neg is poor efg, but he doesn't shoot much.)

After a year away from WIS I'm hoping that I'm back into the swing of things and at least vying for the playoffs on a regular basis. After analyzing my lousy team from last year, I lost because of 3 things. Poor D, too many fouls and a pretty weak bench. In trying to at least improve from last year here's what I think:
1. All 7 players drafted are 70D or above
2. I should get to the line a ton
3. Usage, 3pt's, A/TO ratio, efg are all right about where they should be for a decent team according the owners who are a lot smarter than I am
4. I shouldn't get killed to often by excessive fouls or TO's
1. I will lose a handful of games because of bad FT shooting
2. After Gino and Silas the bench and the minutes are pretty iffy
3. I could struggle for rebounds in some games (wasn't able to use the higher rebounding Rondo)
4. Rondo, Battier & Silas could shoot me out of games if for some reason they have to shoot more than normal
Life in the ODL & Funk52 is not easy with guys like ash,98,dh,malone, scud a shoe in for the playoffs every year. Where does that leave the rest of us? I think this team could compete for a 7/8 spot and maybe surprise somebody in the first round or 2 before bowing out. I won't be great, there's too much competition out there anymore, but I would be shocked if this team has me picking in the top 5 again. Any ones comments or analysis is appreciated and respected.

8/18/2012 9:13 PM
4) coachcroft - LeBron James, Horace Grant, Manu Ginobili, Rajon Rondo, Alonzo Mourning

well, first off, it's good to have ya back, coach. new husband, coaching duties and other family business comes first. congrats on having your priorities in order.

this team is nicely built around the king. and yeah, lebron dropping to 4th was an eye-opener. kudos 2 u.

rajon is a solid sg for lebron because he goes to the paint so often and allows lebron to be lebron, while also dishing a ton to the young king. just wish he'd shoot more three's and make his fta's. solid def and workable usage.

battier is what the chinese call: mah-mah-huhu (in between, so-so, ok-but not great). yep, he plays some def, shoots some 3's and doesn't turn the ball over. and of course, low usage. but imo, he turns into a ghost in games. a whisp of air. he won't dish, and he won't board, and he won't score, so what exactly does he do? on paper, he fits in very well. but, well, these leagues are gonna give you a handful of paper cuts.

for as ho-hum as rajon and battier are, your bigs will make this an exciting team. love both, horace and alonzo, though they make you a bit weak on the boards, they do everything else real nice. what alonzo doesn't do (orebs) horace does. what alonzo does do (fouls) horace does not not. both shoot for nice %'s, usage fits perfectly with lebron's, and both will keep defenses honest enough.

u'r gonna need a fortson-like guy off the bench to help out, and also another arc-man.

i think this team's success will depend on the oreb situation, but will help a bit if you use the 11-12 lebron version because of his great 53.3 efg%. however, there are some better lebron versions if you need more firepower. hard to know which direction to go without knowing the other players versions.

i like this team, coach. and yes, having ginobili's 60% efg off the bench and his 60+ 3's will help. not a silas fan, but i understand why you took him. he might disappoint you. i've had him before. perhaps i did not use him right. in your skillhand hands, he could be the scaffolding u'r looking for from bench support.

SIDENOTE: manu off the bench? your 3rd rounder is a back-up? i understand the usage problem, but lebron will probably be on the floor for some of those minutes while manu is taking 3's and hogging the ball. but a back-up? hope it's not the 995 min version of back-up. anyway, good luck with that.

grade - B-  50-50 making the playoffs. smart money says u squeek in.
8/18/2012 10:31 PM (edited)
Thanks scud. After your valued opinion I did tweak the roster to use a slightly less version of Battier. Yes, Gino and Lebron will be on the court at the same time periodically, but I still think starting Battier is the better option. With the other scorers on the court, sometimes I want him to be invisible. I did use the version with his best reb%. When I used to have competitive teams all the time, I had a handful of baseline numbers, for the team, I used to shoot for in the 47M league. 4200+ reb, 2500+ fta, 2000+ ast, 300+ 3's and fewer than 1400 TO's and 1500 fouls. I have every single one of those benchmarks as well as good D. I know it's a crude way of doing it, with everyone using tiers, efg, %, usage and about a dozen other more sophisticated stats. But, in the past, whenever I have reached those team benchmarks, the team has at least been pretty competitive. So, we will see if my crude evaluation instrument still works.
8/19/2012 11:26 AM
Posted by scudmissle on 8/11/2012 3:36:00 PM (view original):
it wouldn't be as much fun taking your money as it would be taking malone's. all i can say to you nc, is what billy the kid said when confronted with 15 snarling, low-down, dirty hombre sheriffs: "many a slip twix a cup and a lip," (and he got away).
I'll still give u odds that natenoy's team doesn't make the playoffs.
8/19/2012 4:18 PM
Let's look at my team (NN) using the coachcroft methodology (CM):

Boards CM 4200; NN 4972 = +772 check
FTA CM 2500; NN 2844 = +384 check
AST CM 2000; NN 1998 = -2 essentially check
Threes CM 300; NN 562 = +262 check
TO’s CM 1400; NN 1314 = -86 check
PF CM 1500; NN 1710 = -210 or over by about 2.5 a game, no check

The usage for my starting 5 is 16.5, I have a PG that will average 8+ boards a game guaranteed and I am using the best rebounding season of Pierce at SG. Willis, Howard and the backup PF/C I am using have a weighted average of 13.8 orb and 29.1 drb, that’s 90+ minutes a game of top-level rebounding from my front court.

My three long-range guys not named Kobe have a combined total of over 400 three’s made at a 41.8% mark. Knowing what I know about the sim this likely means 500-550 threes over the course of the season, thrown in the 150-200 from Kobe and my team should be between 8-10 three’s every game.

Howard and Kobe are both a 90 on def, Walker is a 61 and Pierce is a 73, so my team will have two stoppers, two adequate defenders and one guy that hurts me on the floor most of the time.

By biggest weaknesses are a few too many fouls and a couple of guys that can’t hit their freebies, plus the risk that Kobe overshoots the ball and costs me a few games. However, Kobe will also have 25-30 games where he likely goes for a 40-spot and something like 16 of 18 from the line since he is an 84% shooter there and gets there 9-10 times a game on average. Plus Howard is my 2nd highest usage guy with an efg% over 60.

I’d say Kobe wins me 30 games and loses me 16, so if my team plays around .500 in the other toss-up games I’m looking at a win total in the 48-52 range.

Of course the “randomness” of the division assignments could have a major impact on this as well, but all else being equal I think it is far more likely than not that this team makes the playoffs.
8/19/2012 5:54 PM
BTW, I'd love to see my new "good friend" ash go on record saying this team has no chance at the playoffs........... care to share ash????
8/19/2012 6:19 PM
I am going to compare these teams to television shows just to put a different spin on the whole eval process

banditone Moses Malone, Mike Mitchell, Stephen Curry, Sleepy Floyd, John Beasley, Dale Ellis, Detlef Schrempf
This is Perfect Strangers.  I hated that show  There is nothing here that makes sense.  Each player does something, but then in turn screws you in two ways it seems.  Moses rebounds and gives it up (turnovers) like a drunk girl on a reality show.  Mitchell in the second round is like picking a sword first for nuclear war.  Curry is early, but solid with efg and ok with assists, Sleepy is a weird pick, but can get you assists and scoring, but this means you are going to have a 1-5 lineup of Floyd, Curry, Mitchell, Beasley, Malone.  Not enough rebounding for this league, weird usage balance, and Beasley is going to likely backup Moses.  This isn't your best effort.

2) jethroeg - Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Connie HawkinsReggie Miller, Kevin Porter, Bob Dandridge
This is Heroes.  It started really good and ended strangely, but salary can be the great equalizer.  I usually look to see where you are in order to see how many free wins I am going to get.  I think some others in this league may do the same thing.  Not this season.  Porter is going to dish the rock, but turnover and foul a bit (without much D, but is pretty efficient), Miller will stroke the three like a champ, Hawkins at the 3 is sweet, and I don't care for Dandridge at the 4 (and if you switch them I may like this team less), and Cap at the 5.  This team will likely miss the playoffs due to rebounding and getting killed by strong PG's and SG's in this league. This is a move in a much better direction than some of your past efforts....onward and upward (or is it save the cheerleader, save the world).

3) ljemd - Dennis Rodman, Shawn KempMitch Richmond, Tree RollinsJoakim Noah, Derek Harper, Steven Blake
This is M*A*S*H.  A great show with a fatal flaw (especially when they let Alan Alda behind the camera).  I am not one to cast stones, but how many extra minutes are you going to need at the 4 and 5?  Rollins and Kemp are foul monsters even though they are going to be sweet for blocks and boards.  Noah is a nice addition with those two hack machines, and with those two adding in Rodman is only going to make Harper and Richmond that much more deadly.  Plus Kemp makes it to where teams won't go +3 on you.  I like what you have here.

4) coachcroft LeBron James, Horace Grant, Manu Ginobili, Rajon Rondo, Alonzo Mourning, Shane BattierPaul Silas
This is like Friends.  Too many people doing too many things, and they are all taking time away from Chandler.  LeBron and Mourning will battle each other for shots, and then when Manu comes in the game we are going to need another basketball.  Rondo, Grant, and Battier are good additions to this team, but to maximize this team Bron at PG, Battier at SG, Grant at SF, Zo at C and something looking like rebounding at PF would be much, much better.  You need to focus your team around filling holes, and I think you got a little drunk with power when picking Manu.  Clifford Ray or Bynum (even Biedrins) would have better fit the team. Scoring is important, but secondary to rebounding.  When you have LeBron you need to have things that accent him, not take away.

5) bluenote75 W. Chamberlain, Ryan AndersonAndrew Bynum, Andre IguodalaKenneth Faried, Andris Biedrins, K. Hinrich
This is like Tilt.  It was a show on ESPN about Poker.  ESPN in the height of the Moneymaker-mania from the WSOP put this series together.  Good acting, bad writing.  That is this team...I can't understand how hard it is to build with Wilt.  In this scenario Wilt will be not be played by the Tier 4 usage version that could at any point go 25/20/12/10 with the version that will not show the efficiency of the other but go for 50/20 a couple of times.  I don't know that I see enough assists here to maximize this team.  I can't see enough at the 1 and 2 to make this team a winner.

6) tricky24 - Michael Jordan, Tom BoerwinkleGary Payton, Clifford RaySamuel Dalembert, Kyle Korver, Glen Rice
This is Happy Days.  This team jumped the shark after the fourth pick...Dalembert wasn't the right fit.  This is where you get a rebounding SF that can shoot the three.  MJ
 and GP are Fonzie and Richie at the peak.  Boerwinkle and Ray are perfect with this team too.  Big Sam is there to help with the minutes Boerwinkle won't play, but Korver and Rice can't really rebound or do anything but score.  Rice can't guard a paper bag, but it is ok.  Both of them are good as SG, but I am not thrilled seeing them at SF...still a good shot at the playoffs

7) natenoy Dwight Howard, Paul PierceKobe Bryant, Darrell WalkerDamon Jones, Dennis Scott, Kevin Willis
This is like Misfits of Science.  This was a show I loved as a kid for the first two or three episodes....then SUCKSVILLE.  Allow me to explain the issues Nate.  You started with Howard and Pierce.  Very nice.  Then Kobe, Walker, and Jones.  I think you got power drunk when you saw Kobe there in the third.  Let me help you with a dynamic here.  Draft leagues are so much different from anything else you have done.  Anyone can walk into an OL and Theme.  Not just anyone walks into this league.  People who walk in here typically are more seasoned and are used to tendencies.  By sitemail I have called the picks of several guys here because I know the likelihood of what they like.  Most for us know that Kobe will dominate the ball on ANY team.  To fit this team in you are playing Walker, Kobe, Pierce, Willis, and Howard to start with Jones and Scott off the bench.  This likely means Scott gets some PF time...holy sh**ty rebounding Batman.  Walker is good for rebounding, but I would like a guy here that hits the 3 to keep others honest.  I know you have 3's, but I don't know how much of it you will get to use with the Mamba stealing shots...oh and Willis.  Good value where you got him, but another hard guy because while he rebounds like a champ he will take opportunities away from Howard...which is counter-productive.  You are a solid enough and smart enough guy that I think your learning curve will be quite short.

8) ncmusician_7 - David Robinson, Donyell MarshallClyde Drexler, DeAndre JordanJason Terry, Charlie Ward, Jason Maxiell
This is the Good Wife.  I really like this show.  Well written, smart, and no crazy twists and turns.  Kids this is the easy way to build a winner.  Too many guys are looking for the diamond in the rough or the wow factor.  NC7 takes the Admiral, Marshall, and Glide to make a simple team that gives all the things that one needs.  Rebounding, efficiency, defense, and the right amount of usage makes this a tough beat.  Terry and Ward is a very nice tandem off the bench.  Jordan brings rebounding without a cost of usage as does Maxiell.  This is a very, very solid team.  I just feel it isn't a championship team, but may be just a couple of good breaks and a weak division away from  being a strong contender.

9) scudmissle - Charles Barkley, Dirk NowitzkiBill Walton, Nick AndersonMaurice Cheeks, Happy Hairston, Danny Ainge
This is The Wire.  I can't explain how much I like this scud.  Omar's comin' or should I say Chuck's coming.  So much win on this team.  People please pay attention...since this is how you build a team with Dirk.  It is a little light on the offensive boards, but Chuck and Happy are going to grab tons of boards.  Walton will control the def. boards with them.  Nick will kill it on the threes and Cheeks is a great addition to this squad.  There is a lot to love here.  I am a big fan...(is Chuck going to kiss Walton at any point of the season?)

10) ginandjuice Shaquille O'Neal, Marcus CambyMarques Johnson, Dana BarrosJR Smith, Terry Dehere, David Lee
This is Cheers.  I
 love it.  Shaq and Barros keep everyone honest in guarding you.  Camby and Johnson are nice with this team.  I feel like JR Smith is a lot like Diane...the weakest part of the show.  He will take away from others, but Terry Dehere may be your starter (I feel like that is a better option).  This is going to be a force in the playoffs.

11) malone9975 - Magic Johnson, Buck WilliamsWes Unseld, Grant HillWillis Reed, Brooks Thompson, Joel Przybilla
 hate evaulating my team someone else can do this

12) jakotay Kevin Garnett, Swen NaterSteve Nash, Raja BellVince Carter, Anthony Carter, Cadillac Anderson
This is the Greatest American Hero.  I
 really fun show that was inane when I was a kid.  This is going to be fun and frustrating.  I look at this and the only way I see drafting KG that early is if you are playing him at the 3.  If you play him at the 4 you might as well snag the Mailman.  I love Nater at the 4, but I am assuming he will play the 5 which I am not as big a fan of.  Nash and Bell together are nice, but I assume you are playing Vince at the 3 again...not a fan.  I took this line of thinking clearly from felonius, but I don't like playing PF's at C, and likewise I try to move SG's to PG, SF's to SG, PF's to SF, and C's to PF.  This way I can get some rebounding advantages (or least that is some of my failed logic).   I may be wrong with what you are trying to do (since I assume most people draft starters first unless a miracle drops in their lap), but I see you as shooting yourself into as many games as you shoot yourself out of.
8/19/2012 11:42 PM (edited)
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